Thursday, October 4, 2007

Commit to Do!

How many times have you made an attempt to do something only to fail? Have you ever attempted to start a project, quit smoking, or loose weight, only to wind up either worse off than when you originally began or with a half-completed project?

What about that business you swore you would promote this year? That book you were going to write? Did you get it done? After numerous attempts at initiating an activity do you conclude you just can't adequately motivate yourself to accomplish the task? Do you allow ‘things’ to get in your way?

Perhaps the challenge is not that you haven't formally set your ultimate goal, but rather that you have decisively committed to failure. Think back, did you say I am going to ‘try'? The word try in itself is the beginning of the end. ‘Try' is simply not as motivating as ‘DO'!

Webster's definition of try is 1 a : to examine or investigate judicially b (1) : to conduct the trial of (2) : to participate as counsel in the judicial examination of 2 a : to put to test or trial -- often used with out 3 : to make an attempt at – It is clear that even Mr. Webster fundamentally realized that to try was a pledge ONLY to try.

When you try to accomplish something you often fail simply because you have released yourself from the guilt of failure; you never said you were going to do, just that you would try. Therefore, when you do fail you can say “been there, done that” without feeling like you failed. However, the reality is; you did fail!

I have found that when I commit to DO, things get done! That one simple word purposely produces a mindset for success! I recall when I began my business, 30+ years ago, I simply decided to DO! I didn't say, I am going to TRY, I said I AM GOING TO…! No option for potential failure there.

Another effective illustration I recall is when I decided to stop smoking. I had TRIED several times before, but the day I said ‘I QUIT!’; that is the day I REALLY did quit!

How do you purposely produce decisive success? Yes, do start with a clearly defined goal in mind. Yes, do successfully create a plan, write it down, and make it a reality. But most importantly decide ultimately to succeed! Commit to DO!

To be truly successful and to remain committed to your ultimate goal, ‘Commit to DO’ today!

© Copyright 2005 Ginger Marks This is the second in the ‘Commit to’ series. Commit to Excellence – Nov. 2005.

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