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Law of Attraction Tips - 18 Things To Do When It Seems Like It's Not Working

1. Stay close to what feels easy. Ease is a good tip-off that you are close to your Source-based inner wisdom. Let yourself continually re-define "easy" as easier and easier.

2. Think and do what feels "positive" for you in a relative sense. I recently read a scientific study that showed that forcing gratitude actually results in depression. Do not force yourself to think things that others define as "positive." Follow your own sense of ease and you will feel much better and everything will begin to go easier for you.

3. If you feel peeved, just let yourself feel peeved and relax into it. Give your feelings a name and write it down. Studies have shown that naming feelings produces relief, and relief means more flowing progress.

4. Know that it's OK to be where you are. I have seen over and over again that, no matter where I am -- worried, pessimistic or happy -- I can relax into it, know it is good and good things can come. I have manifest better feelings and positive situations at all kinds of emotional levels, from powerlessness to joy, because my Source-based inner wisdom can always meet me with good-feeling inspiration right where I am.

5. See this for yourself: Ask your inner wisdom to show you an open door to a thought or action that feels good and then follow it.

6. Do it again whenever it feels easy!

7. Talk to yourself and invite your inner wisdom to listen. Just get everything off your chest! and notice how you start to feel better. This is great to do while you are driving! If I'm in a lot of close traffic and feel self-conscious, I wear a headset from my cell phone (or mp3 player look-alike) and everyone can assume I'm on talking on my phone. You can do this when you feel good, too!

8. Talk to the Universe and ask specific questions about your concerns, fully expecting specific and easy to do replies which are helpful.

9. Take the Universe's advice when you hear the answer.

10. Do this as often as you feel like it during the day; the Universe will always like to hear from you and you will feel better.

11. Learn some form of energy releasing to accompany your talking. Google or search on YouTube for "EFT" or "TAT" and you can learn something in 10-20 minutes which will serve you well for life. After you do the physical tapping several times to get the feeling of it, you can just visualize yourself tapping on the points for the same effect, such as when you're talking to yourself and driving.

12. Hum a melody that expresses your feelings about the situation until you feel better. Make up a melody, as dramatic or soothing or whatever as you feel like. The music and the act of humming actually brings the two parts of your brain into greater harmony, and expressing your feelings without words activates and provides relief for a much broader range of anxieties and tensions.

13. Call in your angels and ask for help. Even if you've never done this, and you're not sure you believe in angels, if it feels OK, just give it a try and let yourself be very pleasantly surprised.

14. Whatever you have asked the Universe to manifest, start adding non-physical things to your vision -- greater peace of heart and mind, ease of sleep, better focus, more trust, more ease, just ask whatever is in your heart and mind. Asking for non-physical things can often be easier, with less resistance, and it will boost your sense of empowerment greatly when you591 start to receive them quite quickly.

15. When you start to feel better, remember a time you got something you wanted.

16. Let yourself feel grateful once a week (don't overdo! Just think of something really, really easy).

17. Find something really, really easy to do and do it.

18. Lay down for a while (take a nap if you want) and call it meditating. Know that the relaxation and ease really is bringing you closer to your Source-based inner wisdom and inner power.

I support your success! Thank you for being here.

Nancy Madlin is an energy alignment expert, coach and author.

For more real-life, zero b.s. help with living the law of attraction, visit Nancy's blog at http://nancymadlin.typepad.com/nancy_madlins_good_energy/ and her Web site at

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Law Of Attraction - How To Work The Power Of Visualization

The power of visualization in the law of attraction, or what is famously known now as The Secret, is not a new experiment. It is not something that is untried. For centuries, sages have been studying and utilizing the power of visualization to get what they wanted. It is a proven fact that whatever we visualize, we will most certainly get. We know it as the law of attraction and it works on magnetic energy.

In order to attract what you are after, you have to visualize, visualize, and visualize with specific details. If it is a new Mercedes that you want, you need to be clear about the model, the color, the interior, etc and have that picture registered clearly in your mind. You also need to specify when you want it because the universe needs to know the time frame in which to deliver your request. But be sensible when you play with time. You cannot request it to be delivered tomorrow because your intellect would say that is impossible.

You may wonder how the universe is going to deliver your new Mercedes with the current salary you are getting. But other factors come into play. You may suddenly earn a windfall, get promoted, or your business suddenly flourishes. Leave it to the law of attraction to work that out for you. All you need to do is to visualize the Mercedes parking in your driveway, or you driving it with the person you love sitting right next to you.

To work the power of visualization, you need to hold the picture clearly in your mind with every detail. Get a scrap book and paste a picture of the car on the first page and look at it when you make your visualizations. To make the visualization more powerful, buy something for the new car however small it is, like an ornament, a car decal, that you would place in the car once you get it. Giving your visualization real feelings is a powerful way to send the message to the universe. Your thoughts and the words that you use in your visualizations is powerful, but the greatest pulling factor is feelings or emotions. Put all three into force and you will certainly attain what you desire with great clarity.

Visualize at night before retiring as you lie in bed. Ensure that your body is aligned with the earth's magnetic poles with the head of the bed pointing North, as this will magnetize your body and your thoughts. Be clear about the things that you want, or refer to your scrap book if you cannot picture it clearly. Ask the subconscious to deliver it to you and give it a timeline that is reasonable. Repeat this practice every night like a ritual. You have to repeat and repeat. Over the next few days or weeks, you may come across coincidences that would led you to believe your request is materializing. These are Alpha reflections, the universe's way of affirming that what you had requested for, is being manifested.

In time, you will notice that you are being guided to take a certain form of action to attain the Mercedes. You must not hesitate or become pessimistic. Follow the hints and take action. These are the logical line of events that will lead you to the attainment of your goal. And before you know it, the gleaming new Mercedes is right in front of you.

Azmi Adnan is a writer and volunteer at a children's shelter and enjoys working with under-priveledged children. Subscribe to his newsletter, available at this website, for interesting stories about the Law of Attraction, Success Principles, and on his works in helping children beat poverty.


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Checklist To Know You Have Found Law Of Attraction

As I see it the law of attraction is a force that everyone can tap into. This force is a guiding force that once realized will guide you to your true purpose in life. You can tap into this force by just acknowledging that it is there. My main purpose is to give a check list of signs that will let you know that you have found the guiding force called Law of Attraction. Once you start realizing that the signs are appearing in your life you can begin to trust that you are on the right path, and at the exact spot that you need to be. You can then begin to attract what you desire in life. These could be a better job, a new business opportunity, better health, or better relationships. It is truly up to you, as to what you can attract to your life. Remember there is much more to be learned once the signs start appearing, so keep in touch.

1. Unexplain55Bed coincidences start to show up when you least expect it. Keep in mind the more you are aware of these possible coincidences the easier it will be to tap in to the power of the experience.

2. Life moves at a smoother pace, with no more struggles. There is a flow to your experiences that tell you that you are headed in the right direction. You trust that everything is in harmony. You can begin to follow your dreams.

3. Your thoughts become pleasant thoughts. You realize that your thoughts are the guiding force to attract what you truly desire. You begin to use them to your advantage.

4. Your ambitions or dreams feel like they are only a moment away from being fulfilled. In actuality your dreams can be fulfilled in this very moment if you truly believe in them.

Scott Zeringue is an internet marketer that understands the power of Law of Attraction. Use this power to create the life you can only imagine. If you feel like you are ready for a drastic change for the better then visit http://www.wealthconception.com

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Journey To Your Heart's Desire

Have you decided yet what kind of life you want to experience? Do you know? Responsibilities of life can make you feel disconnected from yourself and leave little time to really think about the direction of your life. There are ways to figure out what you really want in your life. You are going to need a little courage and it will take some work and patience.

To start with, you need to be clear about what you want. What does your heart tell you? It seems really simple to answer this question, yet a large portion of the population would not be able to say what they really want. It is really hard to be specific. Do you think this describes you right now? Believe it or not, you really do already know how you want your journey to unfold. It seems logical to know what you want, since it is you and who has known you longer than you? Let's just say that deep inside where it's a little scary to go, you may not be fully aware of your desires. Hang on, you will shortly.

The journey to your heart's desire can begin with these simple steps:

What dreams did you have when you were younger? Think about those and expand on the themes5B4. Fantasizing about how your life could be is a good way to wake up your inner voice. Make the dreams even bigger than you think is possible. Feel the satisfaction and joy the reality of your biggest dreams can bring. Can you feel you're on the right path now?

Silence is golden, so it is said. Did you know you could gain great energy and balance from spending quiet time with your own thoughts? Here is another way to listen to your inner voice. This voice is what guides you through your journey in this life. The voice isn't one you can hear with your physical ears. This is the voice that makes you know beyond doubt when something is real. It causes your heart to stir and brings harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Your thoughts can be productive in a couple of different ways. When your mind seems unfocused, just go with the process. This will allow your imagination to be creative and just play. Don't force your thoughts into any particular direction. Just go with the flow. A lot of times when you do this in a relaxed manner, insights will come to you that you never expected. Another way to have a productive brain session is to start writing down everything that comes to your mind. Make a list of your skills, abilities, experiences, hobbies and everything you ever wanted to do but never had a chance to do or just never got around to it.

These are just a few of the processes you can use to f555ind out what it is you really want in life. Ask yourself this. In a perfect world without limits where you had every opportunity, what is your life about? When you can answer this question, you will know your heart's desire.

Robin Skeen


Robin lives in the lovely state of Ohio, USA. She is a freelance writer and her website contains her reflections on inspired personal growth - transforming body, mind and spirit so you can live your best life NOW! To find out more, visit today. Free reports and eBooks are added on a regular basis.

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Dream Analysis - The Wild Conscience or Anti-Conscience

On continuing Carl Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere through dream analysis, I discovered the existence of a wild conscience that causes craziness to the human conscience. However, Jung thought that the unconscious was responsible for psychic diseases, although it also worked like a doctor that cured them.

I didn't accept this contradiction, observing that the human conscience is totally absurd, since it works based on only one completely developed psychological function and based on the selfish and childish ego's desires. Craziness existed in the human conscience, and not in the unconscious that produces dreams and sends us wise messages to cure our psyche.

I trusted completely the unconscious' wisdom, understanding that the same wise brain that produces dreams also prepares the several progrF29ams that allow the perfect functioning of all the animal and plant species on our planet, as several biologists besides Konrad Lorenz had proved with their research.

This way I faced schizophrenia by obeying the directions I received in dreams and signs I interpreted in my daily reality in the same way that I interpreted dreams. I clearly saw that the wild conscience provokes schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria and neurosis in the human conscience and that all these diseases reflect the same process: the invasion of the wild, evil and violent content, which belongs to the wild part of the human conscience, into the human side of the human conscience.

Neurosis and hysteria reflect the first steps of the wild conscience's invasion into the human realm. Neurotic and hysteric patients can easily be cured through dream analysis if they precisely obey the directions they receive in their dreams.

The same doesn't happen for psychotic and schizophrenic patients, who have completely lost their human conscience and are totally dominated by the wild anti-conscience that has destroyed their human side.

What does this destruction mean? It means that there is no sensitivity in their psychic sphere: they are dominated by the monster inherent in the wild side of their conscience.

The anti-conscience is a wild animal, a demon created by the disorganized development of the conscience in its formation. However, it is not a fossil, it is alive and active in our psychic sphere, trying to control our behaviour all the time.

The human being has to dominate this wild side, before it has the chance to destroy one's human conscience. This is why dream analysis is indispensable for everyone from the first days of their adolescence.

By analysing their dreams, everyone will be able to develop all their psychological functions and fight the domination of the wild anti-conscience, transforming this violent content into a positive part of the human conscience.

It cannot simply disappear: it is our other self, our wild sibling that has to be transformed through the same process that transformed our human conscience, so that it acquires human sensitivity.

What gives balance and wisdom to the human being is not one's rationalism, but sensitivity and comprehension while facing the human mistakes and compassion without conditions and limits.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere. Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com and http://www.booksirecommend.com

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ADHD Tip - Snow Days, Sick Days, Unexpected Absences, & Extra Time With Your Child With ADHD

As the Northeast region of the United States braces for yet another snow storm, parents across the region are faced with the challenge of a possible unplanned day off. While their children are anxiously awaiting the words, "school is cancelled tomorrow," parents are scrambling to find alternative arrangements. While a day off can sometimes be a welcome event, it can often feel like a nightmare for a parent whose child struggles with ADHD.

While children are already thinking about sleeping in, goofing off, playing outside, and just about anything other than school, their parents are wondering what they will do to avoid a meltdown at home.

Children with ADHD will do best with a structured routine that they are familiar with and will know what to expect. However, these situations can be difficult and trying for everyone.

As a parent, you likely have to pull things together as quickly as possible, sometimes under even the most difficult of situations. To avoid unnecessary arguing and struggling with your child, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Have a plan.
  • Step 2: Have a backup plan.
  • Step 3: Be prepared for unexpected days off.
  • Step 4: Schedule the day as best you can.
  • Step 5: Make it easy for anyone who might be watching your child.
  • Step 6: Have a schedule or routine written out.
  • Step 7: Don't do anything you know your child will not tolerate.

  • The best advice for handling unexpected time off is to be as prepared as possible. A day off for your child might quickly become anything but that for you if you do not have a plan, schedule, or expected routine. While some children might be able to handle the extra free time, a child with ADHD could struggle without his or her normal routine.

    While you cannot always plan and prepare under the best circumstances, having a routine or expectations can ease the struggle and cut-down on unnecessary problems with your child managing his or her symptoms of ADHD.

    And now I would like to invite you to download an almost 60-minute audio interview where one successful professional reveals his personal struggle and success managing his symptoms of ADHD over the last 15 years.

    The Tourist Dream - Maasai Mara

    The home of adventure: - African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania, still believes that only the best is good enough. It's this strong concept that results to the achievement of Africa Home adventure dreams not only in Masai mara, but also in other Kenya National parks and game reserves. The secret behind our fame and popularity with Masai mara lies greatly in our understanding of the uniqueness of this reserve and the services we render to our dear clients. We take our clients to explore the park while still afresh after a 5 minutes drive from our campsite. This enables us cover this relatively small sized game reserve in sections at a convenient pace depe918nding on the number of days you've chosen to take. Our hospitable and professional drivers/guides never get tired of "game-driving":-driving up and down in the reserve in search of wildlife.

    Masai Mara offers wonderful scenery and an abundance of big game: - the only park perhaps left in Kenya where tourists and budget travelers can view animals in the same super-abundance as existed a century ago. It accommodates the largest population of lions. Watching up to one and a half million of wildebeest migrating from Serengeti in Tanzania is a mind-blowing experience. This huge mass of animals remain on the productive Mara grasslands until October or November, and then as the storm clouds gather in the south, they return to their breeding grounds which by the time they arrive, are once again green and lush, This is the Serengeti plain.

    Seeing is believing! You are always most welcome to book a trip to Masai mara at your convenient time of the year with African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania Safaris, your only pocket friendly tour operator. Kindly do feel free to contact The African Home Adventure team for a booking procedure.

    Kind regards.

    Nickson Ogilo,
    Tour Consultant
    African Home Adventure Ltd
    Nairobi International Youth Hostel
    Tel:+254 20 2726011/+254 20 2723012
    Url: http://www.africahomeadventure.com
    E-mail: nickson@africahomeadventure.com

    Dream Blogging

    Blog about dreams. We all have dreams. That place we go to when we are not in deep sleep, the cross-over place of almost sleeping brings us into another dimension. We spend almost a third of our lives asleep, this is a known fact. What happens to our imagination when we slumber, that nocturnal time when consciousness is shut down?

    Sleep takes us on a mystical journey of dreams where people and places collide. What do our dreams tell us? Our task is to listen. What in our waking world causes us to ask questions? Dreams give us the answers. The answers are not orderly. The answers do not come in a structured response.

    Dead Aunt Mary invites us to dinner with seven people we've never met and the fare is water and dried prunes. What do we make of this supper party? How does a dream with dead Aunt Mary give us answers?

    The ancients believed in dreams. Wars were fought, events foretold and Kings were born out of dreams.

    Perhaps Aunt Mary was a person we trusted; maybe she had all the answers. I wrote a novel, my first, based solely on a dream. The seed of that story was planted with my eyes closed. Dreams have a way of opening our minds to many possibilities. How do we feel after a significant dream? What emotion is present? Does our ego over ride the interpretation of a dream? All of these questions arise.

    I am not blogging about dreams with the intention of suggesting that we make life decisions based on them, but more realistically, that we give respect to dreams. Honor the nights we find our self at the dinner table of a long demised relative who has invited a hod8E4ge-podge of outsiders. Perhaps sitting down to dinner with the unknown would force me, or any of us, to make conversation, to pay attention, to be on our best behavior, and to garner wisdom.

    Seven is a significant number; it heralds a cycle which acknowledges lessons learned. Aunt Mary epitomizes someone we felt comfortable with and it would not matter how many strangers there were at her table. Having Aunt Mary as hostess makes it all okay. Take this into real life and perhaps something we fear is not as ominous as we think. Someone we trust is guiding us and we have to learn to make peace with the outcome, find our place in terra incognita.

    A dream blog can be a wake up call. Set our alarm for tomorrow and we may find our self caught in a "ground hog day" scenario. Do it over until you get it right. This may never happen on the realistic plane but could recur in dream after dream until we recognize that we must face a fear, or an ingrained habit of denial that has dogged our heels. Whatever it is, dreams are our friends disguised in vignettes and characters that seem confused with our recent activities.

    We can blog about our dreams and view them as a response to our souls need for nurturing. Feed me the soul asks...your dreams will tell you how and when.

    Blog what you see, hear and think...

    Talk later...
    Linda Merlino

    Linda Merlino, author
    Belly of the Whale release date April 1
    preorder on amazon.com

    Dream Therapy - Magical Treatment for Depression

    You must be tired of all the treatments and suggestions to cure your depression because none of them produce positive results for you, and you are tired of spending money and hoping, but being deceived and frustrated in the end.

    You only need to start paying attention to your dreams and writing them down. They are a source of psychotherapy and knowledge that can not only save you from depression, suicidal tendency and many other mental illnesses but also transform you into a wise, balanced and happy person. This is free psychotherapy from the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces your dreams to protect you from the harmful content of your anti-conscience.

    Your dreams have a magical function, since they inform and guide you in a symbolic manner, so that the anti-conscience does not understand them; otherwise, it would distort their meaning and prevent you from learning the directions of the unconscious that tries to save your conscience and help you develop it.

    You can only really understand 5B4how dream therapy works when you have written a few dreams and you start translating their meaning and relating them, since their messages are provided in a sequence. Now my words are empty, and you are only trying to imagine what you completely ignore.

    First of all, when you start caring for your dreams, you'll discover that the unconscious answers your questions in your dreams, and you feel supported instead of alone like you are now. This will immensely help you! The unconscious is saintly and tells you only the truth. This is something you have never seen in your life because humans are liars. Only the wise and saintly unconscious that has no ego and knows everything about you, your life and the universe, can tell you the real truth, without distortions.

    Do you know what it means to have a private doctor caring for you and trying to help you overcome your depression? It is fantastic!

    I can relate many cases about how dream interpretation was a great relief for many people. For example, an extremely thin girl had to be surgically operated but was cured through dream interpretation within a period of 7 months. Surprisingly, by interpreting her dreams, the disease disappeared and her body started functioning normally again.

    People who have lost someone they loved receive special support from the unconscious that sends them infinite dreams about the person they loved and explanations about the reason for their de5B4ath.

    In situations of pain and despair, many people received immense support by dream interpretation according to my version of Carl Jung's method.

    Some people would keep their notebook full of dreams near them daily, and we would talk through the phone at least daily so that I interpreted their dreams for them, and even when I visited or met them somewhere, they would relate their dreams to me. Only this occupation gave them some hope and brought a little bit of excitement in their grey lives, while they were immersed on depression and had no courage to go on.

    Think about how they felt when they started to understand all their mistakes and why their lives turned out this way. Think about how they felt when they discovered the solutions to their basic problems!

    The scientific method of dream interpretation is really a blessing! The more you care for your dreams, the more you learn and become wiser.

    You understand the reasons of your pain and what you have to do in order to find peace and happiness. This is really a magical solution that nobody could have imagined possible! However, the truth is that the wise unconscious that produces our dreams is the unique doctor that is so perfect that it never fails!

    The unconscious is an organ directed by God who is a superior conscience, which is much more evolved than the common conscience. This is why you can trust the guidance you receive in your dreams and f5AEollow it precisely without fear. You won't be deceived, frustrated or mislead; on the contrary, you can be sure that you will find relief and that your mental health is guaranteed.

    Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere. Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com and http://www.booksirecommend.com

    Click here and download your copy of the Free ebook

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    A Waking Dream, Through History - Part 3

    This is Part 3, in an on-going look into the History and Meaning of Dreams.

    With the increase of printed books in Europe from the 15th Century, onward, dream dictionaries proliferated, mostly based on the works of Artemidorus. Despite the naivety, such dictionaries filled a useful role in taking dream interpretation away from the seers and priests and placing it in the hands of the individual. Even though scientific rationalists of the 18th Century believed that dreams were of little consequence, and that their interpretation was a form of primitive superstition, at a popular level the interest in dreams gathered strength.

    Dreams began to feature as prominent themes in literature and art, as the new Romanticism, led by visionaries such as William Blake and Goethe, rejected the claims of the rationalists and placed new emphasis on the importance of the individual and the creative power of the imagination.

    For Freud the unconscious was primarily the seat of desires and impulses, mostly of a sexual nature, that are repressed by the conscious mind. He believed most dreams are simple wish- fulfillments, or expressions of repressed ideas that force their way into our consciousness when our egos relax control during sleep. Transformed into dream images and symbols, our deepest urges lose immediacy and so become more easily manageable.

    The greatest breakthrough in dream research in the 2nd half of the century was the discovery in 1953 of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, when the most vivid episodes of dreaming occur. By waking dreamers up during REM periods, dream recall is greatly enhanced, enabling us to work more accurately with the images, symbols, and other psychic events that punctuate our sleep. A lot of work remains to be done before we can construct a fully-fledged science of dreaming. In the meantime, through dream workshops and other forms of analysis, we are building up a corpus of case studies that will form an invaluable body of evidence for the dream scientists of the future.

    Normally we dream for about one-fifth of the time were asleep. Most of our 'big' dreams come to narratives, symbols and detailed dream scenery. As we fall asleep and in the moments before we wake up, we experience the fleeting images of hypnogogic, (dreams that precede sleep) and hypnopompic, (dreams that come just as we are waking).

    We dream at other phases of the night as well, and although some of the dreams are indistinguishable from REM dreams, most are fragmentary, less meaningful, less vivid, rarely remembered upon waking.

    Further research of dreams revealed four distinct levels or stages of sleep, each characterized by particular physiological activities and brain rhythms. During the first fifteen minutes, the sleeper descends progressively through each of these stages, before spending about one hour in stage four, the deepest level, when the body is at its most relax576ed and brain rhythms are at their slowest. After this, an ascent back up to stage one is often accompanied by a change in sleeping posture, and it is at this point that the first REM period of sleep begins, usually lasting about ten minutes. Therefore, the process of descent and ascent is repeated between four and seven times during the night, though sleep rarely again reaches a state as deep as stage four. Each REM episode becomes progressively longer, as does the frequency and rapidity of eye movements and the final REM period can last as long as forty minutes.

    We will take a deeper look into these four stages in Part 4 and also discuss how our brain processes the stimuli that dreaming provokes. How does our body keep from acting out our dreams? Join me in Part 4 to find out.

    Information from: "The Secret Language of Dreams", By David Fontana.

    Tracey Wilson is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/
    which is a site for Creative Writing. Most of Tracey's writings can be found on this interactive site.