Monday, April 28, 2008

Journey To Your Heart's Desire

Have you decided yet what kind of life you want to experience? Do you know? Responsibilities of life can make you feel disconnected from yourself and leave little time to really think about the direction of your life. There are ways to figure out what you really want in your life. You are going to need a little courage and it will take some work and patience.

To start with, you need to be clear about what you want. What does your heart tell you? It seems really simple to answer this question, yet a large portion of the population would not be able to say what they really want. It is really hard to be specific. Do you think this describes you right now? Believe it or not, you really do already know how you want your journey to unfold. It seems logical to know what you want, since it is you and who has known you longer than you? Let's just say that deep inside where it's a little scary to go, you may not be fully aware of your desires. Hang on, you will shortly.

The journey to your heart's desire can begin with these simple steps:

What dreams did you have when you were younger? Think about those and expand on the themes5B4. Fantasizing about how your life could be is a good way to wake up your inner voice. Make the dreams even bigger than you think is possible. Feel the satisfaction and joy the reality of your biggest dreams can bring. Can you feel you're on the right path now?

Silence is golden, so it is said. Did you know you could gain great energy and balance from spending quiet time with your own thoughts? Here is another way to listen to your inner voice. This voice is what guides you through your journey in this life. The voice isn't one you can hear with your physical ears. This is the voice that makes you know beyond doubt when something is real. It causes your heart to stir and brings harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Your thoughts can be productive in a couple of different ways. When your mind seems unfocused, just go with the process. This will allow your imagination to be creative and just play. Don't force your thoughts into any particular direction. Just go with the flow. A lot of times when you do this in a relaxed manner, insights will come to you that you never expected. Another way to have a productive brain session is to start writing down everything that comes to your mind. Make a list of your skills, abilities, experiences, hobbies and everything you ever wanted to do but never had a chance to do or just never got around to it.

These are just a few of the processes you can use to f555ind out what it is you really want in life. Ask yourself this. In a perfect world without limits where you had every opportunity, what is your life about? When you can answer this question, you will know your heart's desire.

Robin Skeen

Robin lives in the lovely state of Ohio, USA. She is a freelance writer and her website contains her reflections on inspired personal growth - transforming body, mind and spirit so you can live your best life NOW! To find out more, visit today. Free reports and eBooks are added on a regular basis.

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