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How Imminent Is The Return Of Christ?

The doctrine of Imminence is one that is sworn by these days. Suggest that you don't quite believe in it and you're out!

"Jesus could come at any time, today, this hour." That's the watchword of believers in this teaching. I know what the people who say this mean, but we must take objection to that statement as it stands. For, Heaven has a day circled on the Heavenly Calendar when Jesus must come. [Acts

17:31, "(God) has appointed a day in which He will judge the world by the Man Whom He

has ordained."]

That is to say, God knows when Jesus is coming. It is not a random day. It is clearly and definitely scheduled. Jesus cannot come at just "any" time, but only on the day He has appointed. The problem is not that there is uncertainty in Heaven, but that we are uncertain. The question then is, just how far is that uncertainty to extend?

When the disciples asked Jesus, "What shall be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?" (Matthew 24:3) why did Jesus even suggest a time frame? Why did He answer such a thing at all, if we are not to know something ? Why not say, as we hear commonly today, "Don't worry about it! It will all pan out. I'll come when I come."

That was not His approach. Jesus for all time laid out a clear description of a particular generation, a season, when He will come, so that those believers living in that generation will know it is time! All others of all time, not totally certain of what He was saying, since the time was not ready, have been commanded to watch, and be ready. Of course, the coming of Jesus at a man's death is reason enough for any person, any time, to be on guard against foolish behavior.

The importance of knowing a particular season is confirmed by our dear brother, the apostle Paul, in I Thessalonians 5. First he says to the ungodly (verse 2) that Jesus is coming as "a thief in the night." This is the concept that has been passed on to godly people as their own norm

for looking for Jesus to come! But moving even one more verse leads us to : "For when they say, 'Peace and Safety' then comes sudden destruction upon them..."Who are they and them? The world! The unbelievers! Verse 4 insists, "You are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief!"

That means we can and should know the general time of His coming, especially if we are living in the last generation. That generation is described further by Paul in II Thessalonians 2:3. In words that could not be more clear, Paul demands that that Day will not come unless there is a noticeable world-wide apostasy and the revealing of the man of sin .

Oh my! Jesus could come at any moment? Yes, in death. Yes, theoretically to those who walk in darkness and have not read the words of the apostles. But in fact? No! He must come when Paul says He must come, and that is after the great apostasy, and after antichrist.

The man or woman who is seeking God with all the heart about the coming of Jesus will see the plan unfold clearly and will indeed be watching when He comes. The ungodly "carnal" Christian, if there be such a thing, will be loudly proclaiming His love for a Jesus who might come just any time, and for him the coming will be a surprise, for that person has never dug deeply into God's Word to find the truth. I am saying that more light is

revealed to those who seek, and those who do not seek will be still in darkness and fulfill their own prophecies about how "we can never really know."

The only information that has been denied to us is the very day on the calendar and the very hour on the clock when Jesus will come. Let us be diligent though to comprehend with all the saints what are the times and seasons God has revealed to us. is a website I put together a few months back to get the word out to believers that they need to pray for North Korea. Just about every day I'm writing a blog featuring some news, a book, or a story of North Korea. There's a live news feed on the site, lists of resources, picture essays, and ways to respond to the overwhelming need in North Korea. Let's love Chosun together!

And who am I? A man found of God over 50 years ago, called to the ministry, serving the Lord as needed in my world. Married, member of a local church in the Chicago area, with full time work in public education. Who are you? Would love to fellowship with believers who respond on my site.

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The Beginnings Of The End, According To Jesus

Jesus' words in Matthew 24, about the problems coming to Jerusalem, stirred the disciples into thoughts to which they had not often been drawn. All of this destroyed? How could that be? Would it mean the end of the world? The return of the Master? For, though they still had not fully believed He would die and rise again, as witnessed by the difficulty Jesus had in convincing them of such even after He was raised (Luke 24 et al), they had at least picked up the significance of His "long journey" parables (e.g. Matthew 21:33 ff). Somehow Jesus was going to leave them for awhile, then return. That much they knew.

Their question (24:3) showed they were concerned about "end time" matters. Jesus did not rebuke them for it, but went into significant detail explaining what is surely to come. They asked very clear questions, and Jesus answered them very clearly. Speculation has arisen as to whether they were asking several questions or one question with several parts. But the effect is the same, and Jesus' answer is the same. He tells them when not to look for Him, but also when to know that His coming, and Jerusalem's ultimate fall, and the end of the world, are all very near.

The Holy Spirit has seen to it that this discourse was recorded three times, to be sure we would not be unprepared when it was the time for its fulfillment. Let none of us say that these things don't matter. They do! And we can know when these things will be. We can know the very real sign that will point to the end of all things. We can therefore know also who will be ruling the earth when it is about to go under.

First, Jesus tells us what is not the sign of His coming, and the end of the age (vs. 4-14). Heed the list well, for every so often in your life and mine, someone is going to mention one or more of these signs to you, and glibly add: "Jesus must be coming soon!" No, these are the negatives. " See that you are not troubled...the end is not yet," (v.6) and "All these are the beginning of sorrow," (v. 8). The beginning is not the end.

Here is the list of things that prove nothing, but that will happen down through the years:

1. Many will come saying they are Christ.

2. There will be actual wars.

3. There will be talk about a war starting.

4. Nations and kingdoms will rise against each other.

5. There will be localized food shortages.

6. There will be localized spread of contagious diseases.

7. Earthquakes will multiply.

8. "You" (beginning with the 12 but on to our time in all of this list) will have trouble.

9. "You" will be killed.

10. "You" will be hated by all nations for the sake of Jesus.

11. "You" will be betrayed by members of the church family.

12. False prophets will arise.

13. A growing sense of lawlessness, immorality, will be so pervasive as to cause many believers to love Jesus less. (This trait will be the defining characteristic of Paul's "man of sin," a leader the world will deserve! II Thessalonians 2.)

14. This Gospel will have been preached all over the world

After this final item, the world is ready for the end. Although many see item 14 as the answer of Jesus to the disciples' original query, I suggest that the preaching of the Gospel everywhere is not as specific a sign as is needed to satisfy those disciples or the ones living in the last days, who want something they can see. They want a "no-doubter," something that says, "When you experience this, Jesus will be there very soon! These are not backslidden saints, by the way. These are people in love with Jesus, who want to see His face! And Jesus very kindly gives them an answer that satisfies their longings.

He calls it "the abomination of desolation. is a website I put together a few months back to get the word out to believers that they need to pray for North Korea. Just about every day I'm writing a blog featuring some news, a book, or a story of North Korea. There's a live news feed on the site, lists of resources, picture essays, and ways to respond to the overwhelming need in North Korea. Let's love Chosun together!

And who am I? A man found of God over 50 years ago, called to the ministry, serving the Lord as needed in my world. Married, member of a local church in the Chicago area, with full time work in public education. Who are you? Would love to fellowship with believers who respond on my site.

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Religious Views Based on Hope

I was told by an advertising executive one day that all of your advertisements need to deliver some sort of hope for the people you're trying to persuade into buying your products. Funny, if you think about it, I got some and great advice about life from someone in the advertisement business.

Most people are looking for hope, in everything they do. Most of our daily activities revolve around hope and this gives our lives some sort of direction. If you believe in an almighty being and creator of the universe, often you will try to please him, ....or her, ....or it, in hopes of entering the kingdom of heaven or the promised land after you die.

Often our fears will increase our levels of hoping, the fear of doing something against your religion can often inspire you to become a more spiritual person, a good and moral person. Fear of making the wrong choices will inspire us to make better, moral choices, all for the sake of acquiring a ticket to Heaven or Nirvana. You're hoping, your good deeds on earth will earn you a place in heaven.

Most people are afraid of dying and leaving this world, for good. They don't know where they're going and that seems to scare most people. If we can offer someone a little hope, that they are going to a much better place than here, we can often ease the pain and suffering associated with death. I have to admit, most religions of the world promise another world, after we're done with this one.

If you're living a honest and moral life with the hopes of living a bountiful life in heaven, could you be wrong. What if you're seeking Hope in the wrong religion? If you're a Christian and the Hindus are right and you're wrong, do you get to enter there eternal kingdom.

Think about this question, I'm about to ask you. What if spend your whole life studying your religion and it's wrong? There is no heaven and when you die, that's the end of your existence

Have you ever wondered why you believe in your religion and someone in another country or even a couple of miles away believes in something entirely different.

Don't get mad at me or yourself, simply think about the question for a while, this question has transformed my life and put me on a wonderful spiritual path of learning.

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended books, The Power of Intention

If you want to read something funny and get your daily laugh in, you need to read this, it's funny Using Religion Responsibility. It's based on overindulgence.

Spending 15 Minutes Each Day

Are Plastic Food and Beverage Containers Safe?

Question: Have plastic food and beverage containers been proven safe?

Answer: No.

During the film's graduation party in THE GRADUATE, Mr. McGuire pulls Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) aside to offer sage advice for his future. His future would be one word: "plastics."

Of course, we all know Mr. McGuire's advice and prognostication was correct. Plastics can only be made by man in his infinite wisdom, hence they are patentable. The profit in the manufacture of plastics has been huge. Plastics are everywhere. Plastic manufacturing now uses 4% of the world's oil production annually. Automobiles are now 9% plastic. It is of my special concern that more foods and beverages are being put into plastic containers. Plastics are ubiquitous now. They persist and accumulate in our society as their production exceeds their chemical degradation rate. Harmful chemicals from plastics are now commonly found in groundwater, waterways, and drinking water.

While standing out in the summer heat in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981, my girlfriend asked me what was causing the film to form on the inside of the windshield of her new Mazda 626. She said that she had to wipe it off every morning so she could see to drive to work. I didn't know then. I do now! It was phthalates, the chemical that was added to the plastic dash cover to soften it and prevent cracking. I'm sure by now most of the phthalate has evaporated into our atmosphere and the Mazda is in some junkyard with a cracked up dash.

Phthalates are EDC's (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.) They are chemicals found in recycle codes #1 through #6 plastics. Another EDC (Bisphenol A) is in recycle code #7 plastics. All of these types of plastic EDC's interfere with the function of sex hormones receptors. In THE GRADUATE Benjamin was quite a stud. I wonder if he's now taking one of the popular drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, a disorder that has become one of the many epidemics in our new plastic world.

In 2003 a group of Croatian scientists reported that phthalates in plastics dissolved in various solutions. They used a variety of plastic items, including plastic food containers. After 10 days of sitting in distilled water, an average of 55.4 mg/ of phthalates from each kilogram of plastic "migrated" into the water. To a lesser degree the phthalates from plastics dissolved into acetic acid 3% (44.4 mg/kg) and 10% ethyl alcohol (32.3 mg/kg).

The Croatian study shows what Benjamin would suspect, if he took chemistry in college: Water is the universal solvent; and it dissolves even the primarily fat soluble phthalates. The more that you filter water to remove other toxic solutes, the more aggressive water becomes in its power to reach osmolar equilibrium by dissolving its non-inert containers.

What is also obviously missing from the Croatians' controlled, static testing model are the temperature variations that the plastic bottled water product goes through to get from bottling point to the mouth of the consumer. Transport trucks probably reach a very high temperature in the non refrigerated cargo areas that carry PETE (recycle code #1 plastic) bottled water in the summer. Heat facilitates the dissolution of phthalates into the water. Then the bottles may be stored for a much longer time than 10 days prior to consumption. Furthermore, freezing the containers produces micro-fissures in the interior surface of the plastic bottle container as the water expands, exponentially exposing more solute surface area. Traumatic handling or any motion of the package will further enhance diffusion. Applying the laws of physics, all of these factors clearly by extrapolation will increase the water dissolution of the plastic containers.

Fatty foods in plastic containers are even more problematic, as fats are absorbed differently and carry their phthalate solvents into our bodies more easily. Phthalates bio-accumulate because of their fat solubility. Phthalates concentrate in such fat organs in our bodies such as brains, prostates, testicles, ovaries, breasts and, unfortunately, breast milk. (The other popular food alternatives for infants are worse. Commercial baby formulas are loaded with the manmade phthalates.)

I think the worst example of food containment in plastic is milk. All milk except non-fat milk contains fat. Cow milk itself represents a major source of the fats ingested by the public, especially children. Cattle concentrate these chemicals by bioaccummulation because EDC's from plastics are ubiquitous in water and most animal food sources. Meat and dairy products are therefore a major contributor to this group of human food chain derived toxins, regardless of their containment. It is now irresponsible to add more phathalates to the products by putting the milk products in plastic containers that add MORE EDC's.

Cattle have intentially been "fattened up" by adding hormones AND unintentially "fattened up" more by the contamination of cattle food and water by EDC's. The combination of these chemicals passed on to the consumers in concentrated form in milk products will most likely exacerbate obesity in humans that consume them as well.

Our current scientific knowledge and common sense screams for an end to consumer purchase of milk bottled in plastics. Until milk companies have their products quantatatively analysed for these EDC's by competent independant laboratories, my strong recommendation is to avoid purchase and consumption of milk and dairy products contained in plastic.

Sadly, the Croatian authors' 2003 conclusions about the safety of plastics were: "These (exposure) levels would not present a hazard for human health, not even for a prolonged period of time." However, what was deemed acceptable levels of phthalates in 2003 now is recognized as "crystal clearly" too high.

Selective interpretations from the ACC (American Chemistry Council) lead to this erroneously high level being "set" for past toxicity standards. The ACC is an "industry group" advisor. It's much like the wolf guarding the henhouse. Thanks to the ACC efforts, control regulations placed upon this chemical class are minimal. An ongoing perpetuation of phthalate approval for use in virtually everything, including containment of food, has resulted. In fact, the perpetuation of these mythological high safety standards has resulted in the majority of our food being wrapped or contained in plastics that leach EDC's into our foods.

The ACC's Phthalate Esters Panel is made up representatives from BASF, Eastman Chemical, Exxon-Mobil Chemical, Ferro, and Teknor Apex Corporations. After graduating, Benjamin could have gone to work for any of these companies to share the wealth that plastics manufacturing have reaped, instead of hanging around and sporting Mrs. Robinson for the summer!

I love one of the rationalization examples the ACC makes on their PHTHALATES INFORMATION CENTER webpage: "Thanks to phthalates, your nail polish doesn't chip." I wonder if they are aware of the "unexplained" high rate of breast cancer in manicurists. I also wonder if they are aware that most breast tissues and breast cancers have sex hormone receptors that are acted upon by the EDC's found in plastics.

To further confuse the public, the ACC webpage also redefines the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE which in its un-perverted definition simply is: A (chemical) should not be considered safe until it is proven safe. Environmentalists who are trying to unravel the cause-effect relationships of environment chemicals, to the otherwise unexplained epidemics of various diseases now affecting man as well as every species on our planet, encourage its application. The ACC's watered down version suggests that cost effective, fearless risks are worth taking.

Can the ACC keep up the phthalate safety illusion forever? The American Tobacco Association almost got away with it!

We now know that EDC's, like hormones themselves require very minute amounts to have physiologic impact. EDC's are active in parts per trillion! For example, the usual adult maintenance dose of levothyroxine, a drug to replace depleted natural thyroid hormone in hypothyroidism, is 1.6 micrograms/Kg/day. Why would I even think about saying that a dose in the milligrams (1000 times as much as a microgram) of a known EDC would be safe, especially for a child or developing fetus?

We now know that phthalates also work in synergy with chemicals in other classes to exert "more than additive" physiologic effects.

Previous experiments in rodents showed that high levels of phthalates interfer with testosterone during gestation resulting in birth defects of the genitalia, testicular cancer, and infertility in the rats.

The ACC inspired acceptable level of phthalate myth should be blown out of the water with a recent study completed by the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. This study of 85 human infant boys reported in May 2005 showed that phthalate levels found normally in the general population adversely influenced sexual development. The phthalate exposure these children had correlated with smaller penis size and incomplete testicular descent, which is a condition that greatly increases the risk of testicular cancer if left untreated.

Solution 1 - Choose glass containers over plastic for purchase and storage of food and beverages including milk and water.

American children can consume several milligrams of phthalate each day.

I wonder if THE GRADUATE's Mr. Robinson noticed that most of the teenage girls now-days have bigger breasts than his seductive wife (gynecomastia), and that they begin thelarche (breast development) and menarche (menstruation) at a significantly younger age, or that many more have an endocrine pathology called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

The chances of a woman getting breast cancer in her lifetime has probably gone from a risk of less than 1 in 10 (10%) before THE GRADUATE was made to a 1 in about 7.5 (13.2 %) rate today.

The choice to avoid food chain plastics is a "no-brainer" when you understand how these chemicals persist and accumulate in our environment, and how they function in our bodies!

Solution 2 - Choose stainless steel containers over plastic for storage of food and beverages including water.

Unfortunately, we are past the point of no return with phthalates. Just like
cigarettes I think we'll have to live as prisoners with their impact on future generations. The only defense we have at this time is to individually choose to avoid them when we can, to mitigate their effects on our health.

Phthalates clearly act upon hormone receptors in both men and women. A concern is the potential phthalate impact on breast and other hormone sensitive tissue in human females, but phthalate's demasculinizing potential on males is more of a threat to all species on the planet.

Unlike Mr. McGuire, I think we can choose a better future by avoiding his "one word." We should start by trying to reduce plastics in our food chain exposures.

Bottom line:

I would strongly advise consumers to purchase beverages and non-solid food products packaged in glass rather than plastic if given the choice.

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James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC is a board certified family physician and a certified nutritional consultant who specializes in preventative and environmental medicine. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. More wellness articles and web streams with Dr. Ferrel are available at - The New Science for Energetic Living!

Edmund J Bourne

Is Mary the Mother of God?

A resounding No is heard from the reaches of heaven as I realize the power of knowledge, understanding the simple Chronology of the Christian Church, and recognizing the fallacy of the Catholic Churchs system of belief. Do they know? I wonder

The Chronology of the Christian church interjects an opportunity to take a break before we go into the Crusades because the Inquisition and the Reformation will require more attention. The Dark Ages are significant to the History of the Church. But, after the schisms and the heresies I feel its time to tackle one of the biggest stumbling blocks between Christians.

Is Jesus truly God or the Son of God?

Is Mary the Mother of God or the mother of Jesus, The Son of God?

I tremble with emotion taking on this subject because I am opening myself up to being declared a Heretic, as many of the early Christians were. I only hope everyone will read to the end of the chapter before anathemizing me.

I believe the Bible itself has given us the answer, only we are too wise and too learned to recognize it.

First, open your bibles to: Luke (10: 21-23)

At the very moment He (Jesus) rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the CHILDLIKE. Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will. All things have been handed over to me by my Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and ANYONE TO WHOM THE SON WISHES TO REVEAL HIM.

Jesus is the Word made Flesh. Paul, who wrote the Books of Corinthia, knew Jesus to be the Wisdom (Word) of God, made Flesh. But, are Jesus and God the Father one and the same?

Jesus said in John 5:30

I cannot do anything on my own. I judge as I hear, and my judgement is just, because I do not seam my own will, but the will of the Father, who sent me.

We know that the Father and Jesus are one, and yet Jesus tells us, in Luke 14:28:

You heard me tell you, I am going away and I will come back to you. If you loved me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father, FOR THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I.

God pondered, according the Old Testament how to send His Son(Wisdom) to earth. God sent Jesus to be our Savior, the Messiah promised in the Old Testament. God instilled in Him, Wisdom and His Plan of Salvation. Thats why Jesus said He could do nothing without the Father guiding Him. And its why He said, The Father and I are One, and The Father is greater than I. But Jesus is not God. He is the Son of God, the long awaited Messiah.

If God is the Father, and Jesus is the Son, how can Mary be the mother of God, when she was the virgin mother of Jesus?

For More information about the History of the Catholic Church, and the answer to the question "Is Mary the Mother of God?" please visit my website at

(c) 2007 - Anne T. Oxley

Mark Twain

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Various Waffles That Waffle Makers Can Bake

Waffles have been around for centuries. If you speak to a person from Holland they will insist that they were the first to create them and that their "stroopwafels" are the precursor to the modern waffle. The evidence shows that they were first made in Gouda during the 18th century. However, there is earlier evidence that the "chiffon waffle" was first made in the Netherlands during the 16th century. To add to the confusion, the Belgium's lay claim to the hundreds of years old Belgian waffle.

However, the debate can be laid to rest. The oldest reference that can be found to waffles is in a 14th century English cook book and they were called "waffres". The British have seemed to have moved away from these types of cakes with the modern British waffle being a savory potato cake.

The modern waffle that everybody knows is the American waffle. The knowledge of baking waffles was passed on to the Americans when pilgrims arrived from the Netherlands in 1620. It took a few hundreds years for the American waffle to become popular but today's it is often eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. They can be made as a sweet or savory dish.

A basic American waffle is made using a waffle maker. The batter is made from flour, eggs, milk, oil and baking powder. You can also add other ingredients to the batter such as nuts, fruit or - in fact - anything that you want.

One of the most important things about baking a waffle is using the correct waffle maker. There are a large range of waffle makers on the market today and choosing the right one can be tricky. But it is important that you choose a waffle maker that will keep the outside crispy while the inside remains soft and fluffy.

The Waffle Makers Guide can provide you with the right information on choosing a waffle maker that will bake the ideal waffle for you. You can find more information on what waffles you can make with this article: Waffle Makers - What Waffles Can You Bake?

Abraham Maslow

Authentic Leadership

During the 1990s, CEOs of most American companies focused on the bottom line with the single goal of creating shareholder wealth. The idea was for CEOs to look tough, act tough, and talk tough. Many of them would not have been caught dead discussing soft stuff like ethics, values, openness, or corporate responsibilities to customers, employees, and host communities, especially to a community of morally failed addicts. When the Enron/Andersen scandal broke, followed by a tidal wave of revelations of similar corporate crimes, the initial reactions among American business leaders ranged from deafening silence to its just a few bad apples. Not many spoke out in condemnation, and even fewer suggested the need for better executive behavior. Fewer still discussed the existential tension they felt because of their many personal roles.

There is something refreshingly old-fashioned, therefore, about Bill Georges Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value (Jossey-Bass, 2003). During the 10 years George was CEO of the medical technology company Medtronic Inc., he practiced a philosophy in which shareholders come third the belief that investors can benefit only as the result of efforts of empowered employees who effectively serve customers. To that end, George promulgated such business values as producing top-quality products, treating employees with respect, and acting with integrity in dealing with all his companys stakeholders. The bottom line: Medtronic created $60 billion in value on his watch, and investors saw shares appreciate at a compound rate of 32 percent a year.

He writes that the secret to his stewardship was the practice of authentic leadership, the traditional approach to running companies that had been the hallmark of such now nearly forgotten CEO s as Max DePree (Herman Miller), Jim Burke (Johnson & Johnson), David Packard (Hewlett-Packard), Ken Dayton (Dayton Hudson), and J. Irwin Miller (Cummins Engine). These are leaders, in Georges words, who were committed to stewardship of their assets and to making a difference in the lives of the people they serve, leaders who had a deep sense of purpose and who recognized the importance of their service to society.

So here I am standing in the shadow of such great men but wanting to use the same title for my own sense of leadership. The first step is to describe the community for which I am standing for as the CEO of Changed Life Ltd. They are addicts of all stripes. So here is some of the features of their lives that I am offering to be in service.

After describing some of the twist and turns of their life I will return to how authenticity is the key for my worthiness to serve.

The Life of an Addict.

Despite their situation addicts use two tactics to survive: the obsession and the alienated lifestyle.

Tactic one: The obsession-induced altered-state-of-consciousness.

One of the great blessings of being consumed as an addict is that pretty much everything can be interesting. Under the influence of their addiction, an addict can spend hours doing their thing regardless of its social significance wither its playing War Craft, shopping, watching grass grow or just being in a corner. The experience of hustling the next deal is heightened, jokes are funnier, life is more vibrant. And under hallucinogenic drugs, the user is witness to such marvels as the color of music or the sounds of colors.

There are practical benefits of being addicted. Those who are homeless turn, for instance, to stimulants to keep awake: falling asleep often means getting robbed. At a deeper psychological level, David Lensen (1999) reports research that the drug's appeal for an addicted construction worker is that it inspires the worker to find interest in a job that has, while sober, no personal meaning. Without the drug, the worker would be overwhelmed with boredom and quit.

Tactic Two: The alienated lifestyle

The second tactic is the lifestyle. For non-addicts, one of the more baffling dynamics of addiction is the addict's apparent need to live life at the level of a soap-opera. In my Addicts Prayer, I mentioned the tensions and the walls of separation. "We made mountains out of molehills," says Narcotics Anonymous (1982, p. 93). Addicts know how to increase intensity of their lives. Relationships are often rancorous facts, thoughts of revenge rival any Hollywood movie, are embellished to make life-stories more interesting. Even a simple flat tire is used by the addict as proof that God, Himself, has singled out the addict for punishment.

The Centering Moment

What is the nature of obsession/alienation for this community and how does it effect my basic stand as an authentic leader, which I claimed earlier was so important? An addicts obsession/alienation is understood as the process whereby they struggle with and against being divorced or isolated so as to conform to the society around them.

The common view of a CEO is that it is limited to one of the following interpretations:

  • The first views strategy purely as insight into industry dynamics and customer needs, evaluated on the basis of novelty, distinctiveness, analytical depth, or intellectual elegance rather than on results achieved, lives changed.
  • The second considers strategy as the long view, a step-by-step plan toward a comprehensive vision of a future 15 to 25 years distant ignoring the reality that timing matters.
  • The third views strategy solely as the province of the CEO and the board of directors, which leaves others in the organization to address the grubby details of execution and fails to mobilize the people who are best equipped to understand emerging opportunities.
  • The fourth misconception positions strategy as the first and most important driver of decisions about organization and operations instead of basing strategy on the companys core strengths and competencies.

Nowhere does the CEO confront the social meaning of their vision and mission to change lives. Changing lives is left for religious efforts of social workers and others that have no requirement to produce a profit. This is where I am in tune with the addict my role is also based on alienation in order to be authentic.

In theological terms alienation is represent as an imperfection in history. It is overcome only in that moment when humanity and God are one. My authenticity is summed up in the view on the ends-of-our-work depending on our view of the end of history. The following stand is based in the five categories of H. Richard Niebuhrs classic Christ and Culture, are to some people particular to Christianity but others from other faiths or no particular faith hopefully can gain from these descriptions.

1. For the exclusive Christian history is the story of a rising church or Christian culture and a dying pagan civilization.

2. For the cultural Christian, it is the story of the spirits encounter with nature.

3. For the synthesist, it is a period of preparation under law, reason, gospel, and church for an ultimate communion of the soul with God.

4. For the dualist, history is the time of struggle between faith and unbelief, a period between the giving of the promise of life and its fulfillment.

5. For the conversionist history is the story of Gods mighty deeds and of mans responses to them. He lives some what less between the times and somewhat more in the divine Now than do my various brothers listed above. Eternity to the conversionist, like me, focuses less on the action of God before time and less the life with God after time and more on the presence of God in time. Hence the conversionist is less concerned with conservation of what has been given in creation, less with preparation for what will be given in a final redemption, than with the divine possibility of a present renewal.

Even to use any view of Christ as justification for addiction treatment requires precise articulation. As stated above, I consider my view most closely defined by the conversionist. Given this confession, I still have to accept being blamed by some antagonists as inducing men to rely on the grace of God instead of summoning them to human achievement. I stand on, we are responsible, but we do not control.

Others will claim to be baffled by what seems like contempt for present existence with its great concern for existing men, because we are not frighten by the prospect of doom on all mans works, because we are not despairing but confident.

Then there is the recurring cultural indictment of intolerance, because our speech invites the indignation in its claims of separation from the communion of mankind and in our claims to the exclusive possession of divine knowledge, and our supposed disdaining of every other form of worship except our own as impious and idolatrous. What is often meant is that all claims of religious groups but especially all consideration of the claims of Christ and God should be banished from the spheres where other gods, called values reign.

Christian exaltation of the lowly offends aristocrats and Nietzcheans in one way, champions of the proletariat and capitalist in another. The unavailability of Christs wisdom to the wise and prudent, its attainability by the simple and by babes, bewilder both business and the philosophical leaders of culture or excite their scorn. We are constantly taking hits from all sides and even within the values dialogue.

In general, one encounters two difficulties to understanding how rigorous to hold the authority of an epistemological source, as I hold Jesus Christ.

1. The impossibility of stating adequately by means of concepts and propositions a principle which presents itself in the form of a person: word made flesh.

2. The impossibility of saying anything about this person which is not also relative to the particular standpoint in church, history, and culture of the one undertakes to describe him.

Either one accepts relativity (material realty) or the method of Biblical positivism, pointing to the New Testament and forgoing all interpretation. I admit my tendencies towards the relative. With the ongoing tragedy of having to accept the content of mystery, which I have, that sounds to the positivist as though, I am siding with relativity. Then those to focus on the material see my statements as opiates used head fake the unlearned.

I instead focus on what Christ practiced and taught: Love. His was double love, of the neighbor as well as of God, and that His ethics was two foci, God, the Father, and the infinite value of the human soul. The double commandment, whether originally stated or merely confirmed by Jesus, by no means places God and neighbor on a level, as through complete devolution were due to each. The neighbor is put on the same level of value that the self occupies, the struggle is here. The upside is to strive to moves pass love thy neighbor as thy self to love one another as I have loved you.

The end product for Jesus was the Kingdom there his theory of ethics must come under the conception of replenishment in preparation. Replenishment is moral renewal in the prospect of the accomplishment of universal perfection, the open question does it happen inside or outside of time, but what is sure is its com(ing).

For some corporate voice or governance is essentially Godless in the purely secular sense, as having neither positive nor negative relation to God or Jesus Christ; for others it is Godless in the negative sense, as being anti-God or idolatrous; for others it seems solidly based on a natural, rational knowledge of God, or His law. However, in the language of organizational behavior ones ultimate beliefs rarely come in the vision or mission statement document. It is also true that my personal demographic, educational and other intrinsic predilections (21st Century) is so inextricably intertwined in how I say what I say about Christ. Hence both explorations suffer: analysis of culture and Christ suffer my lens depiction.

The truth of the space just defined is its deeply mystical, calculating and tactical. It is nearly theological as it generates images of genesis and grace: authentic leadership. I believe that what was said of power and strategy could arguably fit Howard Thurmans meditation Our Minor Absolutes--the tension of processes against individuals, daring to make a difference.

It is very hard for us to be in Thy presence. There are so many minor absolutes to which we give our strength and our energies that we are embarrassed before Thee.We seek forgiveness, but again and again as we wait in the silence, we do not quite know for what. Perhaps what we really seek is an awareness of sin and failure, shortcomings. Thus we spread these out before Thee. Thy knowest. We would be better than we are, but as we wait in Thy presence we are not sure that we want to be better than we are..If under the aegis of Thy spirit our lives were changed, we are afraid...of what might become of us. Work over us, knead us, do to us what our spirits require, not that we may be better than we arebut that we may more deeply desire to be better than we are

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Don't Tithe If You Can't Afford to - Poor Christians Beware of Motivated Church Leaders

When Do We Get To Meet God
Personal Development

Vedic Deities and Their Connection With Semitic Deities

One of the most interesting and impressive of Vedic deities is VaruGa, often invoked with a more shadowy double called Mitra. No myths or exploits are related of him but he is the omnipotent and omniscient upholder of moral and physical law. He established earth and sky: he set the sun in heaven and ordained the movements of the moon and stars: the wind is his breath and by his law the heavens and earth are kept apart. He perceives all that exists in heaven and earth or beyond, nor could a man escape him though he fled beyond the sky. The winkings of men's eyes are all numbered by him: he knows all that man does or thinks.

Sin is the infringement of his ordinances and he binds sinners in fetters. Hence they pray to him for release from sin and he is gracious to the penitent. Whereas the other deities are mainly asked to bestow material boons, the hymns addressed to VaruGa contain petitions for forgiveness. He dwells in heaven in a golden mansion. His throne is great and lofty with a thousand columns and his abode has a thousand doors. From it he looks down on the doings of men and the all-seeing sun comes to his courts to report.

There is much in these descriptions which is unlike the attributes ascribed to any other member of the Vedic pantheon. No proof of foreign influence is forthcoming, but the opinion of some scholars that the figure of VaruGa somehow reflects Semitic ideas is plausible. It has been suggested that he was originally a lunar deity, which explains his association with Mitra (the Persian Mithra) who was a sun god, and that the group of deities called dityas and including Mitra and VaruGa were the sun, moon and the five planets known to the ancients.

Yet VaruGa is not the centre of a monotheistic religion any more than Indra, and in later times he becomes a water god of no marked importance. The Aryans and Semites, while both dissatisfied with polytheism and seeking the one among the many, moved along different paths and did not reach exactly the same goal.

To learn more about Hinduism and Hindu beliefs, practices, rituals and theology; visit my new site. There you will find many free articles

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Why Should We Give Thanks in Times Like These?

According to, the first Thanksgiving took place in Massachusetts during the Pilgrim Settlers second winter in America in December 1621. The first winter had killed 44 of the original 102 colonists. And because an unexpected trading vessel arrived, and swapped beaver pelts with them for corn, they were able to survive. Since next summers crops brought hope, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast on December 13, 1621, which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. Although this feast is considered to be the very first Thanksgiving celebration, it was actually in keeping with a long tradition of celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for a successful bounty of crops. The Pilgrims gave thanks to God for helping them find acres of land that had no hostile Indians and for newfound religious freedom. They also celebrated with the friendly Indians who brought wild turkeys and venison with them. As well as prayers, sermons and songs of praise. They spent three days feasting and praying. Since that time, Thanksgiving is a celebration of thanks of gratitude to God for His grace and mercy upon us. And President Lincoln officially set aside the last Thursday of November in 1863, "as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father." In 1941, Congress ruled that after 1941, the fourth Thursday of November be observed as Thanksgiving Day and be a legal holiday.

But why should we give thanks in times like these today? It is true that in today's society, some of us may think we don't have much to be thankful for. From loss of jobs, homes, cars and possessions, what's left? From the fall of Wall Street, the never ending war and the bad economy, why should we still be thankful to God? 1 Thessalonians says, "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." This means, no matter what we may go through, good or bad, God will always make a way for us. Even at our darkest time or hour, God will always turn a negative into a positive, if we only believe and trust in Him. Even in the book of Exodus, the Israelites sang a song of thanksgiving as they were delivered from Pharoah's army after they crossed the Red Sea. And the book of Psalms is full of songs of thanksgiving for God's grace to the Israelite people as well as for His individual graces to each of us.

In this life there will always be things to complain about. But God gave us a choice. Do we choose to be positive or negative? Is the glass half empty or full? No matter how grim our situations may be, there will always be something to be thankful for. Did we live to see another day? Do we have our health and strength? Are our families ok? Do we have clothes, food and shelter? If we only believe and trust in God, He will give us our needs and not necessarily our wants. For Romans 8:28-30 says, "For those who know Christ, God also works everything together for good, even events we would not necessarily consider good." May God grant that He may find us grateful everyday for all gifts- spiritual and material.

Wanda is a wife, mother, public speaker and contributing author of She has been writing about God and spirituality for over 20 years and has researched the bible and its history. Wanda also specializes in Christian poetry and children books and believes and teaches that regardless of a person's background or their mistakes of the past, God has a place for them.

She is the publisher and bestselling author of "Kids Ask The Darndest Things About God And The Beginning- Answers From The First Five Books Of The Bible" available at

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Ideas About Your Religion and Trees - Something To Think About

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Is 2012 Really the End of the World?

Maybe just the end of the world as we know it. No, the world is not going to implode or explode or be completely destroyed in any form for that matter. 2012 is a new beginning, not an end.

There has been so much said about all this, from the bible, from Nostradamus, from Edgar Cayce, from the Mayans. In 2012 we will truly be able to experience heaven on earth. For some, this has already started. We are already feeling these changes. There are many people on this earth who have Ascended from the 3D reality to the 5th Dimension reality already. The Earth herself has ascended from 3D to 5D. In 5D time and space are different, they do not exist in the same way as they do in 3D. This is why so many people are having experiences outside what the "norm" has been the past few thousand years.

Some people think the financial meltdowns etc. are really bad news. It is just a change, different things going on, it doesn't have to be bad news. Everything is perception. A lot of people are being forced to change the way they have been thinking, or the way they have been doing things. So much of the world's issues right now are related to the old 3D ways crumbling. It is a new beginning, not an ending.

Jesus (or whatever Ascended Master you relate to based on your religion or lack thereof), IS coming. It is the Christ Consciousness in us all. Jesus "the man" is not going to just show up one day to save us. Its not quite like that. The consciousness of Jesus will show up for us all as soon as we realize that we have access to it. It is your own greatness, your own Christ Consciousness that will save you. Your realization that you are God. We ourselves are the second coming.

What makes things so hard is the separation from the divine light and love of all that is. For many years people have turned to religion, or leaders that tell us that things are outside of ourselves. Those in perceived power don't want us to know that the power of EVERYTHING is within us. We are all one.

The talk of hellfire and hell coming to earth for those that do not accept Jesus into their lives is true in some ways, but not in the literal sense that some organized religions would have you believe. It has to do with those that accept they are the creators themselves. Those that can see and feel their own greatness will truly be creating a heaven on earth for themselves and those around them.

Those that rely on (or "worship"), things from the 3D reality -- money and ego and external power -- truly will be in a hell on earth. Earth and her energy is changing, has already changed. We, as a species, are learning that we can create whatever we want here. It has very little to do with ego and power. There are many on the earth right now who are here to help with this transition. Many lightworkers who are ascending and "getting it" are here to help you. Many are actually devoting their lives to helping others remember where they came from and what divine beings they are. The first wave of Ascension is over. There are many Masters on this plane of our planet right now. Willing to help you to realize you don't have to stay stuck in 3D any more. Many people think Jesus is a saviour, as in separate from you, that will come and rescue you from your life, your existence, yourself, your perceived sins. God is not going to "make people go to hell". What kind of loving God would actually make people go to hell? If all one does is worship money, control or power they WILL likely end up in their own hell. This will be their own doing (or undoing) though. It will not be something that is done TO them.

Look at how things are right now. The world financial crisis is HUGE. Anyone who is very centred in, or worships, money or power at this point in time is RIGHT NOW in their own personal HELL. God certainly isn't putting them there. It is their perception of their time on earth that is putting them there.

Those that are suffering right now just need to look inside themselves, at the Christ Consciousness, at the God in THEM. Hanging onto the old 3D reality and the worship of external things like money or power or ego is what is causing them suffering. The always wanting more is causing suffering. There is enough on this earth for everyone. Some say they don't believe that...I've had people tell me to my face that I'm full of you know what just for suggesting such a thing.

The reality of it least MY reality of it is that there is enough for all. If we take the greed, the control, the lusting for external power away, there is enough.

All through the bible it states that God is in all of us. Therefore, Love is in all of us.

Religions made the devil up to scare the heck out of people. There were, and still are, those that do not want you to know your own greatness. They don't want you to know what they know. If everyone knew, there would be balance. No one would be better than, or richer than. Everyone would just "Be".

Religions say the devil "fell from grace" because he wanted to be God-like. What better way to make people shun their own greatness, their own connection with God. Scare the crap out of them so that when they start to realize their own greatness, and that they are not just a "part of Source (God)", but that they are indeed Source (God) themselves, the creators of their own lives and spiritual journeys, they get afraid and experience more separation. As soon as people realize their greatness, no one will be able to control them. That is very scary for those that think they have the power over the masses.

We are all God-like. We are all creators, God is Love, we are all a part of God. This scares a lot of people and there are certain governments and religions that don't want people to know this, so they make up stuff like the devil or demons to scare people. They don't want the general population to realize their power, they would lose their own place in society; in the 3D reality they have created for themselves. Imagine if everyone knew just how much like God we are, how much a part of God we one could control us anymore. No one would have the power to "make" us fearful. God is Love.....the "devil" is fear.

So, is 2012 the end of the world? I certainly hope it is the end of the world as we have known it up to this point.

Do not fear the changes, embrace them. Connect with Source in your own way. Find and connect with your own internal Christ Consciousness, your own greatness.

When things are done with Love and not fear, nothing but God and Love can shine through.

There are many things going on. Being a psychic lightworker myself (for lack of a better term), I know that what I see and do, anyone can see and do. The biggest challenge is to KNOW that you can do it. It is just a matter of being open to it and having the realization that we are all Source.

Remember where you came from, remember your divinity. Connect with your own Christ Consciousness. Experience the bliss every day, feel the love every day. Live with Love not Fear of what is going on on our earth. Its all good...

I am a psychic living in British Columbia, Canada. I have been psychic since birth and have been doing psychic readings for others for the past 25 years. With these psychic readings I help people to enhance their own personal growth and assist them to realize their life path. I am also a medium and often when I do readings I have contact from the other side, whether from a loved one who has passed over or Spirit teachers and guides. Visit Psychic Medium for more information on psychic readings.

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Ideas About Your Religion and Trees - Something To Think About

Radical Religious Leaders
Jim Jones Impact On My Life

Should Christians Buy This Book?

Personal Development
Are Your Prayers Being Answered

Hope in All Religions

I was reading a book on advertising when the author mentioned, "All Advertising Is about Hope."

This got me thinking about other people's dreams and aspirations, most of this is wrapped around them hoping to accomplish something or do something. I never gave it much thought but hope is one of the most important things in our lives. Some people go around hoping that they will keep their job, when the economy is in bad shape. Others go around hoping for forgiveness for their sins or other bad deeds they have done in the past.

What is it you're hoping for? There's got to be something. Are you hoping to become a multimillionaire or even the world's first trillionaire. Are your dreams big or small? Are you the kind of person who is happy living a simple life with very little possessions like a Buddhist monk or are you one who is seeking the lifestyle of the King.

Hope supplies us with the will to continue through hopeless obstacles during our lifetime.

Most people seeking hope are looking for a way out of something or a way toward a better life. These people often fall easy prey to large religious organizations, as they take them under their wing and slowly start to brainwash them. They seek the weak minded, helpless, poor and trusting people and build their organizations using them. I once believed in Christianity, but it no longer offers me true hope, the more I study Christianity and other organized religions, I noticed certain similarities based on inspiration.

I hope I live the good life, so I can go to heaven, the promised land, our ultimate enlightenment.

I hope I am living the true will according to God, Buddha, Krishna or other supreme beings.

I hope that the Bible is wrong about the 144,000 people from the 12 tribes.

I hope I'm living a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

If you're part of an organized religion, ask your religious leaders, any questions that you have about your religion. If they can't answer these questions, try to find them on your own. Books, videos, and the Internet are great sources for information. If you're living your life for the sole purpose of going to heaven one day, you could be disappointed, when that day arrives.

Ask a couple of questions and I hope you will get honest answers to them.

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended books, Read This Book

Greg is currently creating articles on religion filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion.

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Questioning Old Testament Stories From The Bible

Gary Renard
Joe Vitale

Christianity Vs Works Based Religion

Over the centuries Christianity has grown immensely in popularity. I feel that why this has come to pass is because it is the only religious doctrine that is based solely on us praying in the name of Jesus to God to ask forgiveness for our sins, and forgiveness being granted by God. In John 14:5-6 (NKJV) Thomas said to Him, Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way? Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. These two passages clearly instruct each of us to ask forgiveness of our sins in Jesus name.

Our Father in Heaven knew that no matter how hard mankind tried, because of our imperfections, we would always be sinners; and sinners are not permitted to enter His kingdom in heaven. In the Old Testament we can read how mankind, in general, kept falling short of Gods commandments, and how even when led by Moses, the people had weak days and could not sustain these commandments of the Living God on a continual basis. My conception of the Old Testament and other major religions portray to me that they are works based. God bridged this gap from the works based type in one sole act. He sent forth to earth His Son for all of mankind. This is best summarized by Jesus disciple John in the New Testament; John 3:16 (KJV) which says, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. This is also reinforced by The New Testament in 1 John 2:1, 2:2 (NCV) which says, But if anyone does sin, we have a helper in the presence of the FatherJesus Christ, the One who is right. He is the way our sins are taken away, and not only our sins but the sins of all people. In my mindset only the New Testament of Christianity offers mankind the only feasible alternative.

The unique posture that Jesus Christ offers mankind in the New Testament of Bible is His covenant that He made with God, and is expressed by Jesus at the Last Supper, in the New Testament in Luke 22:19, 20 (NCV). Then Jesus took some bread, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to the apostles, saying, This is my body, which I am giving for you. Do this to remember me. In the same way, after supper, Jesus took the cup and said, This cup is the new agreement that God makes with His people. This new agreement begins with my blood which is poured out for you. From this point forward Christianity was born, and mankind truly had the way to enter heaven.

Jesus, during His crucifixion, said in Luke 23:34 (KJV), Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. Alone, this selfless statement by Jesus, thinking only about us, in His ultimate anguish and pain of taking on all on the mankinds sins past, present and future during the crucifixion portrays the truest love that He had for all of mankind, and set the example for His Fathers second greatest commandment, Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Family-eStore will try to provide you with articles of interest to a Christian and patriotic way of life. The articles are written by Steven Coffman (Owner) of, (National Essay Contest) winner 1969. I am a person with strong Christian and patriotic beliefs. Tenacity, faith, and a belief in God, Country and Family are key components to success in life.

The Christian articles are only intended to bring you closer in your relationship to our Father in heaven. The Patriotic articles are only intended to show pride and patriotism to our Land of the free and home of the brave, (The United States of America). I hope that you enjoy and are enlightened by them.

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Proof of Life

Ah yes, I know this feeling: This is the part where I start to feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. I've come to know this place, the Land of Overwhelm. I visit so often, I might as well move my stuff here and take residence. I keep saying I want to do things differently, but what am I doing differently, really?

I look at my list of to-do's and the truth looks me in the eye: There is no humanly possible way you will get this all done today.

So I do what the experts tell me to do. I prioritize. I even look at my to-do's and figure out what can be postponed, what can be put off til that nebulous 'After-The-Holidays' time when supposedly everything in my life will get so much easier, and suddenly I will have limitless time to do everything I've been putting off. (Yeah, right.) I shuffle. I cancel an appointment here, a lunch date there. I put off going to the bathroom far too long. (My bladder understands I'm busy.) I've given myself permission to turn some "yes"es to "maybe"s and some "maybe"s to "no"s. I reschedule. I apologize.

And then, this morning, in my journal, I am practicing gratitude, making my list, checking it twice, of all the things I am grateful for in this moment. Doing my best to be present, to stay true to my core, to center myself, yada yada. And Overwhelm interrupts rudely, beckoning... "Hey! Don't forget about me. What are you doing journaling? Don't you have a butt load of things to do?" and then I try something different.

Adding to my gratitude list, I write in my journal "I am grateful for overwhelm." Overwhelm stops in her tracks and looks at me with a puzzled expression. I breathe into my overwhelm and decide to do it differently today. I don't need to resist it, to challenge it, to struggle, as much as overwhelm is one of my favorite struggles. Today, I'll simply dance with it.

For what is overwhelm, really, but proof of life? Granted, a full life, an overflowing life, and yes, I crave a simpler life, and yes I'd love to take a day of rest-but-there-is-too-much-to-do and yes, sometimes I feel like I am being swallowed, but today, I will practice gratitude for my stress- for the stress is proof of life, too. Do dead people feel stress? Do corpses feel overwhelmed? Doubt it.

There she goes again, even now, while I type this.

"There is so much to do..." her mantra, Overwhelm, whispering in my ear constantly, growing especially petulant when she thinks I have forgotten (silly notion- how could I forget?) "There is so much to do..." she whines "Aren't you overwhelmed???" Yes, I am.... yes, I know. Yes, there is. But here's the thing:

There is always 'so-much-to-do'.

Until I'm dead, of course, and then I'll have an infinite supply of vacation days. But knowing me, I'll probably reassign myself immediately into another body, come back right away, screaming my way back into the human race. That will be me, I bet, signing up for this thing, this messy, overwhelming, crazy, busy, stressful, beautiful thing called life, all over again.

2008 Lisa Olson

Lisa Olson is natural-born supporter of growth and expression who loves to create happiness, cool experiences and inspiring others to step into their authenticity. She is a "Spiritual Midwife" and Soul-full Living Strategist with an extensive background in life purpose coaching, marketing, promotions, event management and community building. A writer, artist and lifelong journaler, she facilitates workshops, groups, rituals and dance experiences designed to awaken the senses and stir the soul. She can be reached at

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Ramadan - Fasting in 2009

Ramadan is the time of the year when Muslims must obey one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting. Fasting is an important step all Muslims must take.

What time does fasting begin and what time does fasting ends depends on the rising of the sun and setting of the sun. You can find out what day Ramadan begins and the last day. It is customary to open you fast with dates, which are very inexpensive and can be bought from many shops, if not than something sweet will do, such as fruits etc.

When a Muslim man or woman fast they are learning how precious life is and how we should be grateful for what we have and feel as others less fortunate then we are.

Tips for fasting. There shouldn't really be any tips on Ramadan or fasting as that would perhaps defy the whole point God found Muslims to complete this task every year. But there are some things Muslims can do. Drink plenty of water before starting your fast to avoid dehydration as you are not permitted any foods or liquids of any kind while fasting.

For all of you who want quick facts about fasting than here goes, Please remember these are guidelines.

1. No eating or drinking during fasting times

2. No smoking or taking of illegal drugs

3. No sexual activities

4. No behaviors which are considered harmful

5. Fasting is not allowed during menstrual periods.

6. Medical conditions which would require you to break your fast is allowed.

Remember this is a fast of not just food but also of the soul, of our daily luxuries.

This is the time of contemplation and spirituality.

Shazia Shah is a practicing Muslim and has been a driving force behind the Muslim Matrimonials website and With Muslim Members from all over the UK and rest of the world.

Getting Up Earlier

The Deity of Jesus Christ - Psalms

The Divinity of Jesus is all over the Book of Psalms.

2:6, 3:4, God of the Holy Hill. "I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and He heard me out of his holy hill." David praying to the Lord. (3:4) But according to 2:6, God has set His King (the Messiah, Jesus) on that very hill! So the one David is crying to and being answered by, is Christ!

5:2 , the King. "Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King..." David calls out to God. But as noted above, the "King" has been placed by God in Zion. We know that King to be Jesus. Micah looks ahead to a time when Bethlehem, "...little among the thousands of Judah" shall produce the One "that is to be ruler in Israel." (5:2) Micah had previously said that "The Lord shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever." (4:7) It was this prospect of a King coming that threw Herod the Great into such a rage (Matthew 2:1-3) that He attempted to dethrone Jesus before His reign could be a threat. Zechariah was first to see King Jesus riding into Jerusalem, hailed by the crowds of Israelites: " Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee.."(9:9) Matthew 21:1-11 gives the account for us as it happened in history. Even a Roman Governor, Pilate, gets in on the act. His interview with Jesus (John 18:33-38) turns up some information he had not been expecting. Convinced that Jesus is a King, he announces to the city of Jerusalem via that sign for which he always will be remembered: Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. Right you are, Pilate. The King for whom the Lord has a special message: "The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit Thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool." God at the right hand of God. An identification so close, so real, that to see one is to see the other. "He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father," said Jesus.(John 14:9)

8: 2, Praised by Infants. "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies..." 8:2. David, speaking to his most excellent Lord. But Jesus did not consider it robbery to take that very verse unto Himself when being praised by some small children in the temple. It seems to have temporarily stopped the mouths of the chief priests and scribes(Matthew 21:15-16)!

23:1, Shepherd. David: "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." Asaph:"Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel...Thou that dwellest between the cherubims..."And Isaiah, looking ahead to a Shepherd on earth: (40:11) "He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them..."By John we are introduced to this one that David could only imagine, that Isaiah could only see in vision. We know Him as Jesus. (John 10:11) "I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth His life for the sheep." Jesus knew His Bible. He had read David. He did not stumble onto an allegory that was fitting for the moment. Deliberately He calls Himself the Shepherd of Israel. Because He is that Shepherd, the Lord God.

27:1, Light. "The Lord is my light ..." Jesus "I am the light of the world!" John 8:12

29:2, worthy of glory. "Give unto the Lord the GLORY due His name!" 29:2 "To [our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ] be glory both now and for ever. Amen." II Peter 3:18

84:11, a sun. "For the Lord God is a sun and shield..."But we see a star of equal magnitude in the New Testament, named Jesus: "He was transfigured before them, and His face did shine as the sun..." (Matthew 17:2) Visit that final City, and you will have no need of the sun. "The glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof." Fascinating. Is there any difference between "did lighten it" and "is the light thereof"? None that I know of. This is two ways of saying the same thing! Is there any difference then between "God" and "the Lamb"? Not a one! Two ways of saying the same thing.

136:3-4, the only wonder-worker. "O give thanks to the Lord of Lords,... who alone doeth great wonders." Alone? Alone! Anyone doing wonders of the magnitude of this Lord of Lords must be the Lord of Lords. And can you think of One who healed the sick, spoke to waves, raised the dead, changed elements?

139:7, Source of the Spirit. I offer Psalm 139:7 as one of a multitude of passages that suggest that God has a Spirit. We call Him the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, and sometimes just the Spirit. How does Jesus relate to this One? Well, we learn from Paul that the sum total of Spirits in the Godhead is one. "There is one Spirit..."(Ephesians 4:4). But in Philippians 1:19 we read of "the Spirit of Jesus Christ." We assume this is the same Spirit, given that there is only one to deal with! So the mystery expands here and lets us know again our finite nature when it comes to figuring out things we cannot see. God has a Spirit. Jesus has a Spirit. But there is only one Spirit. Jesus must be God.

146:8, Blind-eye opener. "The Lord openeth the eyes of the blind..." John 9:30, let an ex-blind man tell it like it is to the religious establishment of Judea: "Why, herein is a marvellous thing, that ye know not from whence He is, and yet He hath opened mine eyes!...if this man were not of God, He could do nothing!" Right , friend. Not only is He of God, He is God Himself! is a website I put together a few months back to get the word out to believers that they need to pray for North Korea. I have created over 200 blogs and the site features a live news feed, lists of resources, picture essays, and ways to respond to the overwhelming need in North Korea. Let's love Chosen together! Contact me any time at

And who am I? A man found of God over 50 years ago, called to the ministry, serving the Lord as needed in my world. Married, member of a local church in the Chicago area, with full time work in public education. I love to write Scriptural works. Who are you? Would love to fellowship with believers who respond.

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Tips in Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Being among the top players world-wide in the financial, commercial, entertainment and cultural industries, New York City has become the most densely populated city in the country. With such reputation, the cost of housing soars leaving smaller living spaces a more popular option. Making a home out of these amply-spaced to smaller units is a challenge to many. This includes making important features of the home seem much cozier such as remodeling a small bathroom.

When remodeling a small bathroom, a complete focus on space fused with the right amount of creativity is key to the success of the project. Another important thing to ponder on is that quality does not come cheap. But it does not mean that you would have to always stick with the most expensive service or product, it only means that you should take careful considerations before letting go of your hard-earned cash to be able to give the most value to the money that you spend.

There are various ways to make less space appear much bigger. Enlisted are helpful tips in remodeling a small bathroom:

First off, unless you have significant skills and experience in plumbing, carpentry and electrical works, or the project is not a major one; you should seek the expertise of a competent NYC contractor to help you. Following this first tip in remodeling a small bathroom would save you a whole of time and money in the long run.

Instead of having a tub, maximize the space by having a shower instead. Rather than the traditional shower pan construction, a simple one-piece pan would serve as a much sleeker option as well as a leakproof solution. But if you still prefer a tub over a spacious shower, then go for the soaking bathtubs that are smaller but deeper designs.

In remodeling a small bathroom, choose a lighter and cooler hue for the walls and delicate patters for wallpapers or tiles. Light colors have an airy feel to them creating an illusion of more space. To create a better impact out of these designs, install fixtures offering heavy lighting. Another way to better illuminate the small bathroom is through skylight features. A bay window is a good choice as its alcove may also offer additional storage space.

Two elements have long since been known to give an illusion of more space. Reflection
and vertical objects and designs such as unframed mirrors and tall bathroom products that have shiny surfaces can be used in remodeling a small bathroom. You can have two mirrors installed opposite each other or facing the window. And when shopping, choose a tall but compact model of toilet and either a wall-mounted or sleek sink.

Important considerations when remodeling a small bathroom are the storage of toiletries and room for decorative items. Choose to have spaces cut out into the walls to serves as additional storage or display area rather than having free-standing cabinets or shelves installed into the walls. Lesser things protruding from the walls would help make the space seem larger.

Eugene Makeev has been in the home improvement industry for a while. His skills and expertise, which have been polished through time, are now used to help New York home owners avoid the common pitfalls in home improvements by matching their needs with the right, prescreened NYC contractor. To know more about remodeling a small bathroom, visit Contractors New York

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Islam - Basic Beliefs and Concepts

Islam is the most growing religion on earth, there are more than 2 Billion humans all over the world called Muslims. Islam is based on the Submission of human will to One God who is called in Arabic "Allah" The only One, The Superior and The Only Creator Of This Universe with no partners and all the existence under his own Control.

Islam was the religion given to Adam The first Man on Earth who was created by God, not as fallen being. All The Prophets & Messengers of God "Allah" to humankind on Earth were Muslims including Adam, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Jacob, Jesus and Mohammad. They have the same basic Message to Mankind: "La Ilaha Illa Allah" which means no God worth of worshiping Except Allah and anything else is his servant and creation.

Although those prophets came with different books, practices and methods of worshiping, Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him and all other prophets) was the last Messenger of Allah On earth Before the Day of Judgment.

The Basic Message of Islam is the absolute Unity of Allah 'God' and he is not independent on anything or anyone else or even alike, he is not three on one nor father and son, Muslims beliefs on Jesus as Allah's Prophet and Messenger and his servant just like all other prophets Including Mohammad and Moses.

Islam believes that God and his creations are completely different entities. Allah is not his creation nor he is a part of it. Islam believes that his essence and his great knowledge are everywhere on his creation.

Islam calls the human away from the worshiping of the creation of Allah and invites him to the worshiping of the creator -- Allah himself, because the greatest sin of humanity is the worshiping of the creation.

Among the basics of Islamic Religion, the most important part is the belief in one God 'Allah' and He is the only Creator, Ruler, Lord, Administrator and Master of all that exists, And this Universe exists and functions because the will of Allah alone.

Allah responds to man's prayer and He is the only one who has the power to accept or reject it. He is the Master of man's destiny, no one ever else can interfere with the fate of others or even with his own fate!

All the humans hopes and fears should be only directed to Allah. He is the object of fear & source of favor.

That's the bedrock and most fundamental aspect of Islam religion, May Allah guide all of us to the truth and thank you for your time.

For more information about Islam, Please visit our website Islam Voice at the following link: Islam Voice - The Road to Allah
Islam Voice is a website Dedicated To the Message of Islam Religion, Islam Pillars, Islam Miracles and it's Basic Beliefs and Concepts for Non Muslims.
This article is Free for Reprint & Distribution without the permission of the author as long as this text box is left intact, The author name and all links must remain Clickable and the article is Un-Edited.

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Stair Building Books

Where do we go to buy stair building books? Do we go to the major retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble? I have found over the years the information in most of these books I have purchased from these stores has a lot of fluff with very little common sense stair building application.

I bought one stair building book that had information on handrails. The front cover looked great and I thought this was going to be a great book reading the reviews from Amazon. When I finally got the book in the mail, I would say about one third of it was math tables for building elaborate wooden hand railing's. These tables were not easy to understand along with the rest of the book.

Back when I bought the book on building stair handrails it dawned on me that most of the construction workers I have met during my 30 years of working in the field were not very good outside of basic math. Now I knew a lot of carpenters that could read a measuring tape and use a framing square pretty good. But when it came to advanced geometrical construction projects like a stair hand railing system this was out of our league.

Reading this book or should I say parts of it gave me an idea to write a book of my own, starting with basic stair building I took all the fluff or the hard to understand advanced stair building applications out of my book, How to Build a Straight Set of Stairs.

I put a lot of time into creating an illustration for every possible part of building a simple set of stairs. I have probably built over 2000 sets of stairs during my lifetime and have explained and taught basic and advanced stair building to other carpenters. Understanding what parts of the stair construction process they understood, I was able to improve my skills as a stair building teacher.

Most people do not need advanced stair building skills to construct a simple straight set of stairs. If you are building a straight set of stairs and would like a stair building book with lots of easy to understand illustrations along with simplified directions you have found it.

We're building more stair building books to help contractors, carpenters, handymen and homeowners understand the stair building process.

Greg Vanden Berge is working on the internet to promote the education for creating simple to follow guides and home building books to help professional building contractors as well as the weekend warriors. He is currently working on more building stairs books and adding useful content to help solve problems created by the lack of construction knowledge in the building industry.

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How Do We Know If it is Spiritual Love Or Just Physical Pleasure?

Love is spirituality along with the actual realistic knowledge of knowing there is someone other than oneself in the picture. Spiritually as if your heart is not in your own body, it inhabits the space in the heart of the person you love, with that person's heart inhabiting the space in your own, as if indistinguishable who is who, and it does not matter. Physically there are two, though spiritually there is only one, and that one is love, body, mind, and spirit. It can not be broken, ever, period, at least if it is absolute love from the infinite timelessness of our spiritual being, in the present body.

Simple, yes if it is realized that our nature is love and our spirits are free of complications or delusional illusions of what someone else may tell us. In other words when we listen to anyone other than ourselves in the realm of our own spirituality in consideration of love we give up our truth and become as deluded as the ones telling us what to do or who to love. Delusion is rampant in to-days so called intelligent society because of the ego of the experts (supposedly experts) who give out guidance as if there were no tomorrow, even though they may say they are not orders it is implied that if you do not follow their guidance you will be left out. Our media circus is great at that one, and unfortunately many seem to be unable to reject or ignore the zoo keepers. It is akin to actors in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter, being the character in real life as well as the part they play, so they really are confused as to who they are for the most part. Hence all the idiocy we see coming from so called celebrity status.

What is the circus selling? Pure and simply sex in all the glory it has. Glorification though of sex is like being blissfully ignorant, even though most buy it, or so it seems when we look at statistics of who watches what and what movies sell the most tickets. No there is nothing wrong with sex, or even liking it, and obviously it is a beautiful aspect of life, though it is perhaps the least understood in all that we aspire to understand. Difficulty is the fact that spirituality and sex go together, while sex can be apart from spirituality nothing comes from just sex by itself. Our deficit in spirituality leads to a loss of value to the human condition as well as some of what we see going on in the economy right now, greed for only pleasure/money/sex with no actual work being done.

Pleasure is not a bad thing, though sexual pleasure just for the sake of pleasure is what tears at the very foundations of our human existence, especially in the way of our spiritual realm. Spiritually we have occupied many bodies, we do not know how many, though the fact of our spirit remembering minute, less than perhaps molecular pieces of our past memories is why we behave the way we do, along with of course the cause and effect of our present surrounding. If from childhood we live without any trauma whatsoever we may grow up with full faculty of our own spiritual being, truly knowing who we are all the while not needing any type of mind altering substance or wanting to be altered. Rare indeed, and yet that in itself does not mean the spirit is ready for enlightenment, or love, though perhaps it may help, for example in the area of sex, it is known instinctively, no matter male or female, what is means to be attracted to the opposite sex and why as spiritual purity enables such innocent attraction to manifest with an intimacy which has nothing to do with the physical nature of the body. Of course one will know something is there, though with again the innocence of love. If there is a beginning to true or absolute love it is here in the innocence.

Just for the sake of looking at things from perhaps what some may call a rather different perspective, think of making love as something that everyone sees, not only those involved, hopefully a male and female who actually love one and other, in what we will say is in the spiritual realm. We will leave religious dogma out of the equation for now. When we leave the body at death of the body our consciousness or spirit searches for a womb, unless it has become as god consciousness or enlightened, in order to have a new body to house the spirit. How many spirits are watching when those in love are making love? Choose the womb carefully from Tibetan Buddhism is the relevancy of how and why spirituality is the most important factor in life, as in we are responsible for our own choices. In other words if we are not making love, we are not in love and sex is the only factor, the spirits who are ignorant may end up in a womb they are not meant to actually be in at that time (hence birth control, as in take away responsibility) and may need to start the search all over shortly thereafter, how ever unfortunate it is. Choose the womb carefully.

Sex for sale, narcissus, egotistical, sociopathic exhibitionism and or voyeurism are some of the factors of the spiritual deficit in the world, there is no love or spirituality in this scene. Like it our not religion is meant to be a structural support of love and spirituality, as human beings have always needed some kind of structure to help in behavior, which is why we are not still beating each other with sticks, hopefully. Our spirit is the foundation with love being the transporter which allows life in the physical body to exist, and why spirituality is the actual basis for the foundation. Point is this, the unrestricted sexual behavior of a non-spiritual nature confuses our own consciousness along with all the other spirits involved with our personal behavior.

Depression, irritability, anger, frustration, anti-social behavior all are part of the consequence of our behavior of any type in the realm of sex, be it physical or mental. Drugs, which by the way alcohol is one, are the emotional strength to delude the body and mind that all is just great. Our spirit knows, yet our mind and body pay no attention to the signs and leaves the spirit in the dirt. Of course this is why when it comes to the sex trade, no matter what is happening, drugs are a necessity to keep girls, boys, women, men in the game to profit from, another words exploit without spiritual consequences.

No consequences, is just a lie or delusion that goes with the behavior, even for those who may not actually partake to the extent of some and seem to keep their senses for the most part. It is like standing at the edge of a cliff thinking you are able to fly when you jump. Deviant behavior of a sexual nature must stop before any type of spiritual awakening is enabled. Love making is not deviant behavior, even though it may not be spiritual, though when it is done for an audience other than the female and male involved it turns into deviance, known or not. Usually this type of sexual behavior is not done without the help of some type of uninhibited mind altering substance, which bears repeating, or just plain delusion that there is nothing wrong with it.

In a free society such as ours here in America we must not try to control any-ones' behavior other than those who break the law. Our constitution was and is written in order to allow freedom of all people here in the United States. Behavior is something which is ones' own responsibility, owning up to it is another story perhaps, and spirituality does not necessarily need to be a part of any-ones behavior at least consciously, although it is always there waiting in the background to let us know when we have screwed up, ignored or not.

If love is based on spirituality it will be known to anyone involved as intimacy and innocence will allow the female and the male to actually get to know each other before any physical contact of a sexual nature takes place. When the time comes the female will let the male know what is going to happen or not, or how much, which is completely normal when all is right with the relationship. Meaning it is the female who controls the situation, yet this does not mean or imply she is somehow to blame when things may not go right. Problem is man, usually is the one who pushes or forces something which is not totally wanted, though interestingly younger boys, or young adults will respect the wishes of the girl before an older man will, which again is normal as the spirit is not yet pushed aside in the young man who realizes there is something more at play here than just sex. Point here is man will at times use force to control the woman, and this is and has been and most likely will remain the problem as long as man deludes himself into thinking that he is the one in control of woman. It is kind of a paradox as most men know this already though do not want to admit it because they want to think they are the boss though they know they are not, which ignorantly is why they continue with the stupidity. Of course not all men are stupid, which is why so many people are happily married and do have spirituality in there lives, mainly though because of and through the spiritual nature of woman, as she instinctively knows what is love and what is not because she has the womb the spirits keep wanting to enter.

What can be perhaps the most significant in importance is when there is a true spiritual connection between the female and male there will never be any force what so ever in any part of the relationship. Force is not needed at any time in the union of the female and male, it is the force of nature which is absolutely the way the universe intended in the realm of physical intimacy between the female and the male, as nature is what does and or has brought anyone together in a spiritual union. Fact is we may at times think this will not happen, though with a spiritual nature kept solid through discipline and will we do find we are brought together with someone to love in a spiritual way, which is one reason why they say, and it is true, patience is a virtue. Physical pleasure, or just sex will not happen under those conditions, the spiritual universe will not allow narcissus, egotistical, or a sociopaths behavior to exist in those conditions. Love, absolute spiritual love, is what the universe allows, period.

George Merritt is a Certified General Contractor, Welder, Writer, Machinist always learning something new, and never gives up hope on the love of life and the human condition in the quest for truth, love, peace, and joy among other things.

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