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The Picture

(I wrote this after this happened--The Holy Spirit is amazing)

There are moments in your life where God puts the perfect words in your mouth for that moment in time. If I never say another thing in my life, I will always remember that on this day I said something right.

Standing in bedroom last night talking to my wife,

I can see the heartbreak in her eyes.

She had been wanting something for so long and

all signs pointed to it's coming. She looks at me and asks,

"Why does God not like me?" I tell her right away,

"God loves you more than anyone ever could."

She says, "Why did He break His promise to me?

I have wanted this for so long and I knew that the Pastor

on TV was speaking to me. I knew it was time."

I told her, "God does not break promises and trust

His word and not the words of man." She counters,

"He speaks through people though."

"Yes He does", I said, "He may have been speaking to someone else."

Then she was silent. I have never seen her faith so tested and her heart so torn before.

I then looked up at this very old picture that her Grandmother had given to us.

It was a picture of Jesus with two sheep, one on each side of Him and He was holding a lamb in His arms. I told my wife as I pointed to the picture, "I would do anything to take away your hurt, but only He can repair the tear in your heart."

My wife looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, "He does not speak to me. He only stands there with that lamb in His arms." In the most gentle and loving way I could speak to her I said, "Sweetheart, that lamb in His arms is you."

Doug G 2007

Success thrives upon failure's demise.

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Spiritual Dictionary

Short Sweet Love Poems

Success in love all boils down to experience. This is true for many walks of life. It is certainly essential when looking for your potential soul mate. Many people mistakenly jump into what they think is a "true love" relationship from a lack of experience and maturity. This is why the majority of marriages end in divorce, when people see potential love in sight, they do everything in their power to grasp it as quickly as they can. This turns into a quick marriage, and eventually, the formerly "dearly beloved" will rethink the situation, and the couple will split. The amount of experience held by each person in a relationship will often regulate how long said relationship will last. I have found an Ebook with shome short sweet love poems and stories that will give you an experience all your own.

Being an avid sports fan, I see a distinct parallel between love and sports, two things that may seem completely unrelated to the untrained eye, but in reality, share much of the same protocol, and many of the same peaks and valleys. Allow me to explain.

Take a talented teenager with aspiring dreams to play professional basketball. In order to utilize his talents most effectively, he starts at an early age, playing grade and middle school basketball, then moving onto high school athletics. If he uses his time and experience wisely, he will be granted a scholarship to play in college. If he decides to forgo his college experience and be drafted into the NBA, his chance of failure is at the highest. Why is this? Lack of experience. The intelligent thing to do is to hold off the NBA, and gain more experience by going to college.

Now take a normal guy looking for true love. He will "play the game" in grade and middle school. These may be novice experiences, but they are experiences nonetheless. The intensity steps up in high school, and things start to get more serious. If this guy decides to immediately commit to his first girlfriend in high school, and get married on the spot, his chance of failure is at the highest. Why is this? Lack of experience. The intelligent thing to do is to hold off marriage, and gain more experience by biding his time with dating.

Do these scenarios seem similar? They work the same way, and the redeeming quality needed for smooth progression is experience. Short sweet love poems are easy to take in, and will provide you with some valuable second hand experience.

Fran Harris is a former WNBA star turned Ph.D and love expert. Fran Harris has seen the best of both the world of sports and love, and has the experience needed to succeed in both. She played her college basketball at the University of Texas, and won the WNBA Championship with the Houston Comets in the league's inaugural 1997 season. She has since turned her talents from sports to giving professional advice to those in need.

Fran Harris and her co-writers have compiled their own experiences and others they have dealt with to write The Power of Love Ebook. This book is filled with real love stories, and short sweet love poems, all of which are told with an amazing energy and passion. These real love stories are written in an attention grabbing prose and a style all their own. The Power of Love Ebook will warm your heart and simultaneously give you valuable piece of mind moving forward into your own successful relationships. Hopefully this piece will help you find your potential soul mate, and live a joyful life. Happy reading!

Effects Of False Prophets

Tips to Effectively Manage Stress

Life today is filled with various kinds of stresses and strains. All of us are trying to cope up with one or the other kind of stress. While most of us manage to keep our chin up and swim through our personal sea of troubles, there are those among us who simply succumb to it and fall prey to the petty issues of life.

The presence of stress and tension robs us of our natural vitality and enthusiasm for life, rendering us dull and grumpy, far reducing our levels of efficiency in all aspects of our life. If we want to start leading a truly happy life, we first need to free our mind of all that accumulated tension.
For the body to remain healthy, we first need to control our mind. A healthy mind alone gives rise to a healthy body. We will never be able to achieve our goal until and unless we learn to relax and let go of our own bondage of negativity.

What exactly is relaxation?

Relaxation is not about stopping all activity and shirking work. Quite on the contrary, it is about getting rid of all the negative energies within you, thereby optimizing your energies to get the most possible success and happiness out of your life. Relaxation is all about understanding and accepting the various challenges thrown at you, with a balanced outlook, without getting upset at the slightest provocation.

You can get your life back on track by employing various methods of relaxation, some of which are discussed in detail below:


Meditation, which is about mental control and exercising the mind to remain still, is indeed one of the best ways to manage stress. While meditation does not help in changing life circumstances, what is does is to teach you enough mind control to tackle difficult and unexpected events in your life. This ancient relaxation technique, practically a way of life with the people of the Indian sub-continent and the whole of the Orient, is a method of focusing oneself on the 'Higher Self', thus remaining unruffled by mundane, day-to-day events of life.

Meditation is best performed in complete silence, controlling breathing patterns in a certain prescribed method.

Relaxation by way of visualization

You can effectively use projected mental images to ease your way out of mental and physical stress. Practicing visualization techniques for relaxation helps bestow tremendous peace on the mind. For instance, if you feel stressed out at work and are dying for a break, you could close your eyes and picture yourself watching a glorious waterfront sunset at some exotic destination. It will immediately relax your mind and put it to rest at least for the time being!

Progressive relaxation

With this technique, you can achieve total relaxation by consciously tensing and releasing your muscles one by one, giving your body a sense of complete ease and comfort. This technique is especially useful to tackle several types of common aches and pains.


Biofeedback is a recent and much-debated technique to achieve relaxation, which requires you to observe and formally record your mind-body responses with the help of certain medical equipment. While there are many who swear by this method, there are an equal number of other experts who do not at all recommend this technique of mind control.

The above are only a handful of techniques you can employ for relaxation. Here is a word of caution. Do visit your healthcare professional before you choose any one method. There are some mental control techniques that require you to get a clean health chit from your doctor, especially if you are suffering from some medical disorder. Some techniques might actually end up changing your physiology in some way if taken to the extreme. So always be moderate in your approach and go slow and steady with your progress.

Priya Viswanathan is a Performing Artiste, an Internet Marketer and publisher of Inner Power Positive, a website that focuses on looking at positive thinking as a way of life.

Writing Or Evil Influence

American Patriot Among War Heroes - The Story of Bud Day

As a fighter pilot who saw my share of combat during the Vietnam War, I thought I knew Medal of Honor recipient Bud Day. After all, I was once a member of the elite combat unit he formed to conduct a secret war along the Ho Chi Minh trail during the late 1960s (A unit generally referred to as "Misty" their call sign in combat). But after reading "American Patriot," I realized I was dead wrong. Robert Coram's book profiles a man with a seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of controlled courage and an unimpeachable sense of honor - all of which he gladly placed at the disposal of his country throughout his life.

The book is carefully detailed and written in a manner that even the "great unwashed" who were not fighter pilots can understand. The descriptive scenes involving his torture as a POW are painful to read at times, yet I know that they were not exaggerated; and that's what makes them all the more disturbing.

The words "honor," "integrity" and "heroes" have been trivialized in our society to the extent that few people know or care what they mean any more. In an ideal world, these subjects would be addressed in school, or at least discussed at home. But we do not live in a perfect world; that's why I suggest that "American Patriot" be required reading in every high school and college in America. This is a profound and moving book about a man who history will recognize as one of the great American heroes of his time.

Ron Standerfer is a retired Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot who flew 250 combat missions during the Vietnam War. He has written numerous short stories, magazine articles, and blog pieces on military aviation in general, and fighter pilots in specific. During the initial bombing of Baghdad during the Persian Gulf War, he was seen on national TV as a military analyst. His latest novel, The Eagle's Last Flight, chronicles the life of an Air Force fighter pilot during the Cold War and Vietnam years. Details of this book can be found at His blog, which presents his views and opitions on a variety of subjects can be read at

Nothing Will Be Impossible

Imagine a World without Hell

Imagine There's No Heaven, It's Easy If You Try, No Hell below Us, above Us Only Sky, Imagine All the People Living for Today. Imagine There's No Countries, It Isn't Hard to Do, Nothing to Kill or Die for, and No Religion Too. Imagine All the People Living Life in Peace. Think about It.

It's hard to imagine, with the information today and even 50 years ago that most people still believe in religions all over the world, just because they were raised to believe in them. Religions of the future will have to adapt to change, a little faster as more people read articles like mine to promote education within your religion.

Find out a little bit more about Your Religious Freedom

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Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development.

Greg is currently working on a religous help library filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion.

Experiment With Your Waitress
Benefits Of A Bad Childhood

Jesus Built No Churches

Jesus built no churches in the physical sense of the meaning. We all know that Jesus the Christ built his church on Peter. Now Peter represents knowledge. Let me explain. Jesus asked his disciples "Who am I?" Several disciples answered him wrongly, when he came to Simon Peter, who was known as Peter, Peter said " My lips can not say the words of who you are. Jesus said " Where Peter is there is my church.Peter was aware of his own ignorance. Peter knew what he did not know. That is the sign of wisdom, and it is knowledge that leads to wisdom. Peter was aware of his own ignorance. Peter knew what he did not know. That is the sign of wisdom, and it is knowledge that leads to wisdom.

Socrates said "Knowledge is Virtue." Buddha said "The More a Man Knows About Himself, the Better of a Person He Will Become." Confucius said "Know Thyself, Above all Else." Plato said "Know Yourself, Man."

Jesus said "When you come to know yourselves you will realize that it is you who are the sons of God. But if you will not know yourselves,You dwell in poverty and it is You who are that poverty." Man is the greatest creature in the Universe.We are made in the Image and likeness of God. Jesus showed us with the power of God what a man could do.

When people ask me " Do you go to church? " I respond by saying " I am always at church..." My church is always with me. Now how convenient is that? I save a lot of gas traveling to and from church. Although there are a lot of other conveniences to this, I really don't need a car, insurance on that car, or even a license and registration on a car. It is amazing how complicated we we have made life become.

So, Who built all these churches? All Christianity stems from the Catholic Church, built about four hundred years after the death of Jesus. The church spread it's authority by brutal force. They call them ' Holy Wars '. This was not of Jesus teachings. Jesus spoke of love for your brother. " Protect Your Brother...Like You Would Protect the Pupil of Your Own Eye..." -Jesus -. Man fights to this day nation against nation,country against country,city against city, religion against religion,brother against brother. This is not what Jesus taught.

I remember only one time when Jesus was angered to action. He had entered into the city of Jerusalem. Jesus went into a temple and saw people selling and buying.He cast everyone out upturning tables of the money changers,and people selling doves. "My house is a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves" We all know of christian churches that have a " Bingo " night, maybe a yard sale, or a book sale. If Jesus walked into any of these christian churches he would not be pleased. How do you think he would feel if he saw a statue of his broken body nailed to a cross? How would you feel? Personally, I would not feel justified as a teacher for people to worship a low point in my life. God showed mercy by sending a great teacher to show man the path to eternal happiness.

Are we blind or are we being blinded? Step back and see our own folly. Adam got fooled in the Garden of Eden. Are we that much greater than Adam that we remain confident that we could never be deceived? Satan likes that. Jesus said," The kingdom is spread out upon the earth,and men do not see it."

Find the truth know yourself. Reach in for the truth. You will know it is the truth. Lets say for example a child is born into, lets say a Baptist family, the whole family teaches the child to believe in the baptist faith. The child grows up practicing and believing the Baptist faith. He feels that is the answer for him. Unfortunately this boy's faith is weak because it came from an outside source. He did not get the truth from himself within himself. This also happens in private compounds, where they have their own savior. Society calls this brainwashing.

You must go on a very important journey to your very core and then emerge. First you will find yourself and then you will find God. this will happen at the same time. "When the Storms of Life blow at me, Like a Rock I will Stand"

You will find the truth inside yourself. That brothers and sisters can not be taken away from you. All the truth from the bible will become known to you, without reading a word from any book. Realize you will not be saved by just believing in Jesus and praying. Prayer is how you live your life. God showed us his mercy by giving us a living example of a perfect man living with his sacred with with God.

If someday the devil should look you straight in the eye, You will be able to look straight back at him...and he will disappear...

God shine your light upon me. God give me the strength and grant me the fiber to remain in your light.

Atman is a child of God, who is known for his great insight into religion. He has a knack for teaching through quotes and short stories,he is considered an expert writer.

God is his mentor, because he knocked on God's door.

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Ask And You Might Receive Or Ask

Increase Your Self Esteem This Year!

Self esteem is vitally important and directly contributes to the results that we see in our lives. When you take a look at people who are thriving in the world, you can see that their self esteem is at a very healthy and beneficial level. When you take a look at people who are experiencing a great deal of pain and loss, you can see that their self esteem has taken a very severe blow.


First, you have to be able to really believe in yourself. And this can be quite tricky for many people. But, it is absolutely necessary. Believing in yourself is the cornerstone to improving your self esteem. And you can do this by starting out small. List a few things that have made you proud about yourself or things that you have accomplished that you can honestly describe as a success.

Everyone has at least a few things that they can be proud of. Next, create a hunger in yourself to make the change something that you really want. Realize just how much better your life will be if you allow yourself the gift of having a high level of self esteem. Realize that your relationships will improve and that you can begin to achieve what you want if you really feel good about yourself.

Increase your self esteem this year by allowing yourself to believe that you can and that you will. Give yourself the gift of feeling good about yourself and watch your life transform!

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Law of Attraction Secrets

Bryan Appleton is an investor/entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to teaching others how to achieve their dream life. He is also a proud single father with one son.

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Radical Religious Leaders

No Separation of Church and State

A lot of Americans really think that there is a clause in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution that says that there is a "separation of church and state". Larry King on CNN was flabbergasted one evening when a preacher told him that it was not there.

So what does the Declaration of Independence actually state? It says the following:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

In other words, in America, our rights come from God, our Creator, and not from a political party or the government. The Founding Fathers put this in there to differentiate the American model from the European model of government. In Europe, they had something called "the divine right of kings", which meant that God bestowed his blessings and rights on the King, who then doled them out to the populace as he saw fit. In America, however, the people were bestowed rights from God, and they in turned gave them to the government as they saw fit. In other words, the European model of governance was turned on its head.

The Declaration of Independence closes with these words:

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

The Founding Fathers knew that things would be tough, so they invoked God and His divine providence. The atheists in this country who go around saying that all of the Founding Fathers were more like them than religious people are dead wrong.

And what about the US Constitution, what does it say about religion? The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights to it says the following:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

What it plainly says is that Congress shall not pass a law mandating the establishment of a national religion. The framers were very cognizant of the laws of England, and how the Church of England (The Anglican Church) was the national Church, with the King of England being its head. It had been started by Henry VIII, when the Pope refused to grant him an annulment from Catherine of Aragon. The murderous reign of Henry VIII and his successors who killed Catholics by the thousands in the name of God was something that the Founding Fathers did not want for America.

However, years later, the so-called "Supreme" Court twisted its meaning and reinterpreted it to mean there shall be no religious displays or religious speech in or around government buildings, including the 10 Commandments on state property, prayer in public schools, or pastors/preacher endorsing political candidates. This bastardization of the religion clause of the First Amendment, which is grouped with the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the freedom to peaceable assembly, and the right to petition the government, has led to the most hypocritical government stance ever. Why? Well, the 10 Commandments are on the wall of the Supreme Court, but evidently cannot be in a STATE courtroom in Alabama. Vocal prayer in public schools is forbidden, but Congress opens every session with a prayer by a federally supported CHAPLAIN. No religious symbols of any kind are allowed in public schools or courthouses, but there are crosses and stars of David on many tombstones, paid for with your tax dollars, in Veterans Administration cemeteries across the country. Additionally, every Army Post and Air Force Base has a federally funded chapel, with federally funded chaplains, that use federally funded bibles, candles, and communion hosts for their services.

The loud atheists among us would have you really believe that most of the founding fathers were something called "Deists", which are people who acknowledged some kind of deity, but not Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of us all. But, the last line of the Constitution reads as follows:

Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names...

The phrase, "The Year of our Lord" can only refer to Jesus Christ, so the Deist argument is clearly erroneous.

In George Washington's farewell address, he states the following:

"Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and Citizens. The mere Politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connexions with private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked, Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in Courts of Justice? And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect, that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle."

Here the Father of our Country plainly states that religion and morality are not only necessary for America's success, but that you cannot separate one from the other. A lot of people today are trying to do just that. But once you slice morality away from the basic tenets of the Bible, then anything goes, based on the charisma of the person espousing the latest craze, or the amount of advertising and propaganda being spewed forth on TV, or by how good it sounds on the surface, without taking into account the long range effects of it.

And then there is Honest Abe Lincoln and the civil war. His credo and that of the entire abolitionist movement was summed up in their battle anthem, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", which is a truly Christian Hymn if there ever was one.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on.

I have seen Him in the watch fires of a hundred circling camps
They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps;
I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps;
His day is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! His day is marching on.

I have read a fiery Gospel writ in burnished rows of steel;
"As ye deal with My contemners, so with you My grace shall deal";
Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with His heel,
Since God is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Since God is marching on.

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat;
Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! be jubilant, my feet;
Our God is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Our God is marching on.

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free;
[originally ...let us die to make men free]
While God is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! While God is marching on.

He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave,
He is wisdom to the mighty, He is honor to the brave;
So the world shall be His footstool, and the soul of wrong His slave,
Our God is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Our God is marching on.

Hallelujah means "Praise the Lord. It mentions " a fiery gospel" and grace. "In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea". "Crush the serpent" is a reference to Genesis 3:15. The final judgement. Anyone who doesn't recognize the US government invoking Jesus in the battle to free the slaves is clearly blind.

In our time, a Baptist preacher, The Reverend Martin Luther King, led the battle for civil rights. This is all seen as right and good by just about everyone in America, and the fact that he invoked Jesus Christ from the pulpit to fulfill his mission for governmental civil rights is never even seen as a conflict of the "separation of church and state". But let preachers or priests today mention the candidates today who support the evils of abortion and 48 million innocent deaths from the pulpit, and a group calling itself the "Americans United for the Separation of Church and State" will try to haul them into court. It is indeed a hypocritical stance by the radical left in our country.

And then there are the official US government holidays of CHRISTmas and Thanksgiving, two religious holidays officially sanctioned by the US government. Millions of dollars of leave time are paid to government employees to not work on those days.

AND....The US Motto is "In GOD We Trust". It is on our money. In US courtrooms across the land, witnesses are sworn in with their hand on the Bible, taking an oath to tell the truth, followed by the words, "So Help Me GOD". The President of the USA takes the Oath of Office with his hand on the Bible, and swears on it to uphold the Constitution.

In summary, the alleged separation of church and state, a phrase used by Thomas Jefferson in a PRIVATE letter to the Danbury Baptist Church, is found no place in official government documents, except in a tortured reinterpretation of the Constitution by the courts.

Would that America trust in the Supreme Being more than in the Supreme Court!

What Happens To Nonbelieving

Repercussion Of Faith

Long considered as the bastion of feudalism, Catholicism and religion always seem to be untouchable. It was often dangerous to remark something against it because individuals who do so were often declared as heretics. As a result, religion's potential as a social force and power has always been limited to spirituality. Its potential to develop societal beliefs, norms, and influence on political paradigm shifts had been obscured by its more obvious function. But new researches had shown and proven that religion, particularly the dominant Catholicism was a dominant influence in the political movements that shaped the nation.

The time of the Inca or the native Indians saw a wide differentiation of faith. There was no Catholicism and religion to speak of. The natives worshipped idols and the elements of nature. It was noted that how they practiced "religion" or faith was also the way they governed their lands. In their faith, there were many idols, each respected and worshipped. It was also the same way with their politics wherein they were governed by a council. Though there was usually a chieftain, he had a council of elders whom he consulted before any decision was made. In effect, there were many leaders. But despite the many leaders, evidences indicated that the natives never fought among themselves. They chose the strongest and wisest warrior to rule their land without any political parties. The decision is made by the council, the chieftain, and the community, in general.

The invasion of the colonizers and their own brand of religion brought significant changes in the political nature of the land. Catholicism and religion took hold of the land even with the resistance efforts of the Indians. Suddenly, there was only one God and the idols were banished. Coincidentally, this one-God mania also brought forth a change in the economic and political system of the land. There was only one recognized ruler, and that was the Catholic king. There was also a monopoly of goods in trade. But this Catholicism was obscured by the coming of the Puritans and The Quakers. Over time, America became a state that offered a diversity of religion.

Curiously, this diversity of religion mirrored the shifts of political movements and economic trends. As there were many faiths, the country in practicality, was also ruled by federal system and democracy. There was also what was popularly known as the free trade or free market, wherein different individuals started their own trade rather than being apprentices to established companies. Thus, the religious diversity gave rise to capitalism. Possibly and probably, political and economic trends were dictated and determined by the dominant religious practices. It was also probable that the system worked in the opposite, with religious practices ordered by the economic and political atmosphere. But whatever direction this system has pursued, its repercussions were felt and influenced people's lives.

For more valuable information on Catholicism and Religion, please visit

Effects Of False Prophets

Radical Religious Leaders - World Religion and Leadership

If we look at someone like Adolf Hitler, he was a radical leader that gave the people what they really wanted. He gave them hope of a new world where they would be at the top of the food chain, he would create a superior race of people and call them Arians. Most of the people in Germany and neighboring countries started to believe in German racial superiority. This thinking gained more momentum as other parts of the world fell from German military strength.

We can look back at history and point our fingers at radical leaders from the past like Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, and Genghis Khan. The list goes on but one thing is for sure, most of these empires have crumbled to the ground, but have left their mark on the world we live in today.

How do we take someone like Jim Jones, "The People's Temple" leader who was based in San Francisco, California and led his followers to Jonestown, Guyana, in search of something better. These people left their country, to follow their leader, full hope of that Jonestown would provide them with something they were desperately searching for, only to end up committing suicide. Was Jim Jones considered a radical religious leader and can we tell the difference today when were so caught up in their religious beliefs.

It becomes easy for others to see the problems with religious leaders, only when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Should these people be banned from practicing religion because of one, or two, or maybe 50 mistakes. When do you honestly know in your heart that these people are not serving your best interest as religious leaders?

I believe the future of religious leaders is going to play a powerful part in our lives for years to come. It's hard to imagine how someone can follow so closely behind their leaders, that they can't see around them. Is there someone in your life, who you look up to and admire, do these people treat you like a daughter or son, does it seem like there helping you get over hurdles in your life on a regular basis. Do you look to these people for answers, hope and even faith?

There's a fine line between radical religious leaders and great religious leaders. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Try not to get caught up in any one person's beliefs. You could soon find yourself in the same situation as Jim Jones followers. It seems hard to imagine has but if you continue to put others interest first and foremost, you could end the becoming part of a radical religious following and only when it's too late will you be able to see the truth. By then it could be too late.

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended books, The Divine Matrix

Have you ever gave it much thought, choose your religion, did your parents, or friends, or maybe even your grandparents, show you the way

Religion Articles

A Few Incomplete Sentences That Need Revision

1. "If you build it, they will come."

ORIGINATOR: Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams.

WHY IT'S INCOMPLETE: because just building it is not enough. You've got to get people talking about it.

A BETTER VERSION: "If you build it consistently, remarkably and with unique value ... they MIGHT come."

REMEMBER: doing business without marketing is like winking in the dark.

2. "Positive thinking equals success."

ORIGINATORS: The Bible, Normal Vincent Peale and James Allen

WHY IT'S INCOMPLETE: because just thinking about is not enough. You've got to work your ass off too!

A BETTER VERSION: "Positive thinking PLUS positive doing equals success."

REMEMBER: ideas are free, but execution is priceless.

3. "Think and grow rich?"

ORIGINATOR: Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

WHY IT'S INCOMPLETE: thinking without action is self-delusion.

A BETTER VERSION: "Think and ACT ... and grow rich."

REMEMBER: action is eloquence.

4. "What's in a name?"

ORIGINATOR: Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet.

WHY IT'S INCOMPLETE: because you have more than just your name. You have your name PLUS what people say after it.

A BETTER VERSION: "What in AND after a name?"

REMEMBER: if you don't make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you.

5. "Ask and you shall receive."


WHY IT'S INCOMPLETE: the world isn't an order form. Asking only gets you so far.

A BETTER VERSION: "Ask and ACT ... and you shall receive."

REMEMBER: never underestimate the power of working your ass off.


Are you brainwashed by the wrong statements?


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Guilt Feeding On Your Conscience

Why Children Go Bad

To understand our children's fall from grace we must look at whom they serve. Many parents ask and even blame themselves,What did I do wrong? Parents do have a certain amount of responsibility to guide their children into the righteousness which is God, they must teach and explain, what salvation is, further more this must begin at a young age.

But after you've done these things, forget about blaming yourself on the state of your children. We cannot make the decisions for them and we cant hold their hand forever. A child goes bad many times, by choice, per- pressure and a falling society. There comes a time in each child's life that they must choose their walk in life. Then you say, Who's to Blame?

Its not really blame that we must look for but Circumstances that have surrounded them. Its easy to see the, cause and or circumstances, for our children to fall away from the teachings of their parents. Lets look at a few things before we get into the scripture.

1. The government, because of one woman, took God out of the class room.

2. The media has brought in sex and violence into the children's everyday life.

3. The Church has failed them because of so much Hypocrisy within its walls.

4. The entire education system has let the children down by not discouraging binge drinking, pre-marital sex and violence on campus. The emphasis is more on sports and less on education. Then who is this man our children follow? Let take a close look.

Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Satan was a teacher in Heaven, an Archangel, a Spirit of Beauty and Light. But Jesus stated that Satan's fall was because of Pride. 2nd Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (Sometimes beauty kills.) Luke 22:31-32 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you ( Satan's desire is to cause the fall of anyone that will believe his lies.

For He cannot return to the Kingdom of Heaven and will prevent as many as He can from doing so.) , that he may sift you as wheat (To tear into peaces.): But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. (Prayer is the best defense against the wiles of the Devil.)

When a name is repeated in the Bible it is a sign that the event will take place twice, it also signifies, love and also a warning, just as we did when our children were out side playing and were about to get themselves into trouble. The first is to get their attention and the second is a warning. Satan is trying to destroy all who will not listen to the warning.

Lets look at 2nd Corinthians 2:11; Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. Many times our children fall because they do not know how cunning Satan is, nor what devices he uses to intimidate and confuse. Satan's grip on not only our children but mankind today has grown because of lack of social integrity. Society in large has become uncaring and disinterested in God. Wars and rumors of wars. Society has taught of children that gain is more important than the soul. The social decline and Lack of reverence to God has caused this world to come into turmoil.

When I was a child, my parents taught me about, right and wrong, Jesus and God, responsibility and patriotism. Thou it took me many years after leaving home to realize for myself that I was missing something in my life. I had it all but still felt empty. When the Holy Spirit reminded me of who Jesus was and I was converted, I found that that empty place in my Heart was gone. If you've taught your children about the Bible, the word will never leave them, its still there in their mind. Many times children fall because what they see their parents do, just because a parent does something wrong doesn't mean that the parent cant explain what he did wrong, why he did it and the consequences of their actions to their child to help prevent another wrong.

If the parents live in sin, the child will believe this action is normal, so we must be careful how we live and what kind of example we give. Children go bad, basically, because of lack of leadership.

1. From the parents.

2. From the Schools and

3. From their minister. The Minister is the last line of defense for a child. A good minister, after trying all prayers, will do as Paul had to do to save those that were hard hearted. Lets read 1st Corinthians 5:5; To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

A minister that is well informed in the scriptures has the power to turn an individual over to Satan to teach the other side of life.

And if this method doesn't work, He has no other recourse but to turn them over to God, to preform His will.

1Titus 1:20 Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme. Society has taught teenagers that it is natural to have intercourse before marriage, it has taught them that getting pregnant and aborting the pregnancy is natural, it has taught them, having a baby hinders their fun in life (I.E. You can have the pleasure of sex but you don't have to accept the responsibility for it.) Ars.

Temple of Spirit & Truth Ministries
A.R. Smith Ministries

Personal Development

Helpful Tips For Writing Thank You Notes

For gifts given on birthdays, anniversaries, religious celebrations, showers and weddings:

Keep it real. Be sure your thank you note fits the person you are thanking by the tone and style of your writing. In your thank you note, mention the gift and how you plan to use it. Even if the gift is a monetary one - you can tell the giver how you plan to use their generous gift. Be sure to acknowledge how wonderful and/or useful the gift is in your thank you note. Always send your thank you notes within two weeks time or as soon as possible so that the gift and what it means to you is fresh in your mind.

Guidelines for a monogram: Example: Susan Ann Doe

When a monogram has a large middle initial, the center initial represents the last name, the initial on the left represents the first name and the initial on the right represents the maiden or middle name = SDA

Today many couples are using both of their names in the monogram.

Example: Susan and John Doe

The same guide applies, however, one person's name is to the left and The other person's name is on the right = SDJ

When you complete a job interview, thank the interviewer for giving you the:

* Time of the interviewer
* Information you received in the interview
* Hospitality of the receptionist, interview and others
* Consideration of the organization to be hired as an employee
* Opportunity to advance in your career

Business reasons to send a thank you note:

Send a personal note of congratulations when someone you know is cited for a personal or business achievement. Promote good will by acknowledging an order or referral with a thank-you note.

And this advise from C.J. Hayden, business coach and author of Get Clients Now: "To most people, an anonymous brochure received in the mail is merely junk. A personal, handwritten note on attractive stationery will get someone's attention. Why? Because you took the time to write it. It makes the recipient feel special. And that's how he or she wants to feel as your customer."

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Another Crappy Rule In The Bible

Meeting The Monkey On Your Own Back

I have a friend. His name is Ubastard. I named him that because that's what he calls me when I let him. He lives in my head and is the monkey on my own back. I suspect I have befriended him by now and give him a comfy place to live in there, but I wish he would go away.

Ubastard has an amazing ability to bridge the gap between my mind and my emotions. Once he starts his dialogue with me, I can literally feel him connect the two. Since emotions are the body's reaction to the spinning of the mind, the little booger seems to have the amazing ability to start the processes of anxiety or a bit of depression at will. Ubastard!

I believe UB has live there since I was a kid but spent most of my own childhood just growing up himself. I don't remember all that many discussions with him when I was kid. I didn't even know his name was Ubastard until I went to Bible College. It wasn't really a seminary. The way the Bible was studied was to simply read it and weave it together in one complete incoherent whole. There was no study of the who, what, where, when, why and how's of scripture. I have had to do ALL that during my time as a Pastor and since. Let's face it, when you go to a denominational school, you get the denominational spin. I would have done better at Harvard Divinity School where one no doubt can freely admit to other perspectives on the topic. As a life long liberal Dutchman, I am sure I could have been persuaded to let go of guilt, shame and fear aspects of religion and enjoy the philosophical study of theology. But oh no, I had to affiliate with the literalists who feed Ubastard and inserted him in my mind when I was either deep in prayer or sleeping.

Anyway, at Bible College, one gets molded, shaped and eventually cloned into the very image of God, even though you don't. I remember sitting in first year Bible class which was a survey of the harmonious Gospels which later I came to see aren't. We heard a lot about the life and times of Jesus and his merry men, but a lot about sex as well. Ubastoring young people on the topic of sex in Bible College is a must. While I was wondering how the 12 could go so long without intimacy or sex, I was being assured that they had become Eunuch's for the Kingdom of God's sake. Ewwww. I did read where Peter had a mother-in-law, and thus a wife, but then she faded quickly out of the picture. For either one year, or three or ten, depending, these guys must have been serial killers at heart walking around in the desert and saying "behold" all the time. Guys who don't experience intimacy and sex do this I believe...and are very angry inside. I get curious when a pastor dwells on the evils of sex. But I spare you.

The should not's and must nots were endless. We were entertained with the professor prancing around the stage action "queer" as that was the in word then and we all were supposed to laugh and be men about it all. We tried to talk in deep masculine voices and not wear pink so as not to be confused with the enemy. Once, he counted slowly to four to illustrate to the women in the class just how quickly a man could aroused over their not dressing discretely. My buddies and I estimated he was more than two seconds off on the slow side and that what a girl wore had little to do with it. Add to all this weekly in class meme programming, weekends of Bible Study and Sermons, and Ubastard has acquired an endless supply of criticism to throw at me when I left him out of the picture.

Of course, we had to become perfect in all things. We had to think like Jesus thought and Act like God in all things. I once called someone a fool just as Jesus did from time to time, but got reamed out for being in danger of hell fire as Jesus taught would be the fate of those that called people fools. I'm confused!

I could have come up with the "What would Jesus do" thing years ago, but I was too busy feeling inadequate, fearful, guilty and shameful as was expected to think I could do what Jesus would do. Years later I came to wonder just what exactly Jesus was doing with Mary Magdalene who it seems ended up on the right hand of him in DaVinci's Last Supper. I can see where the part in the Gospel of Thomas with Peter chiding Jesus for kissing her too often on the lips, didn't make the NT cut of acceptable books. I believe he also asked Jesus why Jesus loved Mary more than the guys, but Jesus is said to have replied, "Why does she love me more than you do?" Whoa...nice comeback!

I remember the couple that found themselves the first semester and got kicked out by the second. They married and I spent the next three years wondering how their sex lives were going. All the rest of us were in limbo over this and Ubastard was in full swing by now. "ONE, TWO...doh" I tried all I could to get to FOUR, but I was evidently a particularly perverted Dutchman. I found out later that the only ones allowed to break the rules of God, as layed down by the professor, were the kids of the Evangelists, faculty kids and those that grew up in the denomination and were only allowed to go to this particular school being programmed from their youth to do so. Actually they didn't have a Ubastard from all I can tell. There is no freedom like the freedom church kids have when they grew up soaking in something they had no intention of doing.

At any rate, Ubastard still lives and chatters too much in my mind. Some believe this is good as his purpose it to direct me to the straight, narrow, righteous and true. Some say God put Ubastard there as my monkey on my own back guide. But personally Ubastard, the Monkey on My Own Back is a creation of my mind to keep me less than authentic, under the control of the powers that be and kept in line with guilt, shame and fear, which a the trinity of worthless emotions if ever there was one.
Guilt, shame and fear are all imposed upon one in some way as a way to keep one weak, compliant and pliable, to the will of the tribe or church if you will. They all assume there is just one way to be as a human being and any stepping outside of the the organizational box produces these emotions to get you back in. Maybe back in is not where one really needs to go.

There are several ways to defeat Ubastard. One is to breathe through when his fear, shame and quilt shatter provokes anxiety which is projected fear into the future or the fear of future consequences for not getting back into Ubastards camp. Just breathe...slowly, from the tummy and breathe. I don't know why he does not like that, but he doesn't seem to thrive in deep slow breathing. Ubastard is more of an upper chest breather and does it quickly. Maybe opposites defang him. Maybe his way of making my body breathe sends my brain the chemicals he loves to bathe in, which of course is fear, quilt and shame. Slow breathing might send the message to my mind that all is well and that it can keep the fear, quilt and shame juice but feel free to send the love, joy and acceptance juice on down! I think that's how it works. That's one of the few times Ubastard calls me Ubastard, and leaves me alone for a time.

Of course meds can be helpful. Whoever created Ativan must work directly on the right hand of God. On occasions breathing won't cut it and Ubastard has the upper hand. So as not to have a completely worthless and anxiety ridden morning, I take it. I don't like to, but I do and it's my decision. I know when Ubastard is on the offensive, I need some keymasters to help out. It runs right to the favorite cell receptors for Ubastard's mix but blocks them so his keys are worthless and he can't get into my breathing, tummy or thought spinning cells. Ha! Locked out! Take that Ubastard! I'd like to think, in time and with skills of thought that this amazing biosuit I wear to transport my spirit and experience my world in a limited five sensed way, could take over and simply remove Ubastards keys once and for all.

There are hundreds of sites with wonderful information on defeating Ubastard the Monkey on your own back. I think I tolerate him because I am supposed to keep him around for my good, but he doensn't feel good and in both the short and long haul, doesn't serve me much good.

I have watched thousands apply the rules of Bible School to themselves all my life. Some do nicely but admit to a certain duplicity behind the scenes. Some claim no duplicity, but seem sad and unfulfilled. Some seem happy and and bouncy and I consider these the most dangerous of all. I always want to know what's really going on with them. Me thinks you gush too much in Jesus. I am often proved right down the road. Many are stuck in relationships that feel more like brother-sister stuff. Nothing much to look forward to. Nothing much left to say. And no creative intimacy or talk about how one really feels down deep inside. Certainly they are not going to explore anything the church would disapprove of, even if the minister was doing that himself.

Ubastard seems to govern just how much one allows themselves to speak about as well. Let's face it, it is no fun sharing when, in fact, one is supplying the one spoken to the bullets with which to shoot back at you. As a result, there are many quietly desperate human beings who neither speak their heart nor share their thoughts out of anxious fear , guilt for doing so or shame over what they feel they need in life, before it goes away. Human stuff really and Ubastard, the Monkey on One's Own Back, seems bent on keeping the human in line with a thousand soul sucking organizations, churches and denominations , that feed him endless shoulds, musts, should nots and must nots, but never free to find no need for them and seek an authentic self.

This is why "Born Right the First Time" is quite a dose of poison for Ubastard and I am pretty sure he simply can't handle the thought. It would take away his power of control and his litany of reasons one has qualified today as Ubastard. All I know is that it does not help and does not serve me personally in any meaningful way to strive for a perfection the book says we must and yet not know one single person on the planet to point to as having done well in that. Perfect people are scary people and duplistic beyond measure behind the scenes. Perfect people, with the perfect understanding of the perfect on set of perfect truths are perfectly scary and often make a big splat when they fall and join the human race. Ted Haggard, former head of the National Association of Evangelicals comes to mind as an example of struggling with Ubastard all one's life and never just being authentic. Of course being authentic often means you lose your job and high position in the minds of others who know Ubastard only too well themselves. Sometimes a church congregation is content to let a pastor be the sacrificial life of goodness and light, while they can tell Ubastard to go to hell anytime they wish. As long as the pastor type proves it can be done as expected, all is well. Let the pastor prove himself way too often in open conflict with Ubastard, and out you go. Scares the people that they might get caught next.

One hint to me is that all Ubastard seems to say to me is that you really aren't good enough as is. You need to be more like someone else, who I am not sure is who I really ought to be like or even need to go to the trouble of being like. I haven't found another human on the planet , save maybe the Dali Lama, who appeals to me as the kind of person I'd rather be. And I am also not so naive to think that wanting anyone else's dirty laundry is a good swap.

So here we are. A little piece of consciousness contained in our limited five sensed carbon based wetsuit for a short time of experiencing this world as best we can. It's all a wonder and I believe benevolent more than malevolent, though some people let Ubastard take over and loose themselves completely in becoming the sharped fanged nasty Monkey personified. No longer is UBastard the monkey on the back of a person...he is the person. The monkey ate the man.

I'm not advocating exterminating Ubastard completely. But I think there need to be some rules of engagement.

1. Ubastard shall not endlessly repeat one topic over and over. He will understand that I am usually way ahead of him and don't need to keep hearing it over and over.

2. Ubastard will not use fear of eternal punishment when a human life is less than a hair width's experience in the arena of billions of years of galactic, star and planetary evolution.

3. Ubastard will acknowledge that "born right the first time" has merit and never being good enough is a tool of control and results the unhelpful experiences of anxiety and depression in which nothing good gets done.

4. Ubastard is not allowed to only quote ancient texts of Taliban perspectives in his onslaught but is now assigned to read and understand Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch, The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. No bananas if he refuses to read and apply these books.

5. Ubastard is not allowed to disturb sleep time.

6. Ubastard is not allowed to quote only from the King James, New International, and the Bible for Modern Dudes in promoting guilt fear and shame.

7. If Mebastard finds Ubastard not to have done and understood the above mentioned assignments, let him be banished to the forest of guilt, shame and fear where he seems to thrive better anyhow and there are millions backs he can easily jump on....just not mine anymore.

When Do We Get To Meet God

Find Out Why You Believe in Your Religion

Whenever I ask someone involved in a religious organization, the question, do you really believe in your religion? Most of these people will often answer would be yes and start their religious conversion. Some of these people can become very intrusive if I don't stop them soon, very few of these people listen with an open mind.

I have talked to quite a few men and women about their beliefs over the years and still find it hard to believe that most of them live a life of faith with very little understanding or education about their religion. Now some strong believers might take offense to that statement, while others will listen to what I said and start doing a little more research on their religion.

Most of these religions throughout the world make perfectly good sense to their followers and I understand the reasoning behind some of them, it's all they know, everyone around them believes in the same religion and they get some sort of happiness and joy from it.

It's not hard to imagine a young child, walking around with strong religious beliefs if their parents are strong believers in it also. These children grow up and eventually train their children to follow the same path of their parents. Our children should be able to choose, what they will believe in, by the time they are adults.

This is a natural process of life, your parents learned from their parents and whenever someone asked them a question that they really couldn't answer or were uncomfortable answering, they can always reply with, I'm living a life based on faith or you just have to believe. You have to believe that someone is looking out for you and taking care of you. Most of these people think that something else is responsible for the events that take place in their life.

Is it possible for people that live a life of faith to educate themselves about their religion, to find the origin and maybe the destination of their religions. Could these people actually assume responsibility for their choices, whether they're good or bad. It's often hard to listen to somebody tell me that some evil entity made them do something bad. These people are easily convinced by others who agree with them and support them with their statements and beliefs. This seems to be where the biggest problem lies.

Once the people around us support our beliefs, they soon become realities in our lives. These realities will be transferred to others around us and give them support eventually about their beliefs. It's like a vicious circle that never ends. One believe supports another belief, until it's a fact.

Education is the path to freedom and will soon deliver the students from religious bondage. Someone a long time ago said," Seek and You Shall Find, Knock on My Door and I Will Open It.

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended books, Science Getting Rich

Greg is currently working on a religious education also visit our article library, filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion

Radical Religious Leaders

Mature Wise Leadership

This experienced man, John, writes a vitally important letter that we might know certain vital truths and know them with certainty. Good leadership is always concerned about that.

How do you know that you are a Christian and that is all is well with you spiritually?

John is going to give three certain ways to test yourself - a historical test - a theological test - a social test. The people in the early Church could apply these to themselves and discover whether or not they had the real thing, or whether or not they had been deceived by a counterfeit. Many today believe a deception. Do read the text of John's first letter in the New Testament. It is crucial because various wrong teachings were creeping into the Church of Jesus Christ at that time just as they have crept back in today.

God does not want any disciples of Jesus Christ to be deceived and this letter is being written to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Is our faith based on facts or feelings? Do I have a good history - a sound conversion? Is it all based on Jesus Christ - is it all real - did it actually happen?

When you are baptised in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues that reinforces the reality. Why do I put that in, if it is not mentioned here directly? It was not an issue at that time, but it is an issue today in various places and leaders are called to lead and deal with important matters, irrespective of how popular it might be.

John mentions what we have seen and heard. When your Christian experience is based on facts then these cannot change. It has little to do with feelings. John acted because Jesus Christ called him, chose him, saved him, anointed him. He had so many real experiences of Jesus. There is a theological test. Do we have the right view of Jesus Christ? He was both human and divine - man and God.

We need all that we read in the whole Word of God. As we stay in the Word we will be saved from years of heartbreak, and that goes for an individual, for every Christian fellowship - and even for a nation. God invaded this world in the Man, Jesus Christ. He was not just a good man. He was GOD.

Our history - do we have a firm foundation? Our theology - do we have a right view of God - and now the moral test! You do not live as you used to. You keep the commandments. Obedience is a recurring note in authentic Christianity. It is one thing to know something - but how do you know if you know - Chapter 2 verse 3 - if we keep His Commandments.

And there is a social test too to check that we have the real thing - You must love your brother Christians. Now that is not just being nice - it is much more than that. It is not sloppy - sentimental - superficial - it is being as loyally loving and as lovingly loyal as Jesus was.

Jesus was utterly loyal. He did not go and look for other men when the men he chose let Him down. He never spoke about His men behind their back - except to the Father in prayer - but that is rather different. These people had to get on with each other. It was not easy - particularly in Corinth was it a real problem - but there the root of the problem lay in what they believed. When that is sorted out then they could come to the Table and eat and drink.

There is the story told of aged John being carried into the Church, and being asked to speak, and all he could say was, "Little children - Love one another". This after all is the Lord's command, and Jesus has this aged and mature apostle speaking these words and writing these truths to the very end. John begins his letter by focussing our attention on Jesus, and it would be difficult to improve upon this quality of mature leadership, which is so greatly needed in these present days.

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children's Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at entitled "Word from Scotland" on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column.

His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

Sandy Shaw

Was Jesus A Good Example

My Love - A Poem About One's First Love

There are three main reasons why someone comes to Christ and receives Him as Lord and Savior of their lives and drives men and women to their knees before Him.

One reason is through a realization of the holiness of God and the unholiness, wretchedness of man and the complete realization that God is everything and you are nothing. Second reason is brought about with a very real and overwhelming fear of God's wrath and the final expression of His wrath being hell. Plus, the reality of what we really deserve from God is to spend the rest of eternity separated from Him in hell. Third reason comes about by falling head over heels in love with the loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

To fully realize how much Jesus Christ loves you and how much you mean to Him. My reason for first accepting Jesus Christ into my heart and life was reason number three. No one introduced me to Him, He just revealed Himself to me in a personnel, intimate way that I will never forget. At the start of my freshmen year in high school, all of my childhood friends moved away and I was left alone. In addition, I did not feel a lot of love at home from my parents and my one younger brother. I entered high school alone, feeling unwanted, unloved and consequently became depressed.

Looking back at my freshmen year, I would say the hardest part of being and feeling alone was not actually being alone or feeling disconnected from people but instead feeling that I wasn't valuable enough, for anyone to want to get to know me.

I always knew about God but I did not know Him; there is a tremendous difference between the two. Growing up, my parents would often take my brother and me to church. And during elementary school I would go to Bible class which was held once a week in a trailer and lasted about an hour. Church and Bible class is where I learned about God and some of the stories in the Bible. However, as far as I can remember, no one really taught me how to know God personally and intimately. Having no one to talk to during my freshmen year, I decided to take on the endeavor of getting knowing God by talking to Him.

My getting to know God started in conversations with Him, actually, I'm the one that did all of the talking so I guess it wasn't much of a two way conversation. Many times these conversations took place in an oak tree. However, whenever I talked to God I would request one desire, which was for God to take my life literally. Looking back, I realize that I wasn't getting to know God and certainly had no real clue to who He was. For God is the God of life and not death. And when one realizes God's love for them and embraces that love then one cannot help but to live life to the fullest. Jesus said, "..I have come that they may have life and life to the full." (John 10:10).

God is a rewarder of those who seek Him, no matter how one starts the seeking process. A couple of months into my freshmen year of high school, God sent me a friend and someone that He can talk through. His name was Ken Caster and he was a junior at my school. I met Ken while I was sitting alone at the lunch table in the cafeteria. As I was eating Ken approached me and sat down. He then did something that no one else had ever done, he asked me my name.

Ken did not immediately start preaching to me about Jesus. Really he didn't talk at me, spilling out theological and evangelical useful information. Instead, he simply started asking questions about me, he started to get to know me. I did not know it the time but it was at that moment I was talking face to face with God; for by just seeking to get to know me, Ken was displaying the character and heart of Jesus. For in every believer God lives and when we walk in obedience in accordance with God's holiness and His love then Jesus, who is also God (John 1:1-3,14), is manifested through the life of the Christian.

After several weeks from the first meeting with Ken I started going to Campus Life, there I met more of Ken's friends who quickly became my friends. Campus Life was a ministry which met once every other week. During the meetings there would be an icebreaker, then an open discussion about contemporary issues and how they relate to the Christian life. At the end of every discussion, a leader or someone would wrap up the discussion and the meeting would close with a social time. Someone working with Campus Crusade for Christ were in charge of these meetings. I am sure that during these meetings, Ken or someone told me about Jesus but I don't remeber anyone telling me the Gospel or salvation.

Towards the end of March of my freshmen year, Ken invited me to see a Christian comedian named, Ken Davis in concert. It sounded fun so I agreed. In April Ken and some of his friends picked me up and took me to the concert. During the show I could not remember the last time, if any, I laughed and not only laughed but laughed so hard, that at times it was hard for me to breath. Towards the end, when the laughing stopped, Ken Davis proceeded to tell us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was the first time when I heard about the Man, the God and the Savior that I would fall in love with.

At the end of his message Ken Davis asked everyone to bow their heads and not to think about anything. He asked, while heads bowed, to let the Holy Spirit move and allow God to talk to our hearts.

This night was the first night when God spoke and I listened. While my head was bowed God did speak to me, not with words but with His love and I began to feel and sense Jesus Christ's presence, His loving presence, all around me and inside of me, and for the first time in my life I did not feel alone. Then Ken Davis asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their heart and if so to come up front.

Without thinking, I slowly stood up with my head still bowed and I slowly made my way up to the stage. As I was making my way up I began to lift my head and shame started sliding off me like butter and acceptance started to clothe me.

While I was walking down the aisle and up towards the stage, I did not look to the right or to the left but looked straight ahead then up towards the heavens, it was like I was looking straight into the loving eyes of the Savior.

For it was that night I saw the face of my love but it wasn't my fleshly eyes that beheld Him but my spiritual eyes that beheld Jesus Christ, my love. It was that night I knew I would never again be alone. After much rejoicing with Ken Caster and his friends I went home and headed up stairs to my bedroom.

In my bedroom alone but yet not alone I made a vow I said, "Jesus, I want to live for you no matter what. If it is cool or uncool, if it is the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do, I will live for you. Since then I started conversing with God and now I try to do the majority of the listening. When God speaks to me, many time I hear his words and feel His arms around me and His love warming my heart and spirit on cold, dark nights.

It was on one of those nights that I wrote my first poem called "My Love." Other poems would follow mainly about Jesus, which comes from my new heart that I received the night when I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and life, at a Christian comedian concert in April of my freshmen year of high school.

My Love

I remember when I first fell in love,
your gentles like a dove,
your voice calling me
to be your love.

I remember when I first held your hand,
as I promised to cherish you
in this foreign land.

When times come when I feel lost and scared,
I hear your voice saying,
"You have nothing to fear,
remember you are mine,
All of this because I care."

For I know, I am the apple of your eye,
before you I was nothing but now I am something,
by the result of your love that will never die.

There was a time, long ago
when you proved your love for me,
and showed me once and for all,
You will never let me go.

For my sins you died upon a tree,
with powerful action,
on the cross,
you displayed your love for me.

When I heard you had died, I started to cry,
but tears of sadness turned to tears of joy,
when you arose and appeared by my side.

Soon you told me you had to leave,
to prepare a place for me,
where we will be together for eternity.

My love, there are still times when I feel discouraged,
when I grow suddenly afraid and loose all courage,
tough still I am quick to rejoice,
for you have promised me,
you will come back for me,
and with your sweet voice,
call me by name to join you in eternity.

Jeff Dalton
Reminding people of God's grace with one word at a time.

Nothing Will Be Impossible

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can One Book Change Someones Life - Movie Video

What will it take to get someone to read a book, what would it take to get someone to read a book that will change their life. Watch this video and learn.

Spiritual Christian and Create a Wonderful Life For Yourself And Your Family. Greg Vanden Berge is one of the best inspirations on the planet. You will be hearing a lot about this guy in the future. You can count on it.

Let God Handle It
Lou Holtz

Develop Self-Esteem Via Self-Improvement Skills - Develop Self-Esteem For Leadership

Aristotle, who is among the best known classical Greek philosophers, wrote about how important it is to develop self-esteem. Founders of religions also have had an influence on personal development techniques as we know them today. I talk about self-improvement skills that are used to build self-confidence with confidence-building methods, which are based on ancient ideals, in this commentary.

"Humility: Imitate Jesus Christ and Socrates." Benjamin Franklin

Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher who helped provided the foundation for Western civilization. Plato's work is the most reliable source of records concerning his mentor Socrates. Plato portrayed Socrates as a man who listened to a "divine voice in his head." Some philosophies of Socrates and Jesus Christ were very similar.

"Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others." Socrates

The position of Socrates is similar to a commandment, which Jesus expressed in the Sermon on the Mount; and it is one of the central ethical values of Jesus Christ. Notice the philosophical similarity of what Socrates recommended with the well-known Golden Rule, which was put forth over some 400 years after the execution of Socrates.

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the law of the prophets." (Matthew 7:12 KJV)

The life of Socrates is generally considered a paradigm of philosophic life; and it is generally a good model for anyone to imitate. Socrates has been admired and emulated on a par with founders of religions like Jesus Christ and Buddha. This is a paradox because Socrates was tried, convicted; and executed on the grounds of being irreverent toward the Greek gods.

Aristotle, who was a student of Plato and therefore received many of his values indirectly from Socrates, did more than simply intellectualize a theory about how people should behave. He created written instructions in his book, Nicomachean Ethics, which extolled the value of having high self-esteem; and there are self-improvement skills, which are included in confidence-building methods to develop self-esteem in order to help you produce a leadership quality personality, which are based on that ancient document.

Self-Improvement Skills

The best self-improvement skills, of which I am aware, to develop self-esteem and build self-confidence are confidence-building methods that I call "behavior strategies."

The behavior strategies are 3 premeditated and deliberate self-improvement skills to develop the core values, as described in Aristotle Ethics, and to develop self-esteem. The behavior strategies are used to condition your subconscious mind; and therefore you can change your subconscious thoughts, which actually control your behavior 90% of the time.

Let me be clear about this, you never even "hear" your subconscious thoughts; but they control your behavior a vast majority of the time. Ergo, you can develop self-esteem by developing your subconscious reaction to your environment. You do not have to allow the bad things in your past control your subconscious thoughts, which trigger your behavior most of the time.

You can control your personality, and not the other way around, simply by conditioning your subconscious triggers. You can develop self-esteem and build self-confidence by using self-improvement skills to change your thoughts on the subconscious level, from negative to positive thinking. You can control your power of positive thinking on the subconscious level.

You only need to put into practice the easy-to-do confidence-building methods and develop behavior that is consistent with Aristotle Ethics. Dedicate a total of about 60 minutes a day; the exercises are divided into 10 and 20-minute simple procedures, and so it will not interrupt your schedule.

You can do it while you are in your underwear & reclining in an easy chair; or even while you are relaxing on your bed. You can develop self-esteem, build self-confidence, get poise, willpower & faith, and; actually, you can get anything that you really want by using the self-improvement skills of the tried and proven confidence-building methods.

I was able to change my life simply by having desire to improve myself and by utilizing the strategic premeditated actions, which are self-improvement skills. It made a world of difference for me.

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Are Your Prayers Being Answered

How Poor Are You?

One day a father and his rich family took his son to a trip to the country with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be.

They spent a day and a night in the farm of a very poor family. When they got back from their trip the father asked his son, "How was the trip?"

"Very good Dad!"

"Did you see how poor people can be?" the father asked.


"And what did you learn?"

The son answered, "I saw that we have a dog at home, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of the garden, they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden, they have the stars. Our patio reaches to the front yard, they have a whole horizon." When the little boy was finishing, his father was speechless.

His son added, "Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are!"

Wealth really is a state of mind isn't it? You can have all the riches you want but on the other hand you can be the poorest person in the world.

It's a matter of how you think about the riches that are already a part of your life. You have to be grateful for what you have and appreciate any new riches you attract.

Wealth comes in many forms other than monetary, and it's all in the way you think about it. You don't have to be the wealthiest person in the world to have wealth. You already have it.

Susan Denny has been happily married for 38 years, has 4 adult children (all married) and 6 grandchildren. She has many years experience with families and relationships and has been involved in the Self Development industry for nearly 20 years.

Being healthy is a pre-requisite to creating the wealth and happiness you desire in your life. Go to: Health + Wealth = Happiness for more information, tips and ideas and sign up for my free report, Living With Anxiety and Depression.

Christianity Saved My Life

For the Testimony of Jesus

In the very heart of the new covenant is the testimony of Jesus. (Rev. 19:10 NLT):

"Then I fell down at his feet (i.e. the angel) to worship him, but he said, 'No, don't worship me. For I am a servant of God, just like you and other brothers and sisters who testify of their faith in Jesus. Worship God. For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus.'"

The great binding connection between Jesus and his new covenant is the key to learning the truth, and the essence of all of prophecy. The new covenant is God's golden key that unlocks God's rich treasure house of blessings for believers. When we move forward to enter his house all confusion and conundrums disappear. If He is all that matters to you (Col. 3:11), and not these other earthly kingdoms that lead away from him, then you have already gained much wisdom (I Co. 2:7; Eph.1:17; Col. 1:9, 2:3, 3:16).

The holy Scriptures specifically give "the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus" (II Ti. 3:15). We live by this faith in Christ, "not by sight" (II Co. 5:7. See also Heb. 11:8-18; Ro. 3:24-31; II Pet. 1:1).

"In him lie all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Col. 2:3). He opened up the new, life-giving way "through the sacred curtain, by means of his death for us" (Heb. 10:20). This wondrous sacrifice stands for all time (v. 10). There is no need whatsoever to be distracted from full attention to him in the rumored resumption of the earthly temple and animal sacrifices. If such obscenities are resumed in Jerusalem and He does return at this time, it will be to take vengeance upon those unbelievers and their supporters who have defiled the truth with blasphemies. Those who are giving a clear witness for Jesus today will shine forth as the sun in the new Jerusalem, the beloved holy city (Rev. 20:9, 21:2) of our God, where they will live with him forevermore.

Such blessed ones are not unbelievers who cling still to the earthly city where He was crucified by those who would not accept his rule, but they are the ones who have followed him all along the higher pathway of his new covenant that leads them directly into the most blessed place where they can draw very close to him, even today. Their faith in him alone has rewarded them with his richest blessings.

Follow this higher pathway today. It will take you into his beautiful city where there is no disappointment!

Anita Whalley has recently authored the Christian book entitled There Is A Kingdom, available in the Christian and inspirational books section in Amazon. com. There Is A Kingdom is the happy outcome of years of intense searching for real answers to the eschatological dilemma of the day. This is a compelling book that sticks to one, giving him a higher form of confidence, peace and joy than is readily available in a mere eschatological study alone.
Anita also authors a page entitled Significant Values on
Anita has pursued a career in healthcare, but is now retired from that. She continues with her personal Bible studies, though perhaps not as intensely as she did before the great breakthrough discoveries unearthed in Christ's new covenant, which went beyond the finding of just a mere answer to plaguey eschatological questions. She discovered just how truly transcendently enriching and fulfilling God has made his new covenant to be. A very spiritually uplifting experience this is for any child of God to run into and to enjoy, and his answer to our every prayer.

When Do We Get To Meet God

The Gospel of Judas - "Jesus Was Not Crucified"

The Christian Gnostic (Knowledge) Gospel of Judas was made public this week and Judas was the hero not the betrayer. This was just the tip of the iceberg - The Christian Gnostic Gospels also tell us that Jesus was not crucified. The Christian Gnostic Gospels pre date the 4 Gospels kept in the New Testament. The Gospel of Judas was one of the Christian Gnostic (Knowledge) Gospels burned by the Church Fathers at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and discovered in Egypt in the town of Naj Hammadi by a peasant in 1945. The numerous Gnostic Knowledge Gospels of Christ were burned by the Church Fathers because they made the 4 Gospels which they put in the New Testament in 325 AD look ridiculous. In the Gospel of Judas, Judas was the hero and most trusted disciple doing the will of Christ. Pope Benedict looked like the boy putting his thumb in the hole in the levee this week when he called Judas a Double Crosser, sticking to the party line despite the new evidence to the contrary.

Well, this revelation about Judas is nothing compared to the others in the Christian Knowledge Gospels. In the Koran, (Sura Chapter 4:156) the angel Gabriel who brought Mary the good news tells the Prophet Muhammad that in fact Jesus was not even crucified, a likeness, an impostor was, because this was the story in the Christian Knowledge Gospels which were burned by the Church Fathers forever (they hoped) 1,700 years ago.

The Gnostic Gospel of Judas never mentions the crucifixion or the resurrection. Seth was the third child of Adam and Eve. There was a group of Gnostic (Knowledge) Christians named after Seth, Sethians. In the Christian Gospel called "The Second Treatise of The Great Seth", 56.6-19 in NHL 332, Jesus Christ told Simon, "It was another...who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I... it was another Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. It was another upon whom they placed the crown of thorns. But I was rejoicing in the height (the hills) over their error. And I was laughing at their ignorance. (for thinking it was I who they were crucifying)". The Christian Gnostic Knowledge Gospels contradict the 4 Canonized Gospels in the New Testament endlessly. The 4 New Testament Gospels contradict themselves endlessly. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

One need only look right in the Holy Bible to see what is really going on. God the Father said through Prophet Isaiah that the Bible writers, the Priests and Prophets who wrote the Bibles, the scribes were creating for the people a shelter, a refuge, of lies and falsehoods, (Isaiah 28:14-15) which would cause the people to fall backward and be broken and ensnared and taken. (Isaiah 28:9-13). God the Father called the Holy Bible The Word of Satan! God said to the scribes, "You prophesy by Baal, Beelzebub, Satan!" (Jeremiah 2:8). God the Father said, "They (the scribes) say, 'Says the Lord', when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they wait for the fulfillment of their word!" (Ezekiel 13:6). Jesus launched into an absolute diatribe in Matthew 23 calling the Bible writers, the scribes, lying venomous snakes who spewed their own divisive racist deadly hateful lies right into your Holy Bible and signed them, said God, and said Jesus. Jesus lambasted the scribes and those who followed the same Old Testament followed by Judaism, Christianity and Islam today.

In fact, Hell itself is an invention of the modern Bible Writers. In the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible every time Hell is mentioned there is an asterisk beside it. The Bible was written in Greek, and every time that Jesus says Gehenna or Sheol your modern Bible Writers substitute their own word, Hell. Gehenna was a place outside of Jerusalem where the Jewish and non Jewish people sacrificed their children on fire altars to the God Baal, Satan. Sheol was a place underground where both the good and the bad spirits dwelled together after death. Jesus spoke of Sheol all the time. According to Jesus right in the Bible, everyone goes to Hell, Sheol, after death, both the good and the evil spirits. How long can Christianity survive on a foundation of what God the Father endlessly calls lies right in the Holy Bible? Hasnt it caused enough suffering, or will you all allow it to now lead you all into extinction in Nuclear World War 3?

The Temple of Love The World Peace Religion unites Christianity Islam Judaism and everyone else and the countries they all live in by tying them all together with their common threads and resolving all of their differences once and for all, including setting the record straight about the passion of the Christ. Come on in and get the whole story with Biblical citations and new evidence. Come help save the world with truth, love, God of Mount Sinai, and by following the real Word of God, 10ve, the 10 commandments, once you see what they really mean, and how powerful they truly are.

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love The World Peace Site

Powerful Media Influence

The Coming Troubles To Jerusalem

The Lord in Matthew 24:15 referred the disciples to the prophet Daniel for an understanding of the "abomination of desolation." Before we follow the Lord's leading to go back to Daniel, it is necessary that we take a quick visit over to Brother Luke. In his 21st chapter is a passage parallel to Matthew and Daniel, presumably spoken at the same time by Jesus. But there is at least one clear difference in the text that might be disturbing to some. Luke heard from the Spirit and/or his Spirit-filled sources some words that Matthew was not led to share with us. Remember, Matthew was there. Luke was not. But we believe both men have given us the Spirit's message from the lips of Jesus.

In Luke 21:20, having gone through all the same preliminary listings of things that will not be signs that the end is near, Jesus turns to a sign related to the abomination, one that must come before that horrid scene, and one that is similarly mentioned by Daniel. According to Luke, what we will see before fleeing, should we be there on that appointed day, is an army fully surrounding Jerusalem. Oh my, the armies that have surrounded this city! I imagine Jerusalem holds the record there! Nevertheless it is one part of the sign that the Lord wanted us to have, and fulfills exactly Daniel 8:12, where an army is supplied to the evil ruler to enforce his will. He takes over the city, and then according to Paul, enters the Temple itself. There is no real difference then in the two accounts.

Noting the above truth reminds one to say that Jesus speaks nothing of the identity of a particular man, His archival. He points us to Daniel for that piece of work. He does not tell us much about background, the times, the political structure of the end times. These pieces are scattered all over the Scriptures, assuring that only the diligent and caring will find them and fit it all together. Unfortunately, the "cares of this life" choke out most of this desire to search the Word for answers. May God change our priorities!

Luke brings out another important piece of information. In the same passage in which Jesus talks of the very end of all things, parallel to Matthew and Mark, Luke quotes Jesus as saying that Jews will once more be led away captive to all nations!

We remember how this happened when Babylonia and Assyria attacked Israel. Surely the Jews have been all over the world since the much later days of Rome too. But Luke says this happens yet again after the "signal" of the surrounding armies and the following desecration of the Temple. He says further that following the abomination are the days of vengeance when every prophecy about everything is fulfilled (verse 22)! This is the end time.

Will there indeed be time in the few short years that follow before the coming of Jesus for yet another Jewish dispersion? Especially when we have already seen how the "remnant" Jews, the 144,000 are going to be protected and confronted by Jesus?

I believe that an answer for this question is in Revelation 11:2, where according to John, Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles for three and one half years. It will be a replay of the Assyrian invasion, when that people sent their own citizens to populate Israel while taking Jews to captivity.

Yes, the book of Revelation assigns only three and one half years to the "times of the Gentiles". We were taught that that period was all the way from A.D. 70 until 1948, when the Jews recaptured Jerusalem. There were indeed some Gentiles there, mostly of Mid-eastern descent. But the Bible seems to be showing us a cosmopolitan urban center where Jews are no longer a threat to world peace. Where Gentiles rule.

I believe that this process will begin a few years earlier when a contract is signed with the Jewish nation, allowing them to have their Temple worship if they will relinquish the city to "humanity." Then Antichrist will reverse things and finish the process he has begun by eliminating Jews from their own city.

In some of these last things I speculate. But there are some definites I hope we have gleaned from this study:

1. The disciples asked for a specific sign about the end.

2. Jesus gave the disciples a specific sign and referred them to the Book of Daniel.

3. When the Temple is surrounded and desecrated, the end is near.

4. After the "sign" there is unprecedented devastation.

5. After the devastation, Jesus comes.

Troublesome days coming. Oh may we be ready for them should they be in our lifetime! is a website I put together a few months back to get the word out to believers that they need to pray for North Korea. Just about every day I'm writing a blog featuring some news, a book, or a story of North Korea. There's a live news feed on the site, lists of resources, picture essays, and ways to respond to the overwhelming need in North Korea. Let's love Chosun together!

And who am I? A man found of God over 50 years ago, called to the ministry, serving the Lord as needed in my world. Married, member of a local church in the Chicago area, with full time work in public education. Who are you? Would love to fellowship with believers who respond on my site.