Monday, May 11, 2009

Law of Attraction - The True Power of Positive Visualization

Law of Attraction was made popular when a movie called The Secret was released in 1996! It featured Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, John Demartini and many more.

Before I tell you what is the most important thing that I learned from the Secret movie (and what you can learn from that), I would like to ask you one very quick question - "Are we actually responsible for everything that happens to us or are they just any "external events" that we have no control of?

Think about that for a moment and have you got your answer? Good. Let's keep the answer aside for a moment, but continue reading the following.

In the movie, The Secret, it is reported that a vegetable managed to walk again from his dead bed because of using The Secret, i.e. The Law of Attraction. He managed to do that because he believed that he had the power to influence what would happen to him from that day onwards, and he changed the outcome.

It is very common that these group of people who use The Secret stay energized and not allow themselves to feel down. They actually determine the path for their own life journeys.

So how about us? Do you choose your own life journey? Do you really do what you want to do in life? Or you are just too busy being pulled by all these other "life factors" that you have lost the direction to design your own life?

It is very common in today's world that one just lives like everybody else even though they consciously know that they are unhappy about it, but they are too scared to change or move out their comfort zones...

Now, one thing is for sure, if you let your life control you, then you will be controlled, and there is no point for you to moan about it because you let it to be in that way!

If you are "negative" about life... Maybe it is time for you to change the negative side about yourself. Start living in positive environment. Think positive. Behave positive. Talk positive. Everything is positive!

I always tell others this when people seek me out for success coaching - I tell them to develop child-like-thinking. You know that children love to explore the world and what life has to offer. They are willing to put themselves out there just to learn. They have this tremendous energy for life!

When you develop same kind of mindset, it is easy for you to develop the habits of attracting positive things. Then you can change the negative side about yourself. You will start living in positive environment.

The true power of positive visualization is that it allows you to live life to its fullest potential and for all that it has to offer without letting negativity bring you down. When you start to find your thoughts, drifting to the negative it is your responsibility to make an effort to make them positive instead. You will be able to set goals and reach them because you will believe that you can do it.

The Law of Attraction says that one should never let failures distract them, as there is no such thing as "failures". Use the Law of Attraction to learn what is really going on in your life and if there is a problem you can get past it easily! Stop letting yourself feel sorry about what was happening in your life and start looking at all the positive things you have gotten out of it. By the time you managed to do all these you will never be worried about being able to do anything as you know you can do anything when you focus on the tasks.

The Secret, a.k.a, The Law of Attraction is true and real and has a power that is undeniable.

One of the most important things that I got from the movie, is that whatever happens to us is due to our own doings. We all have both good and bad experiences in our lives, and they are both results of our own actions. Because of this, we are lucky that we have the power to change our lives for the better starting right now!

John Lee is an entrepreneur, who has found successes using the Law of Attraction. Not only he built his business from 5-figure debts to 5-figure passive income, he helps others to do the same. He is also a student of Bob Proctor and learn The Secret directly from Bob. Visit to claim his FREE 52 email series revealing the secrets of his making 5-figure profit-pulling business on auto-pilot every month for the last one and a half year.

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