Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Do Your Goals Say - Self Help Tips

Do you have goals? How to you set things in motion to accomplish your goals? What is your game plan of success? You can either focus on the results or you can focus on the activities you are doing. If you have the right steps in place, you will achieve your goal.

You should be attempting to link your daily steps to your weekly achievements and then to your monthly goals. So that your efforts are always working in your favor.

Set achievable steps - let them have a purpose to your overall goals. You don't want to fall into activity traps. Yes, you are expediting energy, but it is not helping you to reach your goals, You are busy, but to no end.

Use project management software or a system of your own design of checks and balances. You know where you are on your path to goal achievement. Be realistic and know that there will be days when you may not accomplish what you intended, but "get back on the horse" the next day.

Write your goals down and review them. That way you will know if you are making strides to achieve them. Change them where you need, if something isn't working or a new approach becomes known to you. Improve your tactics and make the necessary changes. Success is yours to carve out. Complete at least one goal step each day. Keep adding to your goals. There is always more to achieve. Keep asking yourself, "Is what I am working on leading to the my achieving my goals?" If it isn't, do not waste your time doing it! You are the Captain of Your ship of life.

Gloria-Jean Brown

You Have To Start Somewhere

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