Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Power of Gratitude - Gateway to Riches

Gratitude is said to be the single most positive element to contribute to your Wellbeing, Fulfillment and Wealth

Heartmath conducted an extensive study which showed thoughts of Gratitude are the fastest way to move into your power and influence things around you with positive energy - Athlete's Performance increases, Students Test Scores improve, Executive Thinking and Creativity expand, Powers of Intention grow, no matter what he situation.

Gratitude restores confidence. Gratitude about your current situation - no matter what or how simple, will bring about a feeling of improved wellbeing. Gratitude can help to change feeling alone into appreciating being supported.

The feeling of lack and negativity are often brought on by focusing on what we don't or feel we cannot have. Expand your focus, raise your eyes, look outside your immediate surroundings. Walk around and look to see, or think, of the many things you have access to, which you have no need to own - community, sunshine, the stars, the sight or sound of children playing, a casual hello from someone you meet.

We can even be grateful for things that at first glance may not appear a blessing, such as: * Exercise you get if you cannot find a nearby parking spot
- Cleaning up the house after having friends or family around - think of the special time or what they mean to you
- The early morning alarm - moving into a new day of being needed
- Whatever your income - 2.4 billion people on the planet live on less than $1,000 per year

A large study conducted by Dr Michael McCullough and Dr Robert Edmonds involving more than 700 people separated their field of study into 3 groups of people - those that merely tracked events through their day, those that took particular note of unpleasant events that occurred to them, and lastly a group which focused on being grateful for whatever happened. The third group consistently showed High Alertness, Enthusiasm, Determination, Optimism, Better Energy, Less Depression and Stress, Better Inclination to Help Others, and Ability to Express Love to Others.

You must feel rich to become rich - when you start to feel grateful for whatever you have you will attract more. In today's world Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) are often thought as important but these both pale when compared with the direct benefits of GQ - Gratification Quotient.

The Power of Attraction which we hear about so much today as so well described in "The Secret" is supercharged through Gratitude.

Gratitude is the fastest path to Riches. Focus on what you have and more will appear. Others will be drawn to your energetic field of gratitude. Riches are more about what you feel than just counting in money. Another Heartmath study showed when we are in a state of gratitude others can sense this up to 6 metres away. This has a direct positive affect on their heart rhythm and their brain waves change to more positive thinking.

Pay attention to what you are focusing on, don't blame or complain this will drain your gratitude. Be grateful for your challenges, create a greater peace of mind and you will open the pathways for opportunities.

Watch out for negative attitudes creeping into your life. Apathy leads to negative thinking. Look for the silver linings in all situations. Slow down, recognise what you already have - especially the simple things in your life, wherever you go. Gratitude will help you feel complete, no matter what your immediate situation.

Gratitude doesn't cost anything but it generates huge riches.

You deserve to be Rich so be grateful and share your gratitude with others. A daily practice of Gratitude will lift and advance all areas of your life rapidly.

Brian Fincham
- Life Coach and founder of Life Development Australia.
Brian has over 20 years Experience Developing and Leading Winning Teams
- a company dedicated to Personal Development and helping individuals build successful home businesses using the proven LifePath Unlimited system.

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