Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jesus Built No Churches

Jesus built no churches in the physical sense of the meaning. We all know that Jesus the Christ built his church on Peter. Now Peter represents knowledge. Let me explain. Jesus asked his disciples "Who am I?" Several disciples answered him wrongly, when he came to Simon Peter, who was known as Peter, Peter said " My lips can not say the words of who you are. Jesus said " Where Peter is there is my church.Peter was aware of his own ignorance. Peter knew what he did not know. That is the sign of wisdom, and it is knowledge that leads to wisdom. Peter was aware of his own ignorance. Peter knew what he did not know. That is the sign of wisdom, and it is knowledge that leads to wisdom.

Socrates said "Knowledge is Virtue." Buddha said "The More a Man Knows About Himself, the Better of a Person He Will Become." Confucius said "Know Thyself, Above all Else." Plato said "Know Yourself, Man."

Jesus said "When you come to know yourselves you will realize that it is you who are the sons of God. But if you will not know yourselves,You dwell in poverty and it is You who are that poverty." Man is the greatest creature in the Universe.We are made in the Image and likeness of God. Jesus showed us with the power of God what a man could do.

When people ask me " Do you go to church? " I respond by saying " I am always at church..." My church is always with me. Now how convenient is that? I save a lot of gas traveling to and from church. Although there are a lot of other conveniences to this, I really don't need a car, insurance on that car, or even a license and registration on a car. It is amazing how complicated we we have made life become.

So, Who built all these churches? All Christianity stems from the Catholic Church, built about four hundred years after the death of Jesus. The church spread it's authority by brutal force. They call them ' Holy Wars '. This was not of Jesus teachings. Jesus spoke of love for your brother. " Protect Your Brother...Like You Would Protect the Pupil of Your Own Eye..." -Jesus -. Man fights to this day nation against nation,country against country,city against city, religion against religion,brother against brother. This is not what Jesus taught.

I remember only one time when Jesus was angered to action. He had entered into the city of Jerusalem. Jesus went into a temple and saw people selling and buying.He cast everyone out upturning tables of the money changers,and people selling doves. "My house is a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves" We all know of christian churches that have a " Bingo " night, maybe a yard sale, or a book sale. If Jesus walked into any of these christian churches he would not be pleased. How do you think he would feel if he saw a statue of his broken body nailed to a cross? How would you feel? Personally, I would not feel justified as a teacher for people to worship a low point in my life. God showed mercy by sending a great teacher to show man the path to eternal happiness.

Are we blind or are we being blinded? Step back and see our own folly. Adam got fooled in the Garden of Eden. Are we that much greater than Adam that we remain confident that we could never be deceived? Satan likes that. Jesus said," The kingdom is spread out upon the earth,and men do not see it."

Find the truth know yourself. Reach in for the truth. You will know it is the truth. Lets say for example a child is born into, lets say a Baptist family, the whole family teaches the child to believe in the baptist faith. The child grows up practicing and believing the Baptist faith. He feels that is the answer for him. Unfortunately this boy's faith is weak because it came from an outside source. He did not get the truth from himself within himself. This also happens in private compounds, where they have their own savior. Society calls this brainwashing.

You must go on a very important journey to your very core and then emerge. First you will find yourself and then you will find God. this will happen at the same time. "When the Storms of Life blow at me, Like a Rock I will Stand"

You will find the truth inside yourself. That brothers and sisters can not be taken away from you. All the truth from the bible will become known to you, without reading a word from any book. Realize you will not be saved by just believing in Jesus and praying. Prayer is how you live your life. God showed us his mercy by giving us a living example of a perfect man living with his sacred with with God.

If someday the devil should look you straight in the eye, You will be able to look straight back at him...and he will disappear...

God shine your light upon me. God give me the strength and grant me the fiber to remain in your light.

Atman is a child of God, who is known for his great insight into religion. He has a knack for teaching through quotes and short stories,he is considered an expert writer.

God is his mentor, because he knocked on God's door.

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