Monday, May 4, 2009

A Mirthful Spirit by Mary Huntley & Edna Thayer - Book Review

Beaver's Pond Press (2007)
ISBN 9781592981656

"A Mirthful Spirit" uses stories, research, quotes, poetry, tips and suggestions by two scholars in the field of mirth and laughter. More than a guidebook for embracing mirth and laughter, "A Mirthful Spirit" provides guidelines for incorporating humor in the workplace, hospitals, and schools to improve productivity, wellness, and creativity.

One of the best things about laughter is that it is contagious. By teaching yourself the techniques and tips for living a mirthful life, one of the biggest benefits is that you will soon find yourself surrounded by people dispersing the joys of living with a mirthful spirit.

From the physical benefits (Initiates Internal Jogging, Thwarts Infections, Alleviates Pain) to mental benefits (Lightens stress, Increases brain-cell functioning), "A Mirthful Spirit" provides a handbook for healthy, happy, humor-filled living.

"A Mirthful Spirit" closes with an intriguing section on the historical and cultural highlights of humor. Even humor has evolved and matured from its beginnings (ridicule) to the healing powers of mirthful living we can access today.

"A Mirthful Spirit: Embracing Laughter for Wellness" is a perfect bedside companion and coffee table book; this is certainly a book to put on your gift lists. Not only will the receiver benefit from the wisdom among its pages, all will benefit from the gift of spreading mirth. Reading "A Mirthful Spirit" will change your outlook on life. Not only will you become happier-everyone will feel your joy and start laughing with you. Huntley and Thayer are firm believers in what one of their heroes, Patch Adams, says, "The most revolutionary act we can commit in the world is to be happy." Go buy a copy of "A Mirthful Spirit" and you too can laugh your way to wellness.

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