Sunday, May 31, 2009

Short Sweet Love Poems

Success in love all boils down to experience. This is true for many walks of life. It is certainly essential when looking for your potential soul mate. Many people mistakenly jump into what they think is a "true love" relationship from a lack of experience and maturity. This is why the majority of marriages end in divorce, when people see potential love in sight, they do everything in their power to grasp it as quickly as they can. This turns into a quick marriage, and eventually, the formerly "dearly beloved" will rethink the situation, and the couple will split. The amount of experience held by each person in a relationship will often regulate how long said relationship will last. I have found an Ebook with shome short sweet love poems and stories that will give you an experience all your own.

Being an avid sports fan, I see a distinct parallel between love and sports, two things that may seem completely unrelated to the untrained eye, but in reality, share much of the same protocol, and many of the same peaks and valleys. Allow me to explain.

Take a talented teenager with aspiring dreams to play professional basketball. In order to utilize his talents most effectively, he starts at an early age, playing grade and middle school basketball, then moving onto high school athletics. If he uses his time and experience wisely, he will be granted a scholarship to play in college. If he decides to forgo his college experience and be drafted into the NBA, his chance of failure is at the highest. Why is this? Lack of experience. The intelligent thing to do is to hold off the NBA, and gain more experience by going to college.

Now take a normal guy looking for true love. He will "play the game" in grade and middle school. These may be novice experiences, but they are experiences nonetheless. The intensity steps up in high school, and things start to get more serious. If this guy decides to immediately commit to his first girlfriend in high school, and get married on the spot, his chance of failure is at the highest. Why is this? Lack of experience. The intelligent thing to do is to hold off marriage, and gain more experience by biding his time with dating.

Do these scenarios seem similar? They work the same way, and the redeeming quality needed for smooth progression is experience. Short sweet love poems are easy to take in, and will provide you with some valuable second hand experience.

Fran Harris is a former WNBA star turned Ph.D and love expert. Fran Harris has seen the best of both the world of sports and love, and has the experience needed to succeed in both. She played her college basketball at the University of Texas, and won the WNBA Championship with the Houston Comets in the league's inaugural 1997 season. She has since turned her talents from sports to giving professional advice to those in need.

Fran Harris and her co-writers have compiled their own experiences and others they have dealt with to write The Power of Love Ebook. This book is filled with real love stories, and short sweet love poems, all of which are told with an amazing energy and passion. These real love stories are written in an attention grabbing prose and a style all their own. The Power of Love Ebook will warm your heart and simultaneously give you valuable piece of mind moving forward into your own successful relationships. Hopefully this piece will help you find your potential soul mate, and live a joyful life. Happy reading!

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