Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Have you ever considered that there are two main motivators in life? There is the pursuit of pleasure. And, there is the avoidance of pain. Some might argue that the two are one and the same. I don't think so. We'll talk about that as you read further down.

Success has a price attached to it. Failure has a price tag attached to it. To experience either one, you will pay the price.

Success has a price tag on it that you get to have control over. Failure's price tag comes from default. It automatically shows up.

The price tag of success is paid up front. The price tag of failure is paid later on. The price tag of success gets easier with time. The price tag of failure keeps on costing you for the rest of your life.

Let me begin by saying that failure is never final unless you quit. The only way that you can 'be a failure' is to quit. And amazing advantage that those have who have chosen to quit is, at any moment, they can choose to get back into the game.

You may find yourself sitting at the end of the bench in the game of life. You might have chosen to go sit in the stands and be a spectator. You may have chosen to leave the stadium all together. The great news for you is, the game is still going on and you are welcome to come back. You probably won't come back as the starting quarterback, but there's still room for you on the team.

Why pay the price of success? Well, that's pretty much a no-brainer. There's a reward for success. Why stay in the game and not give up? Well, there's a result of a lot of pain if you give up.

Think about it. The man who has given up. The guy that got in his car, left the stadium and sits and does nothing. Is he happy or sad? Glad or mad? Feeling good about himself or bad? Gets along well with others and enjoys his family and friends? Or is he at odds with the world? Hopeful about things getting better in the world and his own life? Or hopeless, negative and in psychological turmoil? Grateful to others in his life or blaming others in his life?

Its pretty obvious isn't.

Did Michael Jordon make the first shot that he ever took? Probably not. How did, year after year, Michael's stats get better and better? Because he could magically fly? Well, it took a lot of sweat, determination, commitment and work for Michael to learn to 'fly'. : )

What is the price of success? Just hard work? Let's talk about it.

Hard work is definitely involved. However, hard work isn't 'the key' alone. If it were, then everyone who worked hard would be wealthy, right?

There's more involved.

It takes a goal. It takes concentration on your goal UNTIL it is achieved.

It takes awareness. Knowing what's working. And, knowing what isn't working then making adjustments.

It takes managing the negativity of others. Some of whom you might value highly in your life. Vision is said to be, 'you seeing what others can't see.' Just because you have a vision and are excited and passionate about it, doesn't mean that others are going to 'get it'. Let's face it. Its YOUR vision. Not theirs.

It takes facing obstacles, dead ends and sometimes, all out attack on you and your efforts. Yet still, being able to keep going. Keep pursuing. Keep believing.

It takes detractors and even enemies being right about some things, but you still keep believing in yourself, your goals and your vision.

It takes dealing with negative self talk. Learning how to subdue it and counteract it with positive self talk.

You see, no one is born with the Midas touch of creating success effortlessly. You weren't. Nor was I. No one else on the planet either.

The key is using your will to do the thing that you've imagined for your success. Recognizing that there will be a price of time, willpower, opposition, obstacles and even mountains you might have to climb.

BUT, the price for success is worth it. You get to HAVE more, DO more and BECOME more along the way. You won't be the same person in the end that you were in the beginning. You'll change. You'll change FOR GOOD. For the good of your life. For the good of your family. For the good of others.

Make a choice now to pay whatever price you must in order to live the life that you've dreamed of and imagined for yourself. You'll be very glad that you did.

Michael Murphy
Author of 'Powerful Attitudes', 'Powerfirmations', 'Faithfirmations' and new book yet to be released. Michael is a recognized expert on building powerful, positive self esteem and success. Get his gift of 9 FREE self empowerment classic ebooks by going now to

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