Sunday, May 31, 2009

Helpful Tips For Writing Thank You Notes

For gifts given on birthdays, anniversaries, religious celebrations, showers and weddings:

Keep it real. Be sure your thank you note fits the person you are thanking by the tone and style of your writing. In your thank you note, mention the gift and how you plan to use it. Even if the gift is a monetary one - you can tell the giver how you plan to use their generous gift. Be sure to acknowledge how wonderful and/or useful the gift is in your thank you note. Always send your thank you notes within two weeks time or as soon as possible so that the gift and what it means to you is fresh in your mind.

Guidelines for a monogram: Example: Susan Ann Doe

When a monogram has a large middle initial, the center initial represents the last name, the initial on the left represents the first name and the initial on the right represents the maiden or middle name = SDA

Today many couples are using both of their names in the monogram.

Example: Susan and John Doe

The same guide applies, however, one person's name is to the left and The other person's name is on the right = SDJ

When you complete a job interview, thank the interviewer for giving you the:

* Time of the interviewer
* Information you received in the interview
* Hospitality of the receptionist, interview and others
* Consideration of the organization to be hired as an employee
* Opportunity to advance in your career

Business reasons to send a thank you note:

Send a personal note of congratulations when someone you know is cited for a personal or business achievement. Promote good will by acknowledging an order or referral with a thank-you note.

And this advise from C.J. Hayden, business coach and author of Get Clients Now: "To most people, an anonymous brochure received in the mail is merely junk. A personal, handwritten note on attractive stationery will get someone's attention. Why? Because you took the time to write it. It makes the recipient feel special. And that's how he or she wants to feel as your customer."

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