Monday, May 4, 2009

What If You Couldn't Fail? - Keep Trying

What would your life be like, if you knew for a fact that you couldn't fail. When you seen the man or woman of your dreams, would you approach them and asked them out for a date, or would you wait for someone better. If you always wanted to climb Mount Everest, now is your chance.

If I told you, that you won't fail at everything that you do, will this inspire you to try a more things. If you knew that you weren't going to fail at everything, would climbing Mount Everest still be one of your goals. The fear of failure, keeps most people from doing things and often leads to a life of uncompleted dreams. Don't die with your music still in you or let fear control your life.

How many times has fear stopped you from doing something? Maybe you always wanted to be in the limelight, living your life as a movie actor or actress but your friends and family told you that it is impossible and would be a waste of your time. Why do we listen to and gather our inspiration from people that aren't living their dreams. It's never a waste of time to try. Just what you have,... what if you were successful, think about.

We should start listening to people that have attained the life of their dreams. These are the people that will inspire us. These people have failed and succeeded, failure to some people are looked at as lessons, an education that provides them with inspiration to try again, maybe a different way. Success brings financial rewards to some and rewards of a different kind to others.

Don't let failure stand in your way. There is a very good chance that you will fail at some of the things in your life. Look at these as lessons and keep trying. You've probably heard the old saying that Thomas Edison tried 2000 different ways to invent the lightbulb but only needed one to be successful.

Your success could be right around the corner, keep trying, keep educating yourself and never give up, never ever quit.

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