Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Picture

(I wrote this after this happened--The Holy Spirit is amazing)

There are moments in your life where God puts the perfect words in your mouth for that moment in time. If I never say another thing in my life, I will always remember that on this day I said something right.

Standing in bedroom last night talking to my wife,

I can see the heartbreak in her eyes.

She had been wanting something for so long and

all signs pointed to it's coming. She looks at me and asks,

"Why does God not like me?" I tell her right away,

"God loves you more than anyone ever could."

She says, "Why did He break His promise to me?

I have wanted this for so long and I knew that the Pastor

on TV was speaking to me. I knew it was time."

I told her, "God does not break promises and trust

His word and not the words of man." She counters,

"He speaks through people though."

"Yes He does", I said, "He may have been speaking to someone else."

Then she was silent. I have never seen her faith so tested and her heart so torn before.

I then looked up at this very old picture that her Grandmother had given to us.

It was a picture of Jesus with two sheep, one on each side of Him and He was holding a lamb in His arms. I told my wife as I pointed to the picture, "I would do anything to take away your hurt, but only He can repair the tear in your heart."

My wife looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, "He does not speak to me. He only stands there with that lamb in His arms." In the most gentle and loving way I could speak to her I said, "Sweetheart, that lamb in His arms is you."

Doug G 2007

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