Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Secret to Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is a statement or concept of belief. Affirmations are synonymous with everything we say and think. We are constantly affirming to ourselves through our subconscious thoughts, which are sometimes called mind chatter, mind-scripts, or self-talk. This subconscious stream of affirmations is vitally important to our life results because they create a foundation on which our conscious actions are built.

Many times our self-talk is the result of experiences from our childhood. Our thought patterns usually reflect self-impressions that we created long ago, as children. They can be positive and work in our favor, or they can be negative and cause huge problems in our lives. Positive affirmations are a way to let go of outdated attitudes and feelings about oneself.

A powerful way to sculpt our self-talk is to create beneficial affirmations and review them on a consistent basis. These positive affirmations are short statements meant to override and replace any negative beliefs held by the subconscious mind.

Using positive affirmations is a conscious effort to stay focused on goals. They remind us to target our thoughts and words on what serves us best. Positive affirmations are a type of prophecy that when imagined with true belief and passion can come true.

When our conscious mind believes our positive affirmations, it feeds them to the subconscious mind. The subconscious may easily consume the belief, or it may reject the belief. Daily repetition of positive affirmations is the most effective way to overcome resistance and realize an improved inner truth.

Once you have firmly established a positive belief in your subconscious self-talk, it can begin to manifest great changes in your conscious reality. The faster you are able to embrace change and alter your beliefs, the faster positive affirmations can work to make tangible improvements in your life.

The format for positive affirmations is very important. They are best constructed as if the desired result has already occurred. For example, "I enjoy sharing my wealth with others", or "I have boundless energy to exercise each day". This format enables the mind to begin thinking like a person who has already accomplished those results.

Positive affirmations can be super-charged when accompanied with high levels of emotion and passion. A way to evoke powerful feelings is to involve as many of the senses as possible. Using a program that automatically incorporates images and audio with your affirmations leverages the benefits of the experience.

An image or visual representation that accompanies each of your affirmations sends a strong message to the subconscious about what is truly desired. And using audio that incorporates brainwave entrainment technology puts the mind in the best possible state to receive and hold those messages permanently.

When you want to see change in your life, it's wise to use the most powerful tools that exist today. Video programs that utilize cutting-edge scientific technology help users maximize their life results. These programs allow change to happen on the subconscious level by simply opening and viewing a video file on your computer.

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