Monday, July 20, 2009

Psychics and Psychic Readings - The Higher Level

When people research or debate also talk about psychic clairvoyants or precognitions, and try to expand their knowledge about this phenomenon, and when people try to find facts about this subject using known theories, this in itself becomes a conflicting challenge about their personal theories, and not many people would like the fact that their theories are challenged.

There are many people who experience events and somehow feel that it is more than coincidence, through out our life of human history. Psychic intuition skills have helped us whether we were aware or not. To glimpse in to the future sounds out of this world, but as we know, we live in a very complex world indeed. And the advancements of modern science answer many unknown facts about our existence. Example being; we now know that our beautiful planet is round instead of flat. Yet also, ancient cultures without such scientific advancement have astounded us with their marvelous creations such as the Pyramids of Giza. They have placed high regard, rather evolved around the concept of spirituality for their spiritual masters. We can all agree we are far from really understanding our true nature.

Also we must place high respect for science and their findings as well, especially the science of consciousness. Many research and energy is being put towards subjects of psychics clairvoyants extra sensory perception telepathy just a name a few. As you maybe aware that psychic readings give insights to events and situations. Psychic readings and psychics ability to accurately advice people, on matters that concern them has forever been within our human history. Also we all have seen movies where in past history, when people who practiced or explored different beliefs or concepts have been tied to a tree and prosecuted. Thank goodness that is in our unintelligent past, as freedom of speech and choice of belief, is the most important factor, rather a sacred treasure, we must all uphold.

Psychic intuition is built in us to protect us from danger, guide us to our true nature (spiritual) just like a little new born turtle hatched and knows to swim straight to the ocean. We too are drawn to spirituality, almost all the people around this complex planet believe in spirituality. And almost all the cultures have a psychic to consult when faced with spiritually unfamiliar waters. The ocean of emotions in every heart thirsts for spiritual reason, guidance and spiritual answers. And only the calm waters will reflect the stars. When we expand our beings then calmness can become part of our hearts ocean.

It is possible to glimpse also anticipate near future events, this requires an art, art of seeing; whether one likes to label such visions as predictions or perception. To have a real psychic ability, one must attend life from a view point of purity of heart, and when a spiritual psychic advances in wisdom through proper guidance and learning for many many years, will develop an intuitive psychic ability. Every human is equipped with this psychic ability; it's just only select few choose to explore the boundaries. And just like any chosen subject, the more we attend the more we learn of it. Also when we debate a subject of reality, then this becomes a personal matter. As what is real for some might not be real for others. Yet if we were to draw a straight line _______ and we both at the same time see this line. We will both see and agree that it is a straight line. The truth cannot be bent. And the truth of the matter is, within the garden of every spiritual heart, there is a rose that is blossoming silently, which is called YOU.

Tolga Savas
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