Saturday, July 11, 2009

God Puts it in Writing

Just how important is the written word? Most of you already know.
  • Complain out loud at work and not much will happen. But put in writing that you're strongly considering another job, and your post can be filled immediately.
  • Try getting a loan from the bank with a smile and a please and a thanks. But sign your life away, and the money flows in.
  • You can say you were at the meeting, but when the boss sees your signature on the sign-in sheet, it's a done deal.
  • The government can say they want to lower your taxes, but laws to do such must be in writing.
  • They can say the new machine is easily put together, even show you a picture of what it is supposed to look like. But a written set of instructions is what makes the difference.
  • Government leaders can promise their counterparts that they will not attack, but a written document eases everyone's fears.
  • You say this car is yours? Where's the written title?

Have I made my point? The old song goes, It's real for it's written. Yes, when it's written down is when truth becomes something we can take to the bank. Christians have been hearing good things from pulpits for many years, but how many true believers will stick around if the preacher doesn't prove that what he's preaching is written?

Oh how wonderful that our God is an author, a writer. Wonderful that He breathed His Spirit on 40+ writers over 1600 years and through them gave us a Book. Yes, it was 66 books, but the unity is so great that we have always thought of it as one book, the Book.

Brother Peter says that the prophecies of old were of Divine, not human, origin. Men were moved along by the Spirit. So the written word has come down to us. II Peter 1:20-21.

God's promises are sure. He wrote it down, and passed it on.

Our brothers and sisters in North Korea and other suffering nations need to hear the precious promises of God. He saves. He forgives. He heals. He comforts. He guides. He is coming. Eternal life. Joy. Peace. Love. It's all in there. And it's all true. They deserve to see and believe it for themselves. Who will get the Word to them?

Will you join me in prayer to that end? is a website I put together a few months back to get the word out to believers that they need to pray for North Korea. I have created over 200 blogs and the site features a live news feed , lists of resources, picture essays, and ways to respond to the overwhelming need in North Korea. Let's love Chosen together! Contact me any time at

And who am I? A man found of God over 50 years ago, called to the ministry, serving the Lord as needed in my world. Married, member of a local church in the Chicago area, with full time work in public education. I love to write Scriptural works. Who are you? Would love to fellowship with believers who respond .

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