Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spirituality - 3 Questions to Develop Your Personal Spiritual Relationship With Your Higher Power

Women often find themselves searching for deeper meaning in life.

We all know a woman who seems to be at complete peace with her divine relationship. She is serene, has confidence and her life works.

  • Maybe she grew up in a spiritually rich environment and has always felt guided and protected by her Higher Power.
  • Maybe she grew up without a spiritual foundation at all and has developed her Divine Relationship on her own.
  • Maybe she had to reinvent her relationship with her Creator for various reasons.

Whatever her path, a woman in an intimate relationship with her Higher Power is a beautiful being indeed.

So, what about you?

You intuitively know that you are intricately connected to something greater than yourself but if you don't have an established spiritual belief in place, where do you start?

Start here.

Ask yourself these 3 Important Questions designed to help you develop your own deeply personal and satisfying relationship with a Divine Power, however you choose to understand that Power.

#1 What is your current understanding of a Higher Power?

  • You may or may not have had any religious or spiritual instruction growing up. Some of what you did receive may no longer fit what you truly believe. Maybe you have gleaned bits and pieces from various sources and haven't taken the opportunity to put it all together. It doesn't matter really, you are who you are, and you are enough.

#2 How would you like to feel about your relationship with your Higher Power?

  • This may seem like an unusual question. By answering it you will understand what you need from your Divine Relationship. Everyone will want something different.

#3 What questions would you like to find your answers to?

  • You undoubtedly have some questions about spirituality. Gather them up and go looking for answers that feel right.

In the end, all paths lead to the same place.

There are no right or wrong answers. There are so many aspects of spirituality in the world. With a bit of insight you will find the path that feels right for you. You will know when it is a good fit. It will feel like you have "come home".

Caution: Some of us have been wounded spiritually at some point in our lives. If this applies to you, please give yourself the gift of finding a support system. This journey is supposed to feel good, you are supposed to feel connected and loved. Anything less than that is unacceptable. Ask someone for help.

Wishing you Peace & Abundance... Joyce Lee "Your Life Empowerment Coach"


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