Monday, July 20, 2009

The Benefits of Swim Spas

We all know the benefits of owning a swimming pool. However, sometimes the costs and space considerations are simply too much. What you may not know is that there is an alternative without the price tag or space required.

Swim spas have most of the benefits of a swimming pool but can be installed into a smaller space and are much cheaper. You can think of a swim spa as being similar to hot tubs in that they are small, self contained tubs. They can placed inside the home or outside in the backyard on a deck, patio or flat piece of ground. The idea is that you swim in the tub and the current produced by the swim spa pushes against you in much the same way as a treadmill. The current is produced by six powerful jets.

One of the main advantages of a swim spa is the easy installation process. Unlike a swimming pool, there is no requirement to excavate your backyard. You can put the pieces of the swim spa together with bolts. Generally it is a good idea to have a plumber install the plumbing - even though it is possible to do it yourself. Once the installation is complete, many people either install a small deck around the spa or landscape with paving or plants.

By using a swim spa regularly you will get fit and toned by swimming. The powerful current can also help you relax due to its massaging effects. It is also possible to choose the temperature of the water so that you can have a nice cooling or warming swim.

Maintaining a swim spa is simple and much easier than a swimming pool. You will still need to check the water and add chemicals as required but the filtration system and ozone generator will aid you tremendously in this regard.

The Spa Cover Guide can help you buy a new swim spa for inside or outside your home.

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