Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Psychic Readings - What is Psychic See-er?

When people talk about psychic abilities, then very imaginative ideas pop up in the minds of general population. Some reckon psychic is some one who can talk to people who have departed this transition, and some others think psychics are God gifted and are able to actually talk to God. Throughout the ages there were see-ers who could see the heart of the matter also communicate with spiritual dimension, getting guidance also predicting and anticipating up coming events.

In our recorded history we come to see the importance of spirituality to all lost civilizations. Example: Aztecs of South America, or ancient Egyptian cultures which really evolved their entire existence around a belief that life is of spiritual nature. Ancient Egyptian society had a very rich spiritual belief system. They have built marvelous temple tombs for their journeys for after life. And not just Egyptian but almost all civilizations throughout ages believed in spiritual realms and try to communicate with those dimensions. When we study history we come to see cave painting which date back to 10000 years before time, where we get to see the rock art in detail, showing shamanic rituals being performed. Shamanic cultures still exists in remotes part of our globe. Still living and practicing spiritual traditions their ancestors left for successive generations. Also spirituality touches nearly every heart in one form or another.

Spiritual beliefs and practices vary for different cultures and societies. And almost all cultures have a spiritual psychic who they consult on regular basis. Psychics are not a new invention in our modern busy lives. They can be seen almost in every culture, making their spiritual journeys to higher consciousness to receive psychic answers, and spiritual guidance. In eastern part of our world these spiritually attuned psychics are named as see-ers. They have the unique ability to intuitively see the heart of the matter in question. Psychic clairvoyants in our modern world are becoming in demand and proving to be very popular amongst spiritually minded people. They provide psychic readings, also some are able to read divination as well, divination is not simply a fortune telling event, as alleged in Hollywood movies, it is more than that, it is being able to see insights of a person or events.

We need to understand the difference between psychic readings and divination readings. They are both completely different subjects altogether, yet they will both prove to be insightful also accurate, if received from a genuine source. Our history has seen psychics, soothsayers, magicians, astrology prediction given by astrologers who study the position of stars, clairvoyant, rune stones readers, psychic - mediums who make the spiritual journeys between spirit world and our normal world, divination kumalak readers and many other spiritual forms of divination and seeing.

As science evolved so did knowledge of our universe, science answers many questions, and without the efforts of science we could not make so many new discoveries we find to be useful for us. And scientific communities will disagree with psychic ability being real, as most scientific scholars do not believe in the existence of soul - spirit nature. Everybody is entitled to their theories in life, which is the basis for advancement, to have theories. Yet the spiritual communities know the accuracy and usefulness of consulting a psychic, and getting psychic readings from them. Genuine psychic advice has and will continue to provide a useful option to those who live their lives believing in the existence of spiritual forms thus receiving guidance from these dimensions. Question should not be as to, are psychics real? Rather the question should be how can I utilize the dedication of these spiritually attuned souls? "Psychics"

We are human beings whether we live in Asia or America, and there were psychics thousands of years ago, and some are genuine psychic clairvoyants today also. Have you ever had genuine psychic readings before? If you have, then your theories about them will be positive in nature. And if you never had genuine psychic readings before, then perhaps you may like to test your theories about them, by getting genuine real psychic readings online, today.

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