Monday, July 20, 2009

A Two Year Old Prophecy Over My Life That I Cherish

It was Juliette who wanted to write tonight, but it is I who want to speak to you and your heart. So I am the One who is choosing to speak to you. I have told Juliette that she is not to be the one to write and that she is to shut down her mind and allow Me to say exactly what I want to say to you without changing My words or allowing herself to cut in when she feels that I couldn't possibly be wanting to say these things to you.

There are times when I look at you with wonder and think about why you continue to be so hard on yourself. You have much to give, yet you let your own ideas dominate over the ones that I have for your life. You freely give My words to people, yet fail to see that I have words that I want to freely give to you.

Yes, My heart grieves at the lack of commitment from those who know Me and yes there is much anger I carry in My heart for the injustice of this world and I allow you to feel these things to enable you to see that I am the One who cares about those who you see around you.

You have continued to be faithful to Me and have reached into the lives of many. You do not understand why I use you and you do not understand why I give you wisdom. You cannot see why I continue to take you into the night and speak into the lives of people who dont know you and at times dont want to know you. But I have a plan and purpose for your life that goes way beyond what you will ever be able to understand.

The times that you struggle are the periods in your life that will bring you growth. The times when you feel darkness around you, are the times I need you to reach out to Me the most, for it is My strength which will sustain you through these moments.

I have taken you and called you to Myself. You say that you never asked for what you have now, yet you asked to serve Me, you asked to reach into the lives of people and to show them Me. Now you carry your burden and there are times when you want to run away. You escape into sleep and cannot see that it is I who is trying to shine a light into your life that will cause you to lift from the moment of despair that you find yourself in.

When you wrote your web site did you think it was just a foolish notion or do you believe it was something that I planted within your heart? When you wrote the words that spoke into the lives of those that sought answers from you did I not give them to you because you were happy to serve Me and bring My love into peoples lives. My ways are not your ways. My ways are infinitely greater and always will be.

Those that fear Me know what it is to serve an awesome God. A God who created the Heavens and the earth and who set the stars in the sky as a reminder to all who gaze upon them.

My love for you goes beyond what you will ever understand and your worth is found in Me. You are worthy because I say youre worthy and there should be no better reason than that. I am who I say I am and you look at these words and believe them. Can you then not also believe that when I say you are worthy, you are!

I have spoken over your life words that see you moving beyond this nation and now is a time of testing and refining. I will use these moments to create within you a new heart and will create within you a new mind. Your eyes will see infinitely more than they do now. Your ears will hear more wisdom than youve already heard and there will be fresh revelation of who I am and what My ways are.

Over and over I will show you what it is to know Me in great intimacy. You see before you your friend Jesus who has traveled this road with you and who has loved you despite all your circumstances. I also love you and want you to see that as much as Jesus loves you, Jesus also loves all those around you. His heart breaks for those that dont know Him and His heart bleeds for those who turn away.

My word does not lie and there will be times of judgment when I pour out My wrath upon this earth. You know that in your heart to be true. There will be moments in time when My anger will come down in such a way that countless lives are wiped out in an instant. Does this mean I do not care about my people? Does this mean I dont long to save everyone?

I have tempered my anger with great love and it is I who decide those who should die and those who should live. It is before Me that people will stand in judgment, it is before Me that they will have to give account of all that theyve done. It is before Me that they will need to explain why they made the decisions they did.

I want you to see that you are special to Me and that I have just as many words for you as I have for those around you. I want you to see that what you pour out I will pour back in. I want you to see that what you freely give will be freely given back to you.

Keep running child, keep fighting.

I am outworking My will in your life and I am changing you from glory to glory. No more will people be able to say about you that you dont belong. You belong to Me, youre Mine. I own you, youre marked by Me. My Son carries His stripes for you, my Son carries the marks in His hands for you. My Son who walks with you and who you know so well.

Do you see the weight of my words for you? When you spread your wings, you are going to soar because you will soar with Me, but now is not yet the time to spread your wings. Theres more I need for you to learn. Theres more I need to teach you. Theres more I have to give you before I send you out amongst the nations. Theres more that you need to learn to see through My eyes.

Everyday will bring with it new challenges. Everyday will bring with it new lessons. Everyday will see you experiencing something different. I desire for you to see in those experiences the depth of My love not only for you, but for all people.

Dont let go of Me My son, hold my hand. Place your hand in Mine and let Me hold you close and comfort you, especially now. Let Me pour in great refreshing. Let me do a new work in you. Let Me be the one who causes you to grow. Such love I have for you.

When the moon is in the sky and the stars shine, do you see the blessings I have for your life? Each star represents a blessing that I want to give just to you. Each light represents a part of Me that you still dont understand.

Your worth to Me outweighs the treasures of this world. Your worth to Me outweighs the wall you have seen standing here in Heaven. Your worth to Me goes beyond what your mind can conceive. Dont try to understand it, just accept it!

Try to see that I will have My way, no matter what happens. My little friend, so open to Me, so wanting to please and serve Me. Such beauty I see in you, such pleasure.

When you read this it is My heart you will see. When you read it again, it is my wisdom you will fathom. When you read it once more it will be My words that sear across your mind.

Take these things I say to you and burn them on your heart, remember that it is I who love you and it is I who will have My way. Just be obedient to Me and let Me order your footsteps according to My plan for your life and you will see that the plans you commit to Me will succeed.

With love from your Father in Heaven.

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