Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Tourist Dream - Maasai Mara

The home of adventure: - African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania, still believes that only the best is good enough. It's this strong concept that results to the achievement of Africa Home adventure dreams not only in Masai mara, but also in other Kenya National parks and game reserves. The secret behind our fame and popularity with Masai mara lies greatly in our understanding of the uniqueness of this reserve and the services we render to our dear clients. We take our clients to explore the park while still afresh after a 5 minutes drive from our campsite. This enables us cover this relatively small sized game reserve in sections at a convenient pace depe918nding on the number of days you've chosen to take. Our hospitable and professional drivers/guides never get tired of "game-driving":-driving up and down in the reserve in search of wildlife.

Masai Mara offers wonderful scenery and an abundance of big game: - the only park perhaps left in Kenya where tourists and budget travelers can view animals in the same super-abundance as existed a century ago. It accommodates the largest population of lions. Watching up to one and a half million of wildebeest migrating from Serengeti in Tanzania is a mind-blowing experience. This huge mass of animals remain on the productive Mara grasslands until October or November, and then as the storm clouds gather in the south, they return to their breeding grounds which by the time they arrive, are once again green and lush, This is the Serengeti plain.

Seeing is believing! You are always most welcome to book a trip to Masai mara at your convenient time of the year with African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania Safaris, your only pocket friendly tour operator. Kindly do feel free to contact The African Home Adventure team for a booking procedure.

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