Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Law of Attraction Tips - 18 Things To Do When It Seems Like It's Not Working

1. Stay close to what feels easy. Ease is a good tip-off that you are close to your Source-based inner wisdom. Let yourself continually re-define "easy" as easier and easier.

2. Think and do what feels "positive" for you in a relative sense. I recently read a scientific study that showed that forcing gratitude actually results in depression. Do not force yourself to think things that others define as "positive." Follow your own sense of ease and you will feel much better and everything will begin to go easier for you.

3. If you feel peeved, just let yourself feel peeved and relax into it. Give your feelings a name and write it down. Studies have shown that naming feelings produces relief, and relief means more flowing progress.

4. Know that it's OK to be where you are. I have seen over and over again that, no matter where I am -- worried, pessimistic or happy -- I can relax into it, know it is good and good things can come. I have manifest better feelings and positive situations at all kinds of emotional levels, from powerlessness to joy, because my Source-based inner wisdom can always meet me with good-feeling inspiration right where I am.

5. See this for yourself: Ask your inner wisdom to show you an open door to a thought or action that feels good and then follow it.

6. Do it again whenever it feels easy!

7. Talk to yourself and invite your inner wisdom to listen. Just get everything off your chest! and notice how you start to feel better. This is great to do while you are driving! If I'm in a lot of close traffic and feel self-conscious, I wear a headset from my cell phone (or mp3 player look-alike) and everyone can assume I'm on talking on my phone. You can do this when you feel good, too!

8. Talk to the Universe and ask specific questions about your concerns, fully expecting specific and easy to do replies which are helpful.

9. Take the Universe's advice when you hear the answer.

10. Do this as often as you feel like it during the day; the Universe will always like to hear from you and you will feel better.

11. Learn some form of energy releasing to accompany your talking. Google or search on YouTube for "EFT" or "TAT" and you can learn something in 10-20 minutes which will serve you well for life. After you do the physical tapping several times to get the feeling of it, you can just visualize yourself tapping on the points for the same effect, such as when you're talking to yourself and driving.

12. Hum a melody that expresses your feelings about the situation until you feel better. Make up a melody, as dramatic or soothing or whatever as you feel like. The music and the act of humming actually brings the two parts of your brain into greater harmony, and expressing your feelings without words activates and provides relief for a much broader range of anxieties and tensions.

13. Call in your angels and ask for help. Even if you've never done this, and you're not sure you believe in angels, if it feels OK, just give it a try and let yourself be very pleasantly surprised.

14. Whatever you have asked the Universe to manifest, start adding non-physical things to your vision -- greater peace of heart and mind, ease of sleep, better focus, more trust, more ease, just ask whatever is in your heart and mind. Asking for non-physical things can often be easier, with less resistance, and it will boost your sense of empowerment greatly when you591 start to receive them quite quickly.

15. When you start to feel better, remember a time you got something you wanted.

16. Let yourself feel grateful once a week (don't overdo! Just think of something really, really easy).

17. Find something really, really easy to do and do it.

18. Lay down for a while (take a nap if you want) and call it meditating. Know that the relaxation and ease really is bringing you closer to your Source-based inner wisdom and inner power.

I support your success! Thank you for being here.

Nancy Madlin is an energy alignment expert, coach and author.

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