Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dream Analysis - The Wild Conscience or Anti-Conscience

On continuing Carl Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere through dream analysis, I discovered the existence of a wild conscience that causes craziness to the human conscience. However, Jung thought that the unconscious was responsible for psychic diseases, although it also worked like a doctor that cured them.

I didn't accept this contradiction, observing that the human conscience is totally absurd, since it works based on only one completely developed psychological function and based on the selfish and childish ego's desires. Craziness existed in the human conscience, and not in the unconscious that produces dreams and sends us wise messages to cure our psyche.

I trusted completely the unconscious' wisdom, understanding that the same wise brain that produces dreams also prepares the several progrF29ams that allow the perfect functioning of all the animal and plant species on our planet, as several biologists besides Konrad Lorenz had proved with their research.

This way I faced schizophrenia by obeying the directions I received in dreams and signs I interpreted in my daily reality in the same way that I interpreted dreams. I clearly saw that the wild conscience provokes schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria and neurosis in the human conscience and that all these diseases reflect the same process: the invasion of the wild, evil and violent content, which belongs to the wild part of the human conscience, into the human side of the human conscience.

Neurosis and hysteria reflect the first steps of the wild conscience's invasion into the human realm. Neurotic and hysteric patients can easily be cured through dream analysis if they precisely obey the directions they receive in their dreams.

The same doesn't happen for psychotic and schizophrenic patients, who have completely lost their human conscience and are totally dominated by the wild anti-conscience that has destroyed their human side.

What does this destruction mean? It means that there is no sensitivity in their psychic sphere: they are dominated by the monster inherent in the wild side of their conscience.

The anti-conscience is a wild animal, a demon created by the disorganized development of the conscience in its formation. However, it is not a fossil, it is alive and active in our psychic sphere, trying to control our behaviour all the time.

The human being has to dominate this wild side, before it has the chance to destroy one's human conscience. This is why dream analysis is indispensable for everyone from the first days of their adolescence.

By analysing their dreams, everyone will be able to develop all their psychological functions and fight the domination of the wild anti-conscience, transforming this violent content into a positive part of the human conscience.

It cannot simply disappear: it is our other self, our wild sibling that has to be transformed through the same process that transformed our human conscience, so that it acquires human sensitivity.

What gives balance and wisdom to the human being is not one's rationalism, but sensitivity and comprehension while facing the human mistakes and compassion without conditions and limits.

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