Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Checklist To Know You Have Found Law Of Attraction

As I see it the law of attraction is a force that everyone can tap into. This force is a guiding force that once realized will guide you to your true purpose in life. You can tap into this force by just acknowledging that it is there. My main purpose is to give a check list of signs that will let you know that you have found the guiding force called Law of Attraction. Once you start realizing that the signs are appearing in your life you can begin to trust that you are on the right path, and at the exact spot that you need to be. You can then begin to attract what you desire in life. These could be a better job, a new business opportunity, better health, or better relationships. It is truly up to you, as to what you can attract to your life. Remember there is much more to be learned once the signs start appearing, so keep in touch.

1. Unexplain55Bed coincidences start to show up when you least expect it. Keep in mind the more you are aware of these possible coincidences the easier it will be to tap in to the power of the experience.

2. Life moves at a smoother pace, with no more struggles. There is a flow to your experiences that tell you that you are headed in the right direction. You trust that everything is in harmony. You can begin to follow your dreams.

3. Your thoughts become pleasant thoughts. You realize that your thoughts are the guiding force to attract what you truly desire. You begin to use them to your advantage.

4. Your ambitions or dreams feel like they are only a moment away from being fulfilled. In actuality your dreams can be fulfilled in this very moment if you truly believe in them.

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