Sunday, May 11, 2008

Be Wary of Free Cover Letters

Free cover letters are easy to access on the internet nowadays. This has become a usual resort to people who are afraid that they do not have the right skills to make one for themselves. This is also a quick way to have a furnished cover letter for sudden application forms that individuals give out to their prospective employers.

Evidently, free cover letters have been a useful tool for people who fail to prepare. However, this does not mean that it will produce the same results if one have taken the time and effort to make the cover letter as good as it should be to stand out. This is why you have to be wary of the free cover letter. They are templates that are good for starting point but should not be relied upon to give you the immediate results. You have to be careful of using the free cover letters before they serve as the final kiss to your career expectations.

Bring the Best Out of the Free Cover Letter

Free cover letters may be something you have to be wary of because they are mere templates. They must not be depended on its own. However, this does not mean that you cannot use free cover letters to your disadvantage. All it takes is for you to know the right way to approach the opportunity and you can have good expectations with your free cover letter.

Making the Most of the Free Cover Letter

You can use the free cover letter to grab that job interview you want. Grab the opportunity to make the first big step to having the job of your dreams.

Personalize the free cover letter. Most of the free cover letters you will find online contain general information that are needed in such. It is best to substitute the general information with specific details that fit your job objectives. Make sure that you have the correct and specific name for the recipient of the letter.

Be direct and concise in the information that you give out. It is important to be straight to the point when making your cover letter. Hiring officers usually handle a number of cover letters and application forms in a day. It is best to be brief so that they will not get bored. This will also ensure that you are able to send your message properly. You can use your own headline statement and put it in the free cover letter. Use bullet points on relevant information. Just do not overdo it as to make the cover letter informal. You can also revise the information so that they will all contribute to a single goal or message.

Make the free cover letter stand out. There is a probability that other applicants may use the same free cover letter that you have accessed. Thus, make sure that the one you will give will still look original. Give it a more fresh twist without altering the formality of the layout. Use the right fonts, colors and formatting in your free cover letter. You do not want your cover letter be overlooked by the hiring officer.


You can make your free cover letter a more polished work so that it will stand out from the rest. Just put in good amount of time and effort to ensure a good outcome in your plans.

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