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Easiest And Most Effective Methods

Aromatherapy for stress relief offers methods that fit easily into your daily life. Whether in the bath, air or on the skin, aromatherapy is highly effective at relieving tension, anxiety and fatigue. If you are searching for an inexpensive, simple way to deal with stress, give this natural remedy a try.

What is aromatherapy? It is a natural healing technique of using essential oils to ease health conditions. Essential oils are directly extracted from flowers and plants. The use of plant-based oils for healing is over 1,000 years old. When inhaled, the scents of the extracted oils affect the limbic system in the brain.

The limbic system influences the autonomic nervous system as well as emotions and behaviour. Inhaling certain scents can calm and balance our emotions and behaviour. Take advantage of aromatherapy for stress relief. It is a powerful mB67ethod of producing relaxation and rejuvenation.

There are many ways to use aromatherapy for stress relief. Using the essential oils in the bath, air and on the skin are the easiest. The oils are readily available and range from $5.00 to $30.00 for the most popular ones. They can be found mostly at health food stores and online. Try these methods and feel your stress melt away.

In the bath - The most pleasurable way to experience the effects of essential oils is in the bath. After pouring a warm bath add about six drops of a soothing oil such as lavender, lemmongrass or pine. The warm water will activate the healing scent of the oil. Bath products containing essential oils are now widely available. However they may not be as effective as using the pure oils.

In the air - This is a popular way of using aromatherapy for stress relief. Using diffusers, aroma lamps and inhalers are the many products available to fill the air with therapeutic scents. You may want to try putting a few drops of oil on a light bulb before you turn it on. The warmth of the light bulb will activate the scent. A quick method is putting a few drops on a tissue or cotton ball. Take a few whiffs to instantly relax, revitalize and recoup.

On the skin - Using the skin for aromatherapy serves many purposes in addition to relieving stress. Massaging tense muscles and joints, revving up circulation and improving skin health are but a few benefits. Essential oils always require a carrier oil to be put on the skin. Carrier oils such as sweet almond, avocado or grapeseed work well. Use approximately 6-8 drops essential oil to 20 ml carrier oil. You can even purchase a rub containing relaxing essential oils to use in times of stress. Just massage the rub into your temples, wrists or chest to calm your nerves instantly.

Using these methods of aromatherapy for stress relief are pleasant yet powerful. Feeling the soothing and rejuvenating effects of essential oils may lead you to use them for other ailments. A healing method that has been used for over 1,000 years must be effective.

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