Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fear of Death

Fear of death is the most basic fear of life.

Fear of life is another!

We fear life because it reminds us of our death, and keeps doing so every single moment with each and every breath that we take in, in order to survive a few seconds more.

Breathing unconsciously reminds us of our death that we could have embraced, had we not taken our first breath the moment we came out of our mother's womb.

More so with inhalation than with exhalation!

Breathing is life.

But breathing is an unconscious effort as well.

This means life is an effort, although in an unconscious way.

Inside the womb, we never had to make any effort whether to breathe or to eat.

Life was all peace.

As soon as we come out, death threatens us.

Fear of death becomes the fear of life.

We borrow a few moments of life from death through breathing a little oxygen in.

Oxygen turns into carbon di oxide very fast.

Fear of death again envelops us unconsciously.

We borrow a few moments of life more from death through breathing a little more oxygen in.

Our life becomes an unconscious struggle to escape death with each and every breath of it.

We live with inhalation rather than with exhalation of breath.

We want to take more oxygen in than we throw carbon di oxide out.

So, the lungs are never empty of carbon di oxide in them.

How can we take more oxygen into them then?

Our breathing turns shallow.

The more it turns shallow, the more the unconscious fear of death envelopes us perpetually as well as perennially.

The unconscious fear of death expresses itself as the conscious fear of life.

We fear life.

In fact, the shortage of oxygen with each inhalation of ours makes us fear life.

We want to take in more and give out less.

How is it possible?

But the whole world culture has turned like that!

The basic contradiction between what we want and what the scientific reality is as far as comforts of life are concerned!

The more we want the oxygen in, the less it gets inhaled.

The fear of death keeps its clutches tight on us.

Trying to inhale more than exhale keeps our unconscious fear mounted perennially onto our skull and into our body.

This fear constantly keeps pulling our skull as well as our torso down and tucking them in.

It does not let our eyes open fully too.

That is why we are always in a state that is half-asleep or half-awake.

We never come out of this slumber in our life.

We keep dreaming in the day too.

We keep thinking - chewing the cud of the past!

We never meet life afresh.

Meeting life afresh turns our unconscious fear into a conscious one.

The conscious fear of death - not the thought of the fear, but the real fear as such - turns breathing into an effortless one; if we keep facing it in its full intensity for an unspecified duration of time.

Exhalation turns more pronounced than inhalation is, in a spontaneous way.

The skull and the torso open out as well as get stretched up permanently!

The body embraces health and the mind goes empty paving way for the brain to work with full intelligence.

Now the question is: how to turn the unconscious fear of death into a conscious one - not the thought of it but the real fear as such!

By qualification, G B Singh is an electronics engineer, passionate to change the quality of life on earth.

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