Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The High Voltage Child

Imagine this: you're a kid again.

Pick an age, somewhere between 2 and 18.
Sound fun? But, for the sake of experiment, let's say you're a real handful,
a high voltage kid. You're a rascal on good days, a hellion on most days.

Mom would never call you a brat, but strangers do.
So embarrassing.

You argue, provoke, resist. You'll do whatever it takes to get a 'charge' out of people. Sometimes it's interesting. Often, it ends with tears.
But hey, you're just a kid - you're not really sure why you act like you do. Just gotta, gotta, gotta get your way.

You pitch public fits when you feel thwarted. You cause chaos at home.
Not a day goes by without catastrophe.
And nobody seems to understand - they just get madder and louder. And that makes you feel crazier inside.

You say things at home are getting pretty wild?

Your family is like a runaway train, and they seem to think it's because you're on board.
Kinda wish someone would pull the brakes?

Sounds like its time for some help from parent coach Tina Feigal. She seems to understand you, the challenging child. She has a whole different take on what makes you tick, click, and totally ride off the rails. Tina says you are passionate and intense. How true is that? And it sure sounds better than "brat.'

In her new book, The Pocket Parent Coach, Tina offers a Two-Week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life With Your Intense Child. Tina wrote this book for the big people you know. Her book introduces them to the Present Moment Parenting, a set of tools she offers as a parent coach on radio, TV and to parents around the world.

She says you're a bright, intense kid who is always looking for an energy match: your passionate intensity wants a passionate, intense response from the world.
You're a heat-seeking creature, and wherever you sense heat - that's where you're going. Often the heat comes from "bad" behavior, and in a funny way, all that upset you cause just sets you up to do more.

She says if you stir up adults' anger and get us to freak out, well, then, you've done your job.

Matter of fact, Tina says you're a scientist, and your behavior is your way of 'doing research.'

Someone gets it.
Someone who has done her research too, and come up with a plan to move you along - to enjoy who YOU are and help you have an exciting and more harmonious time with your friends, family and people in your life...
Here are Tina Feigal's: 5 Key Approaches to Understanding You.

1. It's the brain, child.
Tina explains the unique neurochemistry behind the behavior of kids with intense brains. And she explains why typical discipline techniques won't work with kids like you. Because you're wired for intensity, your hardware, software and shareware all operate in special ways - pulling energy directly from the strongest satellite of all - your heart.
2. There's no time BUT the present.
With her Present Moment Parenting, Tina shows your folks how to adjust to a more positive method when you listen to each other and interact. She believes in the power of carefully chosen words - delivered on the spot. She offers a tried-and-true 3-part phrase that shifts your whole way of being together.
3. Love Potion: Communication.
Now, home is a-buzz with a program and a credit system for keeping things headed in a loving direction. Everybody's making progress - and the scientist in you is discovering a whole new way of thinking and feeling about yourself, your family, your school and the world around you.
4. Justice we reap, we sow.
Tina helps your parents locate their inner compass when it comes to setting limits and providing compassionate consequences. Funny how this experiment works: the clearer the rules are, the more cooperative you feel.
5. Take The Tina Turnaround.
Tina's book offers personal entry to a more loving family life for Mom's, Dad's and all the people who love and care for intense children.

Tina Feigal's The Pocket Parent Coach is loaded with day-by-day coaching tips, handy notes, reminder slips and progress charts plus an audio CD to take listeners along on one parent's journey through the Present Moment Parenting. Her book is for parents for children of all ages, and those with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Tourettes or Asperger's Syndrome, giftedness, or no diagnosis at all.

Visit Tina's web site at

When it comes to placing healing in the hands of parents to help them turn kids around, Tina Feigal is gifted. When it comes to helping your whole family feel better together, she's passionate - just like you.

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