Monday, September 7, 2009

Bullying Awareness - How to Become Aware of & Clamp Down on Office Bullying

The 7th November marked National Ban Bullying at Work Day. As a part of this, a leading employment solicitor in the south has joined the campaign to help reduce bullying in the work place by raising awareness of this epidemic that causes companies a mind-blowing 19 Million work days every single year. Despite this there are still companies that are either unaware or ignore this problem within the work place.

Despite radical improvements over the past few years, around 40% of UK based companies have not got an explicit and effective policy on workplace bullying in-place. The head of employment law at a leading Southampton based solicitor has recently commented on that are clear policy is needed as bullying can cause a whole range of problems for any business. These can include reduced productivity and performance, poor morale, increased staff turnover and tense inter employee relations. Over 2 million people a year are bullied every day at work and the, 'come to your senses' theme of the campaign centers on reducing the fear for employees and to encourage co-workers who think that someone is being bullied to have the courage and the conviction to speak out and not to ignore the problem.

The Hampshire Solicitor has detailed some advice to anyone looking to minimize the threat of bullying in the work place: Create and implement a clear, widespread ant-bullying and harassment policy that can be read and communicated by all staff members. Ensure that this policy is zero tolerance and that any complaints made will be treated with the utmost severity and the company will investigate all cases and act accordingly. Prevent bullying from happening in the first place. Team building days and social events are always appreciated and enjoyed. This can raise staff morale, as-well-as help strengthen inter-office relationships.

Put up anti bullying posters around the office to re-enforce the message laid out by the original policy. Communication is always paramount in any company and by conducting regular meetings between management and staff, barriers can be broken down and trust increased Keep informed. Most people do not know that email bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying, therefore by taking steps to monitor and filter-out and bullying emails. If you do find yourself as a victim of bullying, it is best to remember this quote by Benjamin Disraeli. "Courage is fire, bullying is smoke."

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