Thursday, September 3, 2009

Religion and Spiritual Communication

How do we overcome our difficulties talking about religion with other people? This would also include people that we talk to about religion and agree with us. If someone tends to agrees with us most of the time, this could create difficulties in a different way. Their constant agreement could tell us a couple of things about them, either they don't know enough about the topic you're discussing, have no interest in it or they don't want to upset you and will tend to agree with you often if not always.

The biggest problem, dealing with the difficulties in talking about religion would involve two people who disagree on one or many topics. These topics could range from very important (life changing and factual) to common beliefs. When someone ask you a question like, "Do You Believe in God?", this could lead to an argument with the wrong person.

You can be honest, but always have an exit response if things get a little out of hand. Whenever someone chooses to become animated or mad at me, because of something I said, that they don't believe in, I can simply choose to remove myself from their presence. I would like to point out to my readers, rarely do I ever choose to remove myself from any heated discussion but often encourage or egg them on.

If you don't feel comfortable asking questions about religion, but seek answers from others, start with simple unoffensive questions and lead your way into the bigger ones. For example if I wanted to know, why someone believes in Hinduism, but am afraid to directly ask them... have someone else asked them. Okay maybe that's the easy way out, but you could always start with a question related to their childhood like," How Old Were You When You Started Going to Church?"

They might reply with, we don't go to church, we go to Temple or Mandir. This often breaks the ice that could lead to the end of the conversation, quickly. If you did a little research before you spoke with them, you could always replace church with the word temple but not Mandir. This might give them the impression, you already know about their religion, let them explain their religion to you.

If this is handled in a nonthreatening way, it could lead to a friendship of greater trust and now you can ask the bigger questions. Asking the big questions sometimes, even in a friendly environment this could become frustrating if your intentions are other than just gathering information. Don't try to convert anyone to follow your religion or spiritual practices. This could end the relationship quickly and cause bad feelings.

Treat people like you would like to be treated and if you treat people poorly, disregard the last statement and treat people with kindness and compassion.

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