Friday, September 4, 2009

Myths About Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been around for centuries, which is probably why a lot of people consider it a sort of magical method to control others. These hearsay or myths about hypnosis has aided in giving this method of healing a bad name. This and the unscrupulous people who use hypnotherapy to swindle and do bad things give hypnosis a bad name.

A Person's State during Hypnosis

Many people believe that subjects who undergo hypnosis are either asleep or unconscious of what they are doing. Actually, the subjects are not asleep and they are also aware of what they do except that they feel uninhibited and more relaxed thus giving them the opportunity to express themselves and to be more open minded regarding the suggestions of the hypnotist. Some may forget what they have done while they have undergone hypnosis while others say that they were aware of it but did not feel any impropriety at that time.

The myth that people under hypnosis are unaware of their surrounding is not true. These subjects are just so focused on one thing that they do not mind the surroundings but they are peripherally aware of it.

Susceptibility to Suggestions

People are afraid of hypnosis because they fear that they will be asked to do ridiculous things or even dangerous things. The myth that says you can not say no to a hypnotist is untrue. Although, the individual under hypnosis is uninhibited and very relaxed, any suggestions that may go against the subject's morals or principles can easily be rejected by him.

In hypnotherapy, which is quite different from hypnosis for entertainment, experts will not suggest anything underhand or against any moral code. In cases, of medical treatments, there is no illusion of entertainment. People who go under hypnosis during live entertainment are more susceptible to unearthly suggestions because they are left with the impression that this is all fun and games. This is the reason why the suggestions to be silly or ridiculous may be acceptable to some.

Not everybody can be Hypnotized

This myth about hypnosis is double sided because it depends on the definition of hypnotized. While not everybody can go under a hypnotist's effort to hypnotize, everybody has at some point in their lives, become hypnotized. Watching a riveting movie often lads us to a state that can be called hypnosis. We get so absorbed by the movie that we tune out our surroundings and get so involved in the movie that we cry for the protagonist and get so mad at the antagonist. This is just one example of self hypnosis that can occur to everybody.

Whereas, a hypnotist will have a difficult time hypnotizing someone who is reluctant to be hypnotized or has some unwillingness to take part in hypnosis. Eventually the hypnotist will overcome this situation but the cooperation f the individual is needed. You may have heard of some people being hypnotized by perfect strangers, these are little more than con artists who prey on the weaker minds which can be easily maneuvered just by conversing with them

You might get stuck in Hypnosis

Many people fear being hypnotized because they are afraid they might be left in a hypnotic state. There has been no record of anybody ever being left in a hypnotic state for ever. In some cases, some individuals have succumbed to sleep while being hypnotized due to the very relaxed state they are in. Others may be unwilling to leave the relaxed state they have found and stretch out their hypnosis.

These myths are some of the beliefs of some people regarding hypnosis. Due to these myths, many are afraid or unwilling to be hypnotized. Debunking the myths can help to bring light to many questions that we have regarding hypnosis.

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