Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reinventing Yourself - Six Ways to Become More of Who You Really Are

Reinventing yourself, in the best sense, is a process of becoming more of who you really are. There may be times when you experience life-changes that force you to reinvent yourself, but you don't have to wait for a transition. You can reinvent yourself anytime you choose.

It doesn't have to be a total reinvention; you can reinvent just a part of yourself. The goal is to become more and more aware of, and in alignment with, your true self. Here are six things you can do to reinvent yourself, bit-by-bit, in a way that feels right for you.

#1) Stop and Take Stock of Where You Are Out of Alignment With Yourself

How do you do this? It's easy. Just identify the areas of your life that don't feel as good as you want them to feel. These will be the areas where you are out of alignment with your true self.

#2) Assess The Roles You Have Taken On

Take a look at the different roles you play, and see if any of them make you feel constricted, or trapped.

#3) Awaken and Develop One Aspect of Yourself at a Time

Identify the parts of yourself that are dormant and, one at a time, determine what each part needs to be fed in order to grow to its full potential.

#4) Be Your Own Mirror

Stop asking permission to be who you are, and become the only judge of what is right for you.

#5) Be Proactive and Empowered as The Creator of Your Life

Choose what you want to create in your life, instead of just responding to life's changes.

#6) Let The Process be Organic

This is a process of awakening from within, so let it happen naturally, without feeling you need to push. Think of reinvention as personal evolution, and begin creating a life in which you thrive in every way.

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