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Self Help Tips - Goal Setting 101

I am so excited for today & for 2009. I know that it is going to be our best year ever. And I have some awesome ideas on how to keep myself and anyone & everyone reading this "Reach Your True Potential" newsletter on target.

If you are not happy with your station in life thus far; find someone who you want to be like; and follow them and learn. You see; the stress we are carrying around seems at an all-time high. Every day there is a rich billionaire land mogul who walks out in a field and blows his head off.

A good question to revisit whenever you are being overwhelmed; Am I having a Breakdown or Break Through? Stick with me this year and you will have more BREAKTHROUGHS than Breakdowns.


It looks like we are going towards another "Great Depression". Well I do not know if you know it or not but while some guys were killing themselves because the thought they lost everything; but there were many millionaires that were made at the end of the great depression. You see; there were those who saw opportunity where others saw lack. It seems to be a sublt difference, but it reaps huge returns when you can habitually see the glass as 1/2 full versus 1/2 empty.

One guy I follow; Tim Ferris (author of The Four Hour, Work Week) had one of the guys he has followed (mentor) for 10 years e-mail him today;

While many are wringing their hands, I recall the 1970s when we were suffering from an oil shock causing long lines at gas stations, rationing, and 55 MPH speed limits on Federal highways, a recession, very little venture capital ($50 million per year into VC firms), and, what President Jimmy Carter (wearing a sweater while addressing the Nation on TV because he had turned down the heat in the White House) called a "malaise".

It was during those times that two kids without any real college education, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, started companies that did pretty well. Opportunities abound in bad times as well as good times. In fact, the opportunities are often greater when the conventional wisdom is that everything is going into the toilet.

Well...we're nearing the end of another great year, and, despite what we read about the outlook for 2009, we can look forward to a New Year filled with opportunities as well as stimulating challenges. SO, IT IS UP TO YOU; WHAT DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE A CUP THAT IS 1/2 FULL? OR IS YOURS 1/2 EMPTY? IT IS UP TO YOU?

I am in shock. I just found out that someone that I respected, looked up to, worked next to every day for 8 years; and really liked committed suicide. He was an acquaintace / friend. Here is what I am taking out of it.

Every day that we wake up; we have a decision to make. Are we going to have a good attitude, a luke warm attitude, or a positive / great / excited attitude. ARE WE GONNA SEE THE GLASS AS 1/2 FULL, OR HALF EMPTY?

You see; our attitude is the only thing in this world that we have direct control over. Every thing else comes at us; FAST AND FURIOUS. We must be aware of where our attitude is; and make adjustments when necessary. We need to build a support team around us.

- Stand Guard over your mind, be careful who you hang around, what you read, what you listen to, what you watch
- Because the above will influence your thoughts; Garbage in, garbage out
- Your thoughts will become words
- Your words become actions
- Your actions become habits
- Your habits become character
- Your character becomes your destiny

Do not fall into the trap of listening to the news, to your neighbors, to co-workers at the copy machine or the water cooler. Cause the message out in the world is doom and gloom. It hard times; it is lack, it is fear. Trust me, you will bring into your life that what you focus on.

I understand that we need to see it as it is. And you might say, "Yeah, Darin, it's easy for you to have a positive attitude cause you are fit, positive, happily married, and have three successful business's that are exploding in growth".

"But I got layed off, money is tight, and I am not sleeping at night, I don't have the energy to work out, I am drinking/eating to dull the pain; and I am depressed."

Trust me, I can totally relate. And there is an epidemic out there right now of millions of people that are in the same shoes. I know that it may be hard to believe, but I have been there in the past.

Many of my clients and or their spouses are entrepreneurs. I hear their story every day. I believe that with the fast paced ness of today's information age, the keep up with the Jones' mentality, and lack of physical movement, and the "doom and gloom" mindset that the media is shoving down our throat that this is the most challenging time in the history of the world to be healthy, fit, energetic and happy.

I absolutely know that 2009 is going to be the best year of my and my families lives. And I'll bet that it will be the best years of my one on one clients lives. And if you stick with me, stay open minded, and build a support team up around you, it will be the best year of your life as well.

Things that help me and my clients have a positive mindset (and they will help you as well);

1. Do not answer e-mails until after noon, do not go on the internet to check out the news about your industry, or any news. Do something for yourself. Exercise, deep breath, pray, meditate (think of nothing) I have many techniques in my book that work great.

2. Te-evo your evening programs on tv (or watch less tv) and watch them some other time and go to bed a 1/2 hour earlier than normal.

3. Listen to motivational speakers; Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Tom Venuto, Joel O'Steen, etc. Load your i-pod up, use your lap top and force this stuff in your ear.

4. Hire a coach, a trainer, etc. Be careful about friends or family. I am not saying a friend will not work, I am simply saying that do not get someone who will let you cry on their shoulder. You need someone that is going to be brutally honest with you.

5. Stand up tall with great posture and say "I am going to have a great day today; I am going to have a great attitude today". There is power in the spoken word. Faith it until you make it. There where plenty of things that materialized in my life that I did not really believe deep down in my core. But I faithed them out loud. Sometimes for years until they materialized. Do not give up on your dreams. You can still have it all; A fulfilled, energetic, happy fit life.

I do not care what age you are (I am 43), what condition you are, where your finances are; etc. Everyone knows that we are supposed to have a great attitude. But why don't we. If you could go to the Vitamin Store and purchase a "Have A Great Attitude" pill, we would. But of course, it's never that easy.

The best way to have a great attitude is to have a positive expectation of your outcome. Do you think your best days are in front of you, or are your best days behind you. I am here to tell you that which ever one is your predominant thought is your reality.

Cause if you know that your best days are behind you; YOU ARE TOAST! But if you can have a little faith and start to train yourself to think, speak, and act like your best days are in front of you; then it will be much easier to wake up every day with a killer, positive attitude. In fact, you will begin to wake up excited with tons of real energy.

I do not care how old you are and feel now. Anyone and everyone has the power to change; on a dime; in a heart beat. But sometimes it helps when you feel and acknowledge the pain.

You see; I absolutely know that everything that you and I need to be totally fulfilled in every area of our life; Fitness, / Health, Money / Finances, & Relationships (God, Self, Family, Peers, and even Strangers) is right around us.

If we are not living our dream life; It's not for a lack of re-sources, It's for a lack of re-source fullness. So the tools that I have in store for you in 09 are powerful.

Each and every one of us has the ability to open up your eyes, to see and use what is readily available to you. "Just because we do not see something at any one point in time; does not mean that it is not there."


So, now the choice is up to you; are you going to have a great 2009, or are you going to keep doin what you've been doin. Just remember, pain is not really bad. It is telling us something. Look at the pain for what it is; a signal. It's a great thing to get a warning. So now you can do something about it. It is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

I love you and believe in you all,

Your Healthy, LifeStyle Coach,

Darin Steen (aka "The Chicago Kid")

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