Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freedom to Finally Enjoy Life

What do you most want in life? There is a way to get it. Imagine having the time and money to do what you enjoy most. Whether it is spending more quality time with your family, enjoying long weekends with your spouse, spending more quiet time at home or having fun with your favorite hobbies.

Yes, all these ideas are what we all have in mind when asked what would we do if we had the time and money.

In order to make this happen we must have a definite plan of action. First, make time in your daily schedule to set aside 1 hour where there will be no interruptions, no phone calls and no one around to disturb you. Sit in a quiet place, somewhere in your home or apartment.

Now start thinking of what is most important in your life. Put things in prospective. Family, grandchildren, freedom of time, financial security, health, etc. Once you have them on paper, start with the first one and think of ways you can improve your time or work habits to better your relation with the person or project. Then go to the #2 on your list and do the same.

There are always ways to improve our daily performance related to work habits, family time, play time or any other activity which we do on a daily basis. Have you ever said at the end of the day, " What a wasted day, I didn't get nothing done. " Always have a plan for every day, make it the best day of your life. Remember, Life is a gift, don't waste it!

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Graham Hancock

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