Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maximize Study Time And Retention

Learning, studying and storing information requires a great deal of memorization skills. Memorization doesnt come easy to those who have serious issues in doing the task at hand itself memorization. But for everybody else, its a task that comes naturally whenever necessary or needed. The thing about memorization is that not too many people have the knowledge to optimize the function of their brain and memorization abilities to the best it can offer. This what has been missing in man, the missing link in solving common setbacks and pitfalls in memorization.

What not too many people know back in the day when the advantageous technology called the Internet has not been born yet was the power or the natural ability of a persons mind to use its memorization skills to maximum. The mind receives information from a set of list and retains the first few items, the last ones and some parts in the middle of the list with no problems. This process is called primacy and recency but the problem isnt faced not until the task of recalling the entire items in the list is specified. This isnt the problem at all; in fact, its what the normal brain does.

The solution to the problem of optimum learning and memorization is to give the brain a rest. Its important to break down the total time for studying into 40-50 minutes because the times the brain rests is the same time when it actually absorbs all the information learned from the last 40-50 minutes work.

The idea is to give the brain more breaks, approximately 10 minutes each break time so when it starts to work again, the natural extremities of the brain (primacy and recency) starts to work to receive information from where it has last stopped. 10 minutes because the brains retention ability works about this long and then drops off again. This idea makes the brain work naturally and efficiently without putting any pressure to the student.

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