Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Are You Coping With the Volatile Changes in Our World?

Since we have seen the biggest turmoil in the financial markets for a number of decades it seems timely to look at the nature of ever ongoing change and how we can adjust to these volatile shifts.

It may have gone undetected by many that the recent turmoil was around the corner for quite some time, but we had hoped that we could cling to our old world and so called securities. The realities of life tell a very different story at present and it really feels for many of us that we are hanging on with clenched teeth trying to rescue all we can. For the most part of course we tend to use our logic and conscious awareness to evaluate our world. What we see in front of our eyes unfolding is all we can get intellectually, but it is a rather superficial view based on the three dimensional thinking we are comfortable with.

It is becoming more and more blatantly obvious that new skills are needed if we want to make sense of our world, let alone succeed in it. Getting on with life as you used to in the past is not sufficient any more. In fact, if you insist on doing things the way you always have done them you will get seriously unstuck sooner rather than later.

If you have done some personal development work you will know that key to navigating through life's trials and tribulations is the ability to see beyond your self imposed limits, literally and develop a more multidimensional approach. Expanding your conscious awareness beyond that which you see and believe your reality to be is of paramount importance if you want to understand more about yourself, your life and successfully resolve the countless issues you deal with on a daily basis.

Just think about how little you see of your world when you just engage your logical, intellectual mind. At any given moment you are only consciously aware of two percent of your environment, that is if you are lucky. This figure reduces even further whenever you experience stress and anxiety. The other 4 million or so pieces of information you take in vanish in the bowels of your subconscious mind.

So, if you are operating purely on what you see and what you can logically comprehend you are missing out on a vast pool of information. Information, provided you could consciously access it, would help you assess situations quicker, identify danger earlier and anticipate change.

It hardly needs spelling out how your life could be improved if you had access to and used your deeper levels of awareness in your daily life. So, how does all this relate to how you are dealing with change?

Change of course is an ongoing thing. The world never stands still and these periods of limbo we so detest are only the precursors for big changes to come. Limbo periods, however never are limbo. What we experience is simply one energy leaving making room for a new energy to come in. You cannot breathe in and out at the same time. At the point where you have exhaled completely and are about to inhale, there is a pause, or a gap. It is this gap which you experience as these frustrating limbo periods. Nothing is happening, yet when you tune into the stillness you will also feel the change that is about to take place.

Just to make things more interesting the longer the previous energy, or inhale the stronger will be the subsequent exhale. It is one of nature's basic laws and it is playing out in the real world right now. Yes, I am afraid I cannot say to you that all is going to be well in the world tomorrow. What I can say though is this, if you change with your world you will have a much better chance of surviving and growing.

We grow by expanding our awareness and adding tools to our mental toolbox. This happens in layers and provided you work at it, new multidimensional experiences can be yours which are truly enriching and can help you put your life on fast forward. However, if you rely solely on your logic and intellect you will find that you are being short changed. Because deep down in the vaults of your subconscious mind all the niggly self sabotaging behaviours and beliefs will carry on unimpeded. True, facing and letting go of the sham that goes on behind the scenes can be uncomfortable at times.

Think of it in terms of short term pain for long term gain. I know this concept does not sit well with many of you. Particularly since there are so many new age web sites out there that promise you the holy grail just by doing nothing but develop a little positive thinking.

True, trusting in a positive outcome can go a long way. Trusting without any foundation though is delusory piffle. So, what is the nature of the sound foundation we are seeking here? The foundation is your ability to go beyond your present horizons, develop expanded awareness and consciousness.

Opening up and expanding your conscious awareness is the key to a more successful and happier future. There are techniques to get you in a focused alpha state that let you access levels of awareness which are normally blocked when your mind is in beta, its normal operating mode for most of us.

Learning to become comfortable with the concept of ongoing change and the knowledge that ultimately we do not know were we are going in the future is key to good decision making and success. If you can be comfortable in the face of the unknown you will build not only peace of mind but your stress levels will reduce dramatically and your general confidence will increase.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a coach, author and energy therapist. Her recent book Cure Your Money Problems For Good teaches principles for prosperity and potent manifestation techniques.

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