Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hindutva - A Lifestyle in Political Arena

Though Savarkar was a controversial figure (He was also accused of murdering Gandhi by instigating N R Godse without himself taking up arms.), this definition of Hindutva was taken up by the BJP in its political agendas. The Supreme Court of India also ruled that Hindutva is only a culture and, it cannot be compared to the prevalent Hindu fundamentalism. A Hindu can be of any religion. Embracing any particular religion cannot stop a Hindu from adhering to Hindutva. A Hindu believes that the celestial powers balance each other for the well-being of the world and humankind.

Hindutva: The Political Effects

Very soon, this idea was taken up for personal gains by the BJP and its allies: The Sangh Parivar, The RSS, VHP etc. Though BJP maintained its stand on the original meaning of Hindutva, it could not stop its allies from creating a divide that resulted into the demolition of the Babri Masjid. This was only because, the BJP never strongly asserted its viewpoint on Hindutva and used it rather for its vote bank, thereby ignoring its very ideology.

Other political parties also started making use of the term as a weapon against the BJP saying that the latter is non-secular political party. This further led to divide the Indian community, which always was under the shadow of religious and communal hatred (even before the independence.) After the beginning of the fashion of calling oneself secular by drumming the Muslim tune or by taking pro-Muslim stance, Hindutva entered Indian politics in a different tone (totally ignoring the essence of Hindutva).

One cannot take a look at Hindutva within politics in isolation. It has to be looked in the context of secular politics. Muslims are being taken for granted as vote banks by the politicians. They are being treated less as Indians and more as Muslims, even though they come under the category of Hindutva.

The Present Scenario

Now that the mentality of Indians has totally changed regarding the term Hindutva thanks to the follies of VHP, RSS, and above all, the BJP, Hindutva has been delimited to the word: Hindu (a so-called religion). Even if we think of it in cultural context, the question - Who is a Hindu - offers an answer very simple: The one who prays (to one of the thousands of deities, Mother Nature, and its elements like the rivers, the trees etc). Is there any philosopher related to Hindu who started this religion? Is there a single religious book that teaches what and how to implement? Of course, there is Bhagvad Gita, but then what about the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata etc etc etc. When did and who started it. Lord Krishna dates back to 7200 BC as per archaeological studies. Ram was even a century before that.

The Future:

The concept of Hindutva is lost and there is no use trying to revive it. What was supposed to be a pure explanation has been spoiled to an extent that there is no scope of reviving the spirit. The position of India, thanks to its political moves has broken the society into many pieces. Earlier it was only two-three religions, now it is OBC, BC, SC, ST etc etc etc. The identity of an Indian is may be Indian abroad, but in its home country, people belong more to the castes than they are Indian.

Seeing all this, I do not think the army and other people who fight for unity need to lay down their lives for dirty politics of Indian politicians.

A child filling in the kindergarten admission form is asked for his nationality later, but is asked to fill in his caste first. This is the first step in letting the kids understand his caste while religion it already put into his mind as he tries to befriend others.

There was a time when people used to take pride in saying that they are Indians, now they obstruct the normal functioning of the country to get their caste registered under the special castes for additional benefits. Under such circumstances, forget the concept of Hindutva, we can see the spirit of being an Indian is also dimmed. Are not these the people who sell of their souls to devils in return for luxuries?

So where is Hindutva seen: In case of emergencies, such as war, fighting against terrorism, and the most recent example of Hindutva was shown in the Mumbai Seige. In other words, to keep Hindutva alive, are such events necessary. The second is cricket, where whole country unites irrespective of the religion and castes. All other games are again preceded by the caste-tag. For example, in a Newspaper I read, Mr XYZ, a dalit, won the race. Finally, the third sector where there are traces left for Hindutva is the Entertainment Industry. Nobody cares is SRK is a Muslim, Christian or a Hindu, forget about people asking about his caste.

I cant see an ending to this so am keeping the article open ended. You all are requested to suggested to write a proper ending to it, if at all it is possible.

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