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Spirit Guides - Three Ways to Reconnect

Everyone has a spirit guide. These wonderful helpers on the other side of the unseen ethereal veil were once earthbound, living people who through many lifetimes, have learned their life lessons and have advanced to that of spiritual teacher.

Below are three simple ways to reconnect with your spirit guide:

#1 *Meditation: (A word of caution - before beginning any exercise that involves opening your consciousness, in order to avoid lower energy beings from being drawn into your surroundings, it is important before beginning any practice, that you "clear" your space.)

Meditation will raise your level of consciousness and increase your energy vibration levels. Your guide is on the "other" side. You cannot access your guide using your human senses, therefore, you will need to meet your guide half way. By meditating just a few minutes a day, you can get a sense of your guides presence and even "hear" your guide answering your questions. Here is a quick meditation exercise:

Consciously make the decision to take a few minutes out of your day to clear the everyday items that run through your mind and begin your clearing. If you are a visual person, envision a large circle of white light in front of you. Mindfully bring this circle closer to your body and say: *"No negative energies can stay or enter inside this light. Only positive beings will be permitted to stay and enter." Now, feel the white light encircle your body. If not a visual person, say aloud the same statement, and with your arms to your sides, at the same time bring them up over your head and touch your hands together. You have just manifested a circle of protection.

Find a quiet place. Sometimes it is easier to quiet your mind with soft or meditation music playing that can be focused upon. Close your eyes. Ask that only higher entities can come to you and you would like to meet your spirit guide. Start relaxing your body and focus on relaxing the neck muscles, and shoulders. Focus on your breathing. Ease each breath until there is a calming rhythm. Slide your thoughts to relax your hips, top leg muscles, lower leg muscles, ankles and feet.

You are now in a receptive state. Your mind is clear. Your spirit is vibrating on a higher level. You await the answer to your question. You are not afraid.*

*(You may feel a tingling, chills, goose bumps, or even a sensation of energy pass up and down your spine. This perception is not a result of your spirit guide, but of you acquiring awareness of your spiritual state.)

Enjoy the peacefulness. See if the blackness of your closed eyes comes alive with any colors or images. What are these colors and images? Are they still or moving? Do you see anyone or anything? Don't be upset if you do not develop any images. Just for now, enjoy the peaceful sensation. Then, when you're ready, bring yourself slowly back into the room.

#2 Automatic Handwriting

This method of connecting will help both the non visual person as well as the visual. All that are required is a pen and paper and an open mind. You can use either hand for this. Keep in mind, if you use your less dominant hand your chances of encountering a message from your guide are better because your dominant hand is connected to your ego.

Hold the pen in a writing-ready position over the paper. When you ask your question, wait for an answer. Recall how you felt when you were in your relaxation mode while meditating. Bring your mind back to that feeling. This half-trance like stage is where you need to be before you can write. Your hand may feel like it needs to move back and forth before you write - allow this to happen. Or, you may simply start writing. Allow whatever needs to come to you to flow. Automatic handwriting should stream out easily so if you find yourself analyzing what you're writing, keep soothing music playing to keep your ego mind busy.

When you feel you are through writing, be sure to thank your guide. Read over your answers or messages and know this information was meant for you.

#3 Inner Voicing

This is a term for speaking "inside" your mind. This is unspoken thought that one uses to communicate "mind to mind" with your guide.

Ask for protection to only allow the higher energies to be able to answer you. Specifically ask that your guide be available. When you ask your questions, you may think the voice that responds inside your mind is not from our guide but coming from your own inner self-talk and that you are making up the answer or conversation you hear. How can you tell the difference? There are two "selves" that make up your being. These selves are the higher self and the lower self. The higher self is the part of you that is connected to the Divine and whereby you can access communication with your guides, the angels, even God. The higher self is in essence your spirit. Your lower self is connected with everything earthly and is referred to as the ego.

When you are inner voicing, and you "hear" answers or have conversations, here is how you will know if the information received is from your guide or from your ego. Your guide was once a human being, so it is not up to your guide to tell you what to do with your life. Even though you are in contact with the spiritual realm, you still have free will. Your guide will help you by suggestion, or bringing to light what may be blocking you from your lessons on earth. But, they will never tell you what to do.

Through meditation and practice you will be able to, once again, connect with your guide.

Cheryl Hill began reading the tarot eighteen years ago. Now, Cheryl educates others in their life's travels by providing psychic tarot readings and teaching the tarot through a home study course.

Cheryl is an avid collector of tarot cards and antique metaphysical games and books. In addition to her enthusian for the tarot, Cheryl is also the author of two published novels, Family Tradition and Reverse Time, and just recently two ebooks for her tarot course.

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