Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best Sunday School Books For Toddlers

Of course the first and foremost book to get is a children's Bible or several. One of the best ones that has been around for many years is The Beginners Bible: Timeless Children's Stories. It has wonderful stories and is beautifully illustrated. The stories are all short enough to hold a young one's attention. Another nice children's Bible is the Toddler's Bible. It has large print and nice illustrations. The stories are very short, more like a summary of the stories.

The Rhyme Bible Story Book for Toddlers is another awesome book. The book is a great introduction to toddlers to learn the bible stories. Each story is told in a rhyme (which toddlers love) in a span of 3 to 4 pages.

Prayer Books

Even toddlers can learn how to pray. The first prayer that many children learn is at supper. Then there are the bedtime prayers. There is a nice prayer book for toddlers called "Special Time Bible Prayers for Toddlers." It is very nicely illustrated and even comes with a CD.
"Teaching Children to Pray" is geared towards 2 and 3 year olds. Included are biblical story references and prayer suggestions.

Other Story Books

There is a series of books that are wonderful, and should be included in Sunday school. They are "Instant Bible Lessons for Children" by Rainbow Publishers, and they teach about life lessons. One is titled "God Takes Care of Me" and others are "God Blesses Me," "I Belong to Jesus," and "Growing Up For God." Each book includes Scripture references as well as plenty of activities to reinforce the lessons learned.

"The Big Book of Bible Crafts" is perfect for Sunday school. All of the crafts in the book relate to a Bible story or character.
"More Toddlerific Bible Funstuff" is jam packed with fun activities that support a truth from God's Word, teaches a verse or tells a Bible story. It has reproducible pages and hands-on activities to occupy those young minds. "Christian Children's Favorites" songbook has all the songs you loved as a kid. Title tracks include:

  • Jesus Loves Me
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
  • Deep and Wide
  • Do Lord
  • Down in My Heart
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children and many more

"God's Word for Little Ones" is a delightful book. It has nice illustrations and all the stories from both the Old and New Testament. But what is really great about this book is after each story there is a section entitled "Think about it" that asks questions about the story that was read. Then there is a fun fact section after the questions called "Did You Know?" that relates to that particular story.

"First Virtues for Toddlers" is a terrific first devotional Bible. It has 12 short rhyming stories about various virtues including sharing, patience, kindness, among others, and each ends with a short Bible verse that relates to the story. They are very simple and easy to memorize. The "First Virtues for Toddlers" book was so popular that they came out with a series of them. The illustrations are really cute. This is an awesome series of books. Titles in the series include:

  • Kitty Shows Kindness
  • Bunny Loves Others
  • Bear Obeys
  • Lion Shares
  • Duckling is Patient
  • Piglet Tells the Truth
  • Panda is Polite
  • Puppy Makes Friends
  • Tiger Forgives

A Sunday school for toddlers needs to have more than just a Bible with Bible stories. You need to keep them occupies with crafts and singing also. It is also a good idea to teach them what they can understand in their terms by teaching them about life's lessons in simple terms.

Denise Oliveri has been a Sunday school teacher for the past 14 years. She has taught children between preschool through 5th grade in this time. She is the owner of Preschool Sunday School Central, a site designed to help preschool Sunday School teachers find the best resources for helping with Bible lesson planning. There are tons of free resources, as well as valuable eBooks to help with Bible lesson planning. The site is great for homeschoolers, too!

Denise is also a homeschooling mom of three wonderful boys for the past eight years! She has taught electives for a local homeschool co-op, as well as taken many facinating field trips with her children and husband. Homeschooling is a journey all in itself.

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