Friday, June 5, 2009

Are You Mentally Constipated? Economic Stress Relief

This article was originally released in March of 2009. We seem to be at the end of a 20 month recession and most people are completely frazzled and seem to be at their wits end. It seems like everyone I talked to, whether it's at a restaurant, grocery store, gas station or work, are upset with the current economic conditions. When is it going to end?

So I'm asking you, quite frankly, are you one of the mentally constipated people? Is your mind so tired of being behind on your bills, worrying about your job and whether or not you're going to have it next week, are you one of those people who was about to retire until the stock market dropped and now you need to work a few more years.

When are things going to become better and how did they even get to this in the first place? Most of the average educated people with a pretty good heads on her shoulders can't answer this question. They have no idea why the economy does great some years and horrible during others.

I often wonder why economics isn't taught in school, something basic. I think it's because, the people who are in charge really don't want us to know what's going on and even though some of the extremely wealthy people have lost some of their money, they will probably make even more once this rebounds.

It's the people like me that I'm worried about, the average person, the person with the mortgage, car payment and utility bills that I'm talking about. These are the people that seem to be mentally constipated and tired of what's going on. These economic cycles seem to take their toll on us.

It said that God only hands out what he thinks you can handle. If this is true, I can't handle any more and I hope that he knows it. While we're waiting for things to get better, keep this in mind, this is the third major recession that I have been through in my lifetime and have survived through them, only by eating away at my life savings. Right as soon as I seem to be sitting pretty good and my bank accounts look nice, something like this comes along and like a giant vacuum starts sucking and cleaning out what I have worked so hard to save.

I, like most of us are tired and worn down, but not worn out. The stock market is starting to come back up and it looks like there's light at the end of the road. Hang in there and if you need to empty your mind and end the mental constipation, start reading a good motivational story. Something happy and positive. This could empty the reservoirs of your mental bowels and provide some relief during these tough economic times.

Another way to exercise the mental garbage is by journaling. Start writing and don't stop until it's out.

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