Sunday, June 7, 2009

Does God Care About Poor People? Loving Your Beliefs

It's hard to imagine that God really does care about poor people. When I say poor people, I'm not talking about people that live in the United States of America on welfare or use their unemployment payments to survive. I'm talking about people that live in what we call third world countries, people that are starving to death and dying because they're poor.

I heard somewhere, and it's hard to believe and I don't have any proof, but someone told me that 80% of the people in the world today live on less than $20 a day. I made that statement, but in reality I heard that 80% of the world lives on less than two dollars each day. That's hard to imagine with a caring God or caring God's, the creator of the universe who made us in his image.

I've been asking this question for years to rich, poor, middle class, educated, illiterate, good-looking and ugly people. I have heard so many different answers and beliefs on why God treats poor people badly. Here is a small list of reasons why God treats these people this way.

1. They Must Have Done Something Wrong and God Is Punishing Them for Their Mistakes.

2. They Don't Believe in the Right God.

3. One of Their Ancestors Did Something Bad and Now They're Paying the Penalty.

4. They Were Born into the Wrong Family, Country, Nationality, Race or Religion.

And last but not least my favorite, the more someone suffers on earth the greater the glory they received in heaven. I can't believe someone would actually say this, but this is the one I've heard most often. " The meek shall inherit the earth." Why wouldn't God have said, "That the poor and the starving people will inherit the kingdom of heaven, and only after they have suffered, pain beyond mortal believe shall they get to enter the kingdom of heaven and then live in a world of unbelievable riches, with plenty of food, clothes and of course people that love them."

I think if religious text was a little more specific, it would make more sense to people who are actually suffering.

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