Sunday, June 7, 2009

Powerful Evidence in the Bible - Believing in Christianity

You're not going to believe the evidence that I found in the Bible on my daily search through it. This information is going to change your life forever. If you're a Christian and believe that Jesus is the son of God and part of the Trinity, keep reading this article. If you're not a Christian and do not choose to believe in Christianity, I suggest that you go find another article to read, you will not benefit from this information, if you are a nonbeliever.

There is powerful evidence in the Bible that Jesus was the son of man, he was born to Mary and Joseph but Joseph wasn't really his father, it says so in the book of Matthew in the New Testament. That's enough evidence right there to provide me with a lifelong pursuit to stay a Christian. It doesn't take much to keep a Christian be leaving in Christianity, does it.

It's a proven fact that Jesus is God, even though God created Jesus, Jesus is God. I hope I didn't confuse you with the last statement that I made but I'm trying to provide you with powerful evidence from the Bible. Unbelievable true stories that can not be confirmed but can not be denied from true believers. Even though some of the stories don't make a whole lot of sense, most Christians will continue to believe they are true. Let's stick together on this one.

If you're honestly a true believer in Jesus, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong or that the Bible isn't really true. Anyone who talks to you about God in a negative way, doesn't get to go to heaven and you shouldn't waste any more of your time talking to these people. They could try to convince you that your religion is based on lies and this is the work of Satan.

There's plenty of powerful evidence in the Bible to prove for a fact that Jesus is God and only Christians get to go to heaven. If you're a Christian, live your life with a sense of relief. All you need is Jesus. Jesus will provide you with everything that you need food, clothes, education, morals, beliefs and of course faith. He will provide you with the faith to believe in God and will provide you with someone to lean on during difficult times.

I would like to ask you, as a true believer in Christianity to learn more about your religion, spent some time educating yourself on the truth. I would also suggest to learn more about other religions, just in case one of them comes up to you with some false testimony. I'm joking of course, you should be aware of other religions and their impact or similarities in Christianity.

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