Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Monotheistic Lie

Avraham who is known as the father of nations is credited with bringing monotheism to the world 3500 years ago, opposing those of many gods and beginning a tradition that has spread throughout the world-but, that is simply not true. There was never a question among the ancients as to the reality of the Creator of Heaven and Earth, but their contention was the Creator had abandoned creation into the hands of the stars and constellations to who they prayed.

True it was the affluence that fed the earth was conveyed on the wings of angels attached to the tenuous little shafts of star-light that surround the world with illumination; were it not for the darkness of space a mantle of light covering the solar system would be visible. They called the Creator-God of gods. The only question was: where is God.

Since God, Creator, is neither physical nor spiritual, therefore nothing in creation from the lowest physical manifestation until the highest metaphoric hint of the truth can encompass God; to the Creator creation is but a small thing, an easily done accomplishment. Perhaps, thought the ancients, God created, but God left. Avraham came to announce to the world that God was present in the seven outer worlds of the solar system and in the four corners of this physical earth where life abounds.

This knowledge of God's presence was conveyed through a single word: Echud/One; the Talmud-Book of Law breaks down each of the three letters, reducing them to numbers then extrapolates: the Oneness of God (Aleph/One) is in the seven heavens and the earth (Chet/8) and the four corners of the earth (Dalet/4). One is a philosophic idea portraying the relationship forged between Creator and creation.

The idea of One goes beyond the first of many-the dot progenitor of a line-One is unique and indivisible. Those who say God is the accumulation of all existence diminish the idea of One. The beginning and the end is comparable one to infinity; infinity is made up from many ones and one is the beginning of infinity-thus the comparison to God falters. There are no parts to God, only the effluence of God is divided up into particulars according to the needs of creation.

The Creator is not defined by creation in any shape, form or fashion; being beyond creation God is available to everybody and everything all the time everywhere. It is why we pray in our minds and in our hearts because this innate knowledge permeates the human experience. It is this knowledge that Avraham brought into the world by means of his life which was full of miracles giving witness to the fact that God was truly in the world.

This fundamental idea of Echud/One was later enshrined in what is known as the Shema Yisroel, a saying of six words-the mainstay of Jewish faith declaring: God is One. When religion came along 2000 years ago this pristine idea was adopted, usurped, expropriated and finally manipulated into something other than the truth: God is one among many instead of One indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Monotheism is the lie of religion trying to reduce the important message delivered by the father of nations, Avraham, who came to help the world from the darkness of chaos. It is the purpose of religion to hide the truth so the seeker will become reliant on a poor substitution-dogma. In the laws of charity, the greatest gift one can give to a poor person is a means to become self-supporting. The Talmud-Book of Law insists wealth is only found in the knowledge of the truth.

Dovid Krafchow lives in San Francisco and is the author of Kabbalistic Tarot published by Inner Tradition and a new series of five ebooks called The Dance of the Pig: a cosmology and world history based on the Cabala, available only at Dovid is a Jewish elder and teacher, unaffiliated and non-religious. He stridently believes that in the end it is the individual who changes the world

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