Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recapture Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered why your once exciting dreams have somehow lost their luster? Perhaps you have not positively attended to your plans, or maybe it goes a little deeper and getting off track has evolved over time.

To embrace and achieve the mindset that leads to the success you truly desire, a shift in thinking may be necessary. Often, after years of trying to get ahead and following the directives of other people, we lose site of our own aspirations. Getting back to your dreams and nurturing their growth can sometimes be a challenge. But it is a challenge worth taking on.

As children we start out with innocence, a sense of invincibility, and the natural ability to imagine exciting possibilities. Then, as we grow and enter society we are increasingly surrounded by people bombarding us with limiting beliefs and diminished images.

Little by little our belief that anything is possible is often whittled away and we seem to accept a diluted version of what we had hoped to achieve. Some people are fortunate enough to slip through the deluge of the 'can't - don't - no way' mentality.

However, most of us, as we grow into adulthood, find a time in our lives when we must choose between being inundated by self-defeating patterns or to take control and consciously decide to reverse the damage. Optimally, the choice is to participate in successful ways to nourish the mind and reach for imaginative and ambitious goals. This is called Success-Minded Thinking and it takes practice to get the mindset where you want it.

Consider this exercise: Begin by making a list of all the things you believed in before you were told they were impossible. Do this without any editing. For now, just get your imaginative thoughts noted. Keep adding to your list, and new ideas are okay too. Bring your dreams and creative ideas back to the surface You may want to take several weeks to let your thinking percolate.

When you feel that you have captured a healthy list of possibilities, then begin to view them with an open mind. Warning: with all the old tapes of what you should or should not do playing in the back of your mind, you may need to really work on that 'open mind' concept. Keep in mind that this is your life and your future that you are addressing. So, allow yourself to consider how your recaptured dreams and new ideas can possibly be engaged in your life.

After identifying what you want to act on, begin to establish clear goals and action plans for achieving your desired results. You must make a conscious choice to participate in successful ways to nourish your mind and act on imaginative and ambitious goals. Engage in Success-Minded Thinking to pursue the dreams you want to fulfill in your life.

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