Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Places to Stay in Canada on Fishing Trips

Canada fishing is some of the best in the world with a wide variety of challenges. If you decide to have a go, you need to know about the best places to stay.

There are many different ways to plan your next fishing trip to Canada. You could plan to stay at a campground (in a tent or RV), in a rustic cabin or even in a small motel. Some people choose to have accommodations in a town or city nearest to their fishing area, so that they can have the amenities of an upscale hotel. For many fishermen, however, a stay in one of the Canada fishing rentals located right on the lakes and rivers where they'll be fishing is the way to go. No matter which province you choose for your fishing vacation, Canada fishing accommodations will be there to provide you with a comfortable and authentic outdoor experience.

One of the most luxurious and well-known fishing accommodations in Canada is in the province of Ontario. The Kesagami Wilderness Lodge, located on Kesagami Lake in the northern part of Ontario, is a four star fly-in fishing accommodation. Being a fly-in location means that the only way to reach this place is by airplane, making it a truly secluded and wilderness filled area. Kesagami Lake is perfect for trophy Northern Pike fishing, because it's relatively shallow and contains a number of weed filled bays. Fish here have been known to reach as big as 50 inches long and 30 pounds in weight, making this a truly world class destination for Northern Pike. With American Plan-style accommodations (three meals a day included in your stay) as well as recreation rooms and other amenities, a stay here at the Kesagami Wilderness is a great choice.

Another great place to stay at in Ontario is the Lake Obabika Lodge. Canada's only four diamond fishing accommodation (rated by the American Automobile Association/Canadian Automobile Association), this beautiful setting offers not only great fishing, but many other activities as well. From wine tastings to wilderness hikes and even a feng shui class, this lodge is a perfect destination for families that might have different vacation tastes. Fishing in the area includes Northern Pike, trout and bass.

There are many places to choose from for your Canada trip, and picking a location that will suit all of your needs (such as fishing guides, a great lake to fish on and even included meals) can make your trip very memorable. Fishing in Canada is a great way to return to nature.

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