Friday, June 5, 2009

The Two Worst Words in the English Language

Do you know the two worst words in the English language? No, they are not naughty words.

They are two simple words that most people use everyday and they are holding you back. I guarantee you that if you stop using these words, then you will be able to change your life for the better.

So what are these two little words that are holding you back?

Try and Maybe

This is where you are saying, "You have to be kidding me. Who do you think you are...Yoda?"

No, but the wisdom of Star Wars can be applied in your life to help you become a better speaker or person.

Think about the power that these two words have when you use them. How often have you told someone that you will try to do something or that maybe you will be able to help out? How often have you said try or maybe with no intention or even worse, use the fact that you said try or maybe as an excuse for not doing something. Using those words gives you an unlimited number of ways out of staying committed to a task that you wish to accomplish.

I encourage you to change you language in order to change your life. Turn try into will and maybe into definitely in order to give you the language you need to be successful. Continuing to use limiting language will continue to limit your growth and success. As you change your language, which is one small step you can take to change your life.

How to do it

The best ways to overcome using try and maybe is to get an accountability partner. Tell someone your goal of not using the words than have them remind you when they hear you using them. As you are reminded more and more, you will catch yourself using those words and being to eliminate them from your life. This is similar to how they catch ums and ahs in Toastmasters.

What this will do is move you one step forward to eliminating your language of failure. Removing the language of failure will allow you to structure your beliefs for success, which will make you a more reliable and successful person.

Don't Don't say maybe, say I will. Change your language and you will change your life.

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