Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do You Believe in the Bible - Religion

Do you really believe in the Bible? The other day I was listening to an audio book on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The author had a Ph.D. and of course I have no idea what the Ph.D. was in, it didn't say on the audio book cover. He made the statement below and it got me thinking about our beliefs and what we believe in.

"For those who want proof positive that the Bible is true, there's really only one thing to say for those who disbelieve no proof is possible for those who believe no proof is necessary."

The statement is coming from an educated person and it kind of sounds like an oxymoron. For those who want proof positive that the Bible is true, there is really only one thing to say, for those who disbelieve no proof is possible. What does that mean to a Christian and this same statement applies to most religions throughout the world. If you want proof positive, there really isn't any is there.

Researchers can prove certain parts of the Bible like, people's names and that some of these people were actually alive and have some history to them, geographical locations like cities, rivers and oceans, and some beneficial facts to religious believers. I don't want to single just the Bible out here, other religious text can't be proven, proof positive.

There are a lot of sections in the Bible that quite possibly could never be proven. Unless of course God or some sort of superior being with superior knowledge could give us positive proof that the Bible was true. This of course would eliminate the need for faith and faith is pretty much the most important part of believing in most religions.

Let's take the last part of the statement, "for those who believe no proof is necessary". Where do we draw the line between belief and facts, where do we draw a line between faith and truth. What is it going to take to get religious believers to start doing some research on their religious beliefs, instead of following with only faith. You should question your religion.

If you're going to believe in something like the Bible, you have no right to question someone else's beliefs and their religion. The next time a Christian judges a Muslim or Hindu about their beliefs, start thinking about yours a little more clearly, before you pass judgment on someone else who is living their life based on faith.

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