Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keeping Your Dreams on a Wire?

Are you living or acting on your dreams or are your dreams sitting, like birds on a wire waiting on the right moment to take flight? If you do not act on your dreams, or take decisive steps to make your dreams a reality, they will remain dreams; buried deep inside of you. Here are a few suggestions to help your dreams take wings:

Believe in yourself, self-confidence is a key component to success. You know much more than you think you know because you have researched and researched your project.

Business plan: Work on a business plan. There are several free samples readily available or find some who specializes in writing business plans.

Mastermind group: Discuss your plan/idea with a trusted friend, or if you have several good friends form, (or join), a mastermind group where you will discuss ideas and come up with solutions or ideas that may be very workable.

Know your product. Do your homework, what/who is your competition. Know the pros and cons of what you are offering. Find out all you can about similar products. Ensure that your product is exceptional.

Prepare yourself to go the extra mile, offer the best of the best.

Listen to others but make knowledgeable, fact based decisions.

Network, network, network you will gather invaluable information from other entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, coaches and or consultants.

Try, try and try again; seek out different avenues and ways to do what you want to do; success does not always come on the first attempt. Trying several times affords you the opportunity to perfect your craft.

Remember, no one can dream Your dream, therefore no one can make it a reality but you. Do not let anyone, not even you, talk you out of your dream.

Joanna Parris, CSP is a Certified Home Stating Expert, a member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) & SEA (Staging Excellence Alliance) she can be reached at

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